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Aspire dude...Wats GIM LOGISTICA???????
its MUSICA man...............
And yeah Eid food was really good..I also enjoyed it...Man ate like anything!!!!!! Hardly get any opprtunity to eat good non-veg food (Apart from fish ofcourse!!!) in Goa... and BIRYANI!!!!!!!!!It was really awesome...Had 3 helpings

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thank you pg and my dear seniors and classmates.....

pg was such a gr88888 help....thanks again...v owe u a lot!!!!

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hiii ppl,

had our last hyd gim meet b4 leaving for goa,,.....STAR ATTRACTION---------------------------FABULIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!man never knew dat fabulist(shashi) is doing his summers here at hyd!!!!venue apna eat street,necklace was gr8......thanq sashi 4 turning up........and 2 all the ppl busy shopping and doing last minute things b4 comin 2 goa...LETS ROCK GOA!!!!!!!!

me coming to goa on 24th...c u ther guys!!!!

regards ,


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srsly bhai i second u!!!!!!!!!! gim needs some pr man>>>>>>>>>>the other day i was speaking 2 a guy he said .....'y dont u join ****...aftr all brand matters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!":grab: :grab:

i started laughing like hell!!

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hiii guys ive been dreaming a lot day n night(since i sleep a,so a small bak 2 hyd....not GOA!!!!!!!!

atlst 4 now!!!!

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so my last dilli visit comes 2 an end....had a blast in dilli yaaaaar!!!!!!!!!!but except 4 the pg meeeeetttttt....i reallly misd it man...i was stuck up at the station while u guys wer having fun there...koi gal nahi....patience pays..VL HAV FUN IN GOA!!!!!!!!!!!

now dat im bak 2 goa....i guess il prep smethng for interview on 9th june...isi bahane mumbai bhi dekhlenge!!!welle tho hain hiiii .......

and hey did u guys watch allwin 'pg' agnel on cnbc???????hez really coool banda yaar...kuch bhi bol thanx 2 him dat v had a chance 2 interact virtually atleast

so.........THREEE CHEERS 2 PG!!!!!!!!!


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I am sure. As for the PM, well, diamonds are found in coal mines but that doesn't make the coal as charming..

I do admit that there are Punjabis as IAS,IFS and economists but these are rare occurences..
Punjabis are generally found in transport, farming and armed forces purely because they require less intellectual effort...

hey let us forget abt the serious side of punjabis and try 2 tickle the funny bones....and hey hope u guys r game for this!!!!!!!

santa-das meri tokri wich ki hai ta sare eggs tere,je tu dasde kine ne ta 8 de 8 tere,te je tu dasde ki janvar de ne ta o murgi v teri..

banta-hint ta de!!!!!!!!
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thanks sanjana...hope u nt pulling my leg.. :lookroun: .heh!!..infact ..belated HAPPY birthday to u ..... ......looking fwd to meeting all 110 folks frm all over our country...will be a gr8 experience in itself...ctch up wid u soon.....but

delhi ppl met ghiyaz by chance at priya...we both are leavin saddi dilli meeting mite nt be poss..lets see...anyway we guys mite just meet up on the train to goa...mangla express rite..??...hope to meet before that. in any case...will be on pg n tha y!grp on an off ...c u all golden hearts...!!

yaaa serendipity u gava BIG party man.....amof more than half the ppl dat day at yo china wer felt at home hehe....and hey guys im postponing my visit til train at 6 in the eve on hope il catch up wth u guys b4 i leave dilli..... :crazyeye: whns the meet yaar????:confused: :crazyeye:
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hiiii delhi ppl ....anish,anil,monit,udit,neha,rajiv and al other ppl....wats up wth the meet man on 9tth many r game 2 it guys???

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lol....yaaa i 4got aditi !!!!im also 4m venky....2004 pass

i know bekaar course...pata nahi gim wale kaise bulaliye!!!!

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