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@geni7 you know how many European students there are in the 2012-2014 PGPIM batch?
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I wouldn't know of those three. My batch had 7 and I'd say, barring 2, their opinions did bring things that were completely new to us. Also, their reactions to our curriculum were the first experiences we had in the kind of cultural differences we were going to see. If you separate the MDI bunch from the ESCP bunch, we all knew we were different from the other and worked towards getting our strengths together to collaborate the best. All of this, at least in our case, actually happened, rather than just being printed in some brochure.
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@geni7 you know how many European students there are in the 2012-2014 PGPIM batch?
@brullu You cannot bank only on the name of MDI. There is a very good chance that your prospective employer might know ESCP and not MDI. There are always exceptions though. I worked with a company with its Global HQ in Germany with one of its department HQs in Gurgaon. They naturally knew MDI very well.

For the second question, I'd appreciate if questions of my personal choice are addressed in a PM rather than on a forum. For the record, I am working internationally right now.
@brullu Language proficiency, previous industry of work experience, intellect and social behaviour are some important characteristics of the Top for Europe. Like I said, the perception of a good candidate changes drastically once a student works in the International setting. There is no one thing that would determine if you are the good or not. Also, much diverse kind of candidates are chosen. So if you can break away from the conventional image of the top, then yes, the top make it to international offers, I wouldn't say placements here.
@brullu said:
Numbers?? last year how many ??? X/35 ...X=???
The reason you can't find it on the placement report is because of an important reason. All International offers are sought by the students themselves, and not assisted by the Placement Committee. At least not yet, though things are likely to change soon.

Now you need to understand that since there is not career assistance culture like a Placement committee in most B-schools of Europe, whether or not a student will get such an offer depends on how many wish to apply and how many are capable of applying. The numbers change every year and hence no particular trend can be seen. I know in my senior batch at least 5 are currently working countries outside India which include Germany, Singapore, Vietnam and a few more. I personally have met 9 of PGPIM alums during my internship / consultancy projects who are currently working in Europe / US and there are many more that I know of working in big names like AT Kearney, KPMG, BCG, Bombardier, BIC, Rocket Internet etc.

It has to be very clear that if a student wants to work internationally, it will a personal decision and then a personal quest to find it. If the candidates are good enough (this opinion generally changes once a student comes to Europe) they will find jobs here.
@shashankbapat23 The fee of PGPIM does not include any living expenses or visa expenses. It is purely tuition fee. Students have to bear their own expenses. In terms of the cost, it will depend on which campus is allotted out of Paris, Berlin, Madrid or Tourin. This is just a rough estimate but monthly all expenses could be Paris 800-900, Berlin 500-600, Madrid 500-600. Wouldn't know about Tourin because it has been years since anyone went there. Also, these are just rough estimates, it varies according to the person. Internship stipends also vary according to the city in the same ratios.
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@ashmole2009 ESCP students can opt for doing the dual degree, however whether they can sit for placements or not was yet to be decided and since the girl who put across this situation had later withdrawn her request, no official word was put out.
@ashmole2009 Hey I'm a senior from PGPIM-MEB track, feel free to ask here or PM.

The query that you have already posted needs to be verified by the authorities. Like you mentioned there has been just one person till now who had opted for the dual degree but she did not sit for placements. The main reason being students from ESCP are generally not interested in getting placed in India and also the academic responsibilities are too high for them of taking on more subjects (don't remember the exact number but it could be more than twice without the dual degree) in a system that they are not used to, hence making them not opt for the dual degree. Last year this was put on hold and was waiting for deliberation of the chairperson mainly because the students from ESCP attend one term lesser in MDI compared to what students who join through MDI do. Before the result of this query came, the student who had put it across opted out of placements to settle in Europe. Unfortunately I myself am not on campus so would not be able to take this forward but someone else should be able to help you with getting in touch with the authorities.
Can a senior help on this Query. I am waitlisted 16 with merit rank 646. As i saw in one of the posts that waitlist movement goes till july and course commences in June what if i am offered PGP-IM in Initial Movement of Waitlist (Most Likely). And i have to join in June.

Then if i get cleared with PGPM after joining , will they shift my course ?

If you join in a course and the waitlist is moved, you will be offered a chance to take your first preference, there will also come a point when it will be officially announced that no further movement will be entertained, generally after all the seats have been taken and then if a student decides to leave the college.
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imissediimb Says
PGPIM seniors please help...


It is true that your campuses will be allotted on the basis of your merit rank, however, Paris is the first allotted since most people choose it as their 1st preference. If your rank is good enough to qualify for Paris and if you list down your 1st preference as Berlin, you will surely get it. We have a batchmate who has done so. Be assured that one soul who gets Paris because of you, will pass on blessings.

Your preferences will be asked through a form, once your course starts.