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how u com to know dese things actually seniors have told smthing differnt
70% no yaar :nono:

70% of the students might be placed but not all of them r placed through college. most have their own sources for jobs and a lot many are still searching for jobs.

kt4mba Says
can u tell me the strengh 4 this year in ggn

the strength of the 2008-10 batch was around 750 (700 + 50 chennai ppl approx)
n for that of 2009-11 batch is arnd 450.

i m realy confuse to join bang/gggn
can nyone tell dat one ibs student can sit on oder ibs camp 4 placement or not

no, if u r a student of ibs ggn, u cannot sit for ibs blore placements.

amitchoubey123 Says
IBS ggn rocks , don't think a lot join it get scholarship of around 3 lacs , even get chance to visit Australia on the basis of merit.Placement scenario is improving day by day . Investing money is worthful .

it sure rocks but u have to take everything in consideration. u dont get a 3lac scholarship that easily. its tough! n going to aus or europe is an opportunity but then u have to be the best! placement as i mentioned above hasnt been great for the 2008-10 batch.. though it is hoped that it'll be better for our batch n definitely good for urs.

milindpm2005 Says
kt4mba dnt be so of nw blore is doing well on the placement front and is consistently doing well...I spoke to seniors frm GGN dey also said that blore placements are better than ggn....

b'lore placements have been good, no doubt. n that is because of a few reasons - 1. blore being the silicon valley, has a lot of companies which knw of the campus.
2. the batch strength wasnt as much as gurgaon's
so it may be a good choice to join b'lore but ggn aint too bad either.

really its i'll b der after two months
how much amt can xpect 4 food+resident facility in bang
my approx budget is
8.5lac-{1lac(grad)+1.2lac(min cgpa)+40000(lap)}=5.9lac+1.5 lac expenses for two yrs=7.5 lac

i dont wuite understand your calculation!!
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Happy b'day adi!!!! God bless ya..



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hi guys
any meets set for tom at ggn? for the first time i would be able to make it but only if there's a meet!

please try of there can be one!!

hope to see ya guys once..


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Thank you so much everyone. Thanks aditya

So sorry for the late reply, but better late than never.

Feels so great to have so many people wish you, when you dont know more than 50% of them apart from their PG IDs.

Anyways... Thank you all so much!!


P.S. I love PG! PG rocks! PG Rules!

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Well my name was not there in the First List, yet yesterday I got a offer letter from SCMHRD asking me to send my details, certificates and first installment by 7th of May 2009.

As you must have guessed.. SCMHRD even has come out with a 2nd list.... yet not made it public.

i guess they havent really come out with a whole list but they'll be calling only 4-5ppl personally.. no lists are anything..

Congrats dude!!

Is the fee refund available only to those who've been alloted the the hyderabad campus or for other campuses as well? As far i know, only the hyd campus comes under aicte so that'll be the only one following their rules. I have been allotted gurgaon cmpus and i want to look at other options as well. Not too interested in going to ibs gurgaon.

Happy birthday!!!!! Have a great year ahead.

God bless!

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How many people were there in the first list? and how many have been called?
Would be of great help to people like me..


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not selected.. not even in the waitlist..
game over!

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Result is out.. and so am I out of the race..

all the best to everyone..