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xat- 83
work ex---zero
selected for-healthcare management,mumbai

i got pgdm healthcare in mumbai.....what r the prospects of this?? seniors plz help..

20th may kolkata.....9.30am slot..
gd topic---"cricket is an overrated sport in india"
creativity test---"anger"

pi panel--2 realy realy nice people....only general HR quesns.....very comfortable pi....

overall i enjoyed the tension...

They are asking CSR or Not...
People's Planet reffers to Green Business

Hope it helps...

ohk... thanx... got it nw!

what can we talk on the topic " people's planet or profit" i mean in which direction the gd shud go? m nt even getting the meaning of the topic... help..

anyone there for a discussion??

Just had my interview. First one to write my experience. Just added it in the spreadsheet.

PI was good, but they hardly asked me anything. I kept on speaking and they were listening, asking occasionally in between. Wonder if thats' a good thing or a bad thing.

Also, they didn't ask for my Scorecard (Original or Photocopy) at all. Did I miss it or something?

Have applied only for PGDM - Mumbai.

Hope for the best.

sorry..i deleted the gd topic u wrote by mistake....plz write it again... sorry...
Now imagine...

Vinita Bali - Britannia

KV POPS - LeoBurnett

Madhabi Puri Buch

Dr. Nitin Nohria - Dean Harvard

K. V. Kamath

Kumar Manglam Birla

Indraa Nooyi - Pepsico

Harish Manwani - HUL

Paul Pollman - HUL

Subhir Gokran - RBI

Leena Nair - HR, HUL

just to name a few...
interacting with you and answering the questions you ask...

just seeing them live will touch your lives...

the decision is yours..U DECIDE..

But u will have to attend...

already had a good interaction wid indira nooyi..!!! lol...:grin::grin:
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Abhi K Says
Yeah , via MHCET their is reservation in many colleges of Maharashtra for Maharashtra domicile people, and WE SCHOOL is one of them .:)

ny idea of numbr of reserved seats? nd the open ones?
hello all,
this is a very critical point of time in your careers.
i would advise you the most basic thing.
do the first things first.

prepare well, give your gd and pi.

you will get to interact with a lot of students, professors and other staff members during the gd-pi.

if you are at banglore or mumbai, you will get to see the campus.

just move around. get a feel.

secondly, as someone has already said, no point in proving wat is right or wrong.

you are at crossroads of your life,
there are many things which would define your life from here on.

and life is all about choices we make.
there are many things which will help you in your mba education.

i will list down a few good things:

good professors being around full time to help you,
(but yes you will have to go and talk to them, they wont come to you)

your college supporting you for participation in various competitions,
to the point that if u want to participate and the event is in top 10 mba colleges, you get all yur expenses from flight tickets to food reimbursed by the college,
(yes but u will have to get shortlisted for the top ten college events, upto u)

various life size events being held in college,
(that experience is practical)

international students studying alongwith you
(upto you u interact with them and learn or leave that opportunity)

awesome mixed profile students
(best for peer learning - bms grads, enggs, docs, freshers, work ex ppl)

state of art infrastructure

foreign language (mandarin, german, japaneese) in curricullum

yoga and vedanta
(u can make fun of this subjects or learn the ancient wisdom ways)

harvard case studies

experential learnings (outbounds)

enquire about prof. charuhas joshi....

i can go on and on... will post as i remember...

decide...u wanna believe facts or someone who sounds as ceo of a beverages company!!!

nw m all the more desperate for WE... atb to myself!!