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Game over this year.. Need to move on.. Congrats to those who have got an admit and all the best to others !

Vasanth, Uthum2002, Nishita - i am also from Chennai..anxiously waiting for the call..atleast glad to form a group here...absolutely low for Chennai this time? cant believe..i did not see more than 3 calls here..Either its all going to come together or people are not posting here..i am sure atleast 50 ppl shd atleast have applied from Chennai if not more..

i am an applicant from chennai..i am starting to get anxious..though i have just seen 3 calls reported in PG from chennai for R2, i am getting there still hope left? is the 3 call stat correct? i cant believe bcos i am sure there would be many ppl from chennai..

Does anyone know how many people from Chennai have been called so far? Just curious for my turn. Wanted to know if its still going on or its all been given out already.

So far as per my observation in PG and knowledge, no calls from Chennai for R2.. Folks please advice and correct me if i am wrong. I am from Chennai and waiting for a call..I am sure they are quite a few from Chennai..Just want to know if anyone has got a call so far which has not been reported here.

Has any Chennai applicant got calls so far please. Kindly share the details when the interview invite comes. For Chennai, the schedule starts from Dec 24 to Feb 8. Long window. Do keep us posted when the interview calls are out.Thanks.

Any calls for Chennai folks? The dates start from dec 24. please update.

Folks from Chennai. Has anyone got an interview call for R2 please.

Hi all..this is a question a bit early to ask..Nevertheless thought of asking it upfront to be ready..Can people who have local knowledge of hyd or folks who have already flown in into hyd in the past please advice on the list of decent hotels/lodges near Gachibowli.. Incase applicants have to stay overnight ..This information should help a lot of candidates.Thanks.

Hi guys..i am a silent member of PG..I have also applied for R2. Hoping for the best and Wishing all applicants good luck !. Can anyone confirm if ISB would conduct interviews for R2 in Chennai. I know they did it last year.