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First of all, heartiest congratulations to all the call-getters
Prep well, give it your best shot and hope for the best!!
In any case, we seniors are here to help you out in any which way possible. A formal helpline will be launched for all the call-getters too, and this will also be kept running in parallel. In case of any issue, do feel free to reach out through a post on this thread, or a PM or just call up.

ATB for the future. We really look forward to having you here :)

P.S. Sorry for the late post.


Heartiest congratulations to all puys who have belled the CAT in style!!
esp DOC :w00t: TnT, sharmaji, hbz, RogerFederer, implex, aravind, alex_mahone, TechGodAjay

Wish you guys all the very best for the next stage. Even though I'm ill-equipped for the task, I would be glad to help anyone out incase you need any assistance(I'm just a PM away ;))

To those who didn't make it this time, I suggest you look at the success stories this year. Doc, TnT, aks, hbz etc. are all geniuses who got unlucky in their initial attempts but who didn't shirk away from slogging it out to get their due. You too can make it provide you exhibit the required resilience.
ATB for the future to all

P.S. Apologies for the late post
P.P.S. The success story of DT 2010 is complete. Love u guys

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Hi all,

Don't have much to say.. infact, to be frank, I haven't really been following this thread religiously, but from what I've heard from TnT, the team is in great shape I know a lot about almost every member's performances through him and I must say DT 2011 is amazing

While I write this, there is this sense of deja-vu.. And all that I can think of is something very basic and something that I'm sure TnT, aks, sumit must have told you. But I'll still say it, coz imo at this point in time, for the DT, nothing is more important than this.

CAT will be a new exam. Your previous mocks count for nothing. You begin scoring from 0. Undoubtedly, people will tell you a 100 different things(esp on PG, a lot of pressure can build up on the DT), but please leave that outside the exam hall. Go with a 'fresh, relaxed, balanced, brimming with positive attitude' mindset and I'm dead sure that each one of you will make it.

Thats enough gyaan from my end. I'm sure most of you didn't need it coz you're way smarter than I am , but I just wanted to put this out there because even if this helps one person, I'll be happy

Wishing you guys all the very best!! Hope to see a lot of you here next year!! Machaate raho

P.S. In the unlikely event of any one of you requiring my assistance(like I said, I think you're smarter ), feel free to bug me

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@vijay_chandola: Dude, either your tenses are wong or your sources are old !!
Humne toh yahan exclusivity bakaayeda maintain kar rakhi hai

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sarcastix in as well...

@rest: what are the plans?

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Who all are up for a confy tonight at 11pm??
Extremely sorry for the short notice but please try to make it :splat:
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shashank3012 Says
How about tomorrow night? Sarcastix, apparently wants to share some delightful insights about the past two months of his life

Again.. I can't Have some plans for tomorrow night too ;)
Some other time, please!! I'm sorry for being such a pain, but I wanna come too
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targetcat_2010 Says
Enough of this thing.....we are General Engineer Male, a GEM....the male versions of GEMinite and we will achieve whatever we want

lol... Super-like !! And I'm flattered, btw

vaise this time there is no girl in the DT. Two thoughts in my mind:
a) Me n Kalika ma'am(NeverGiveUp aka the original MadamG) are pretty rare ;)

b) Come on girls, buck up!! Show everyone what you got! ATB
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Congratulations DT '11 !! I simply can't stop thinking about how I felt when I got into DT last year then the usual round of intros.. confy... et all everything was super-duper fun and I'm sure all you guys will be having one hell of a ride just like us

Do remember that your target is CAB () and other top B-schools and DT is means to an end and not the end itself.

I will not reply to this, the rankings will A lot of other stuff will too, but lets not get into that... Thats too far down the line for everyone right now...
Btw, sirjee mere paas report hai C walon ki kuch.. will discuss more with you in the confy.. u better have the ammunition to defend this stuff

At times you'll receive too much hype- don't let it get to your mind. Everybody will say you're the best. The day you start thinking you're the best and will easily beat everyone- you'll fall flat.
Totally totally agree... People will say all sorts of stuff, most of which will be untrue. Even though you're in the DT, it really doesn't matter that much. Anyone can be upstaged easily on any given day. Just keep a cool mind, your head firmly planted on your shoulders and your feet on the ground. I'm sure you'll do great

Now the final lines- Since Doc is biased towards geminite (why am I not surprised ;)) , let me say -
Hope to see you people here next year. It's one helluva place.
HE was referring to IIMA, not me per se. And again, I won't respond to that pitch you made Simply because IIM-A doesn't need to ;)

One thing that I'd like to add is: enjoy the process. If there is one thing due to which I would not have minded had I missed out on IIMA this year, then that is the fact that I thoroughly enjoyed the process. I loved the grill, the psychological games your mind plays with you and I loved going through the complete experience. Its a process which makes you stronger and more equipped to take on the world, regardless of the end result, provided your approach towards the complete process is correct. My sincere advice to everyone(not just DT '11) would be to take the entire process as such, and not just as a selection process to your dream b-school(s). The ultimate aim is not a b-school, it is to gather the required wherewithal to achieve your ultimate dreams, whatever they may be. Hence, live every moment of the journey... be it your preparation for CAT, your time at your b-school, your job later or your personal life.

I wish DT '11 all the very best. May you make it big and accomplish all your dreams

To puys who did not make it to the DT, I have only one thing to say. A lot of non-DT members killed CAT and other MBA entrances last year... Nothing is difficult if you put in sufficient effort. I hope to see you all doing well too and giving the DT '11 a run for their money

Even though I'm nothing compared to the biggies here(the_hate, sarcastix, doc, sammael, etc.), I would be glad to help incase any of you needs any help

Besties. And may God be with you.
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How about a Confy Saturday night say around 11 PM?

I kinda have plans for dinner tomorrow night... Some other time plz when I can come too!
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