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Puys, I've a question. IIMK is my only call till now. (Expecting Indore also :lookround:).
I'm pretty sure I will be shortlisted for the second stage. Now in a hypothetical situation where I get through IIMK, should I go for it or try for A,B,C next year?? (my percentile this year is 97.39, I'm pretty confident I'll get into 99.XX next year)

If you are confident of choosing the right slot next year then go ahead!
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1. This Brand/company brings quality , happiness , enjoyment to the customer's life...Yes, i mean it.

2. The German giant Siemens would love to hate this brand and then love again. :D

3. It is not known by the name it started with.

4. Belongs to a non-japanese , non-American , non-Korean soil.

The Connect is a NAME.... ah ! obviously :D

Nice ques. It's BENQ.
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Shashank Prabhu @shashank3012
The last time, I focused on few of the commonly faced dilemmas at the various B-School entrance tests. A management entrance test is designed so as to bring out the ability of an aspirant to perform under immense pressur

You forgot the deadliest trap of them all: questions for which none of the asnwer options match!!:(

I'm tired of shameless blog promotion


This may sound a bit silly but I did not mark XLRI in the associate institutes column in the XAT online form(Didn't notice it so marked only SPJain)!However I have applied seperately to XLRI. Will this pose any issues?

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I faced the same problem. Highlight what u want to delete and use the space bar. It worked for me.

rishik_007 Says
why doesnt the backspace/delete key work in the extracurricular it only for me or is it same with everyone?

Tihar Jail by any chance? more from me:

Its the largest of its kind in South Asia
It churns out a huge range of products from paper files, clothes, bread to furniture.
Officials here (clue?) say products made here will flood the market right from things to eat to things to wear

Moves are on to officially register Brand _______ dash being the word/answer /funda I'm looking for as an answer.

Incidentally Brand ____ recently forayed into affordable footwear as well.

Again one of my fave Qs
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Hey! Even I am facing the same problem. I registered on 6th too. I paid online and when it returned to the print application page I was unable to take printout so I noted the no and logged out. But now I'm unable to login using my reg no and dob!:-(

Hello Puys,

I need an urgent help....... I registered for FMS on Monday (6th Sep), got my registration number and although I didnt took a printout of the application form but I noted down the registration no#.

Till today I havnt recieved any email from FMS on the mail id that I had provided whlie registering, also I'm not able to login with my Registration No # and Date of Birth on the website.

I called up the helpline, verified my details but the answer I got was "your profile has been registered with FMS, if you are not able to login then thts your problem" :(:(:(:(

Plz lemme know if there is anyone facing the same problem.

Thanks in Advance
try this :

Q If xyz 0, is x (y + z) 0?

(1) y + z = |y| + |z
(2) x + y| = |x| + y

It can be solved using both together but not either of the two seperately?
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Soober! I'll try my best to make it at least this time around!!

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