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Got waitlisted. They intend to inform in third week of March ... :banghead:. The wait continues:|. Congrats to all who got the invite. Those who got dinged ... dont loose hope ... there are many good schools out there.

I am coming over to stay at ISB campus tomorrow (5th September).It would be helpful if you could enable me to meetup with somebody from Power generation Domain.
Abhijith N

Count me in guys... I went over to ISB to drop my cousin for a interview. Liked the campus and what it had to offer. BTW my cousin made it.

Hey thanks for the Excellent narrative of your GMAT experience.
And Congrats on this great score.

Add me in . I plan to take GMAT in 3 to 4 months time

Hello everybody,
I am looking for GMAT classes around Madhapur in Hyderabad. I would like to know how is IMS coaching in Madhapur. I am worried because their focus might be more on CAT as compared to GMAT. Would like to know reviews on this.
If not IMS which are the other good options for GMAT .

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