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can sombody pl check the result im not able to do it

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hi iam from bangalore.

I want to give CAT'09..can sombody share CAT/IMS material ?

I am looking for ARUN SHARMA (2nd hand)

Can sombody tell me where can i find second hand books notes here in bangalore ?

Hi all,
I got this file from a friend at Infosys. Some hardworking soul there prepared this document. This document is pretty interesting as it explains some of the basic fundae w.r.t. stock markets etc. Especially bonds, derivatives, exchanges, trading etc. I guess it would be useful for those who are non - commerce background folks.

Hope it is of some use to ya' all.

r u in ICFAI ?

can u pl tell me about GD/PI ?

hi ,

R u a part of ICFAI ?

I want to know about the GD/PI at ICFAI ?

Crusader0000 Says
Puys once our topic is selected, can we all start posting topics we r goin to present and interview date so that we aviod redundancy of topic on the same day?

hey why only topics...we should start posting our questions/suggestions on those topics as well.

so that the one who is going to present the topic will get some pratice of facing some questions.