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Seniors please correct me if i am wrong. I believe now the total intake for full time PGDM is 240 students. the placement statistics for 2009-11 states that the total offers made was for 109 students .
what was the total intake for that batch ? how many people actually got placed?

Well, there seems to be some misunderstanding in interpreting the data on the link...
The maximum intakes are like this...
2007-09 batch : 120
2008-10 batch : 120
2009-11 batch : 120
2010-12 batch : 240
2011-13 batch : 240
2012-14 batch : 240

From what I can gather(looking at the link) the salaries that have been quoted are for the previous batches. Basically its the data for the batches passing out that year...
2007-09 batch : 6.21
2008-10 batch : 7.11
2009-11 batch : 8.82

Hope this helps...

Five terms are down, exams are done and its December in Goa, its time to sit and relax. Enjoy the watery sun and misty mornings and the dew tipped lawn. Basically it is the first time in my MBA life where I can be completely Vella:biggrin:. It is also one of those times that makes me all nostalgic and reflect. Reflect on the amazing 20 months I have had here.

I still remember my first day at GIM. Tlaloc (God of rain) had unleashed his fury on Goa; the Mandovi was brimming and every possible critter known to man had come to life. There, after a tired hectic wet morning (which involved a lot of travelling); I had sat eating a hot bun omlette in a cramped shop called Jaggus Den. The feeling even in that cramped shop surrounded by vending machine, coke bottles, chips, biscuits and lots and lots of Maggie, was that of a conqueror who had conquered mount K2. Finally I had made it to GIM.

That was 20 months ago, a long time in the course of an MBA. Little did I know then that on that day fate had chosen me to be among the 60 lucky ones who would get a chance to stay at the old campus. A chance to become an integral part of the history of GIM. One of the few students who will ever get to say that they were among the last batch to stay at GIM Ribandar and first to stay at Sanquelim. The ones to witness the metamorphosis of GIM and be a part of it. The few who would carry the idea that was and is GIM from Ribandar to Sanquelim.

Today as I sit here, I can very confidently say that we have succeeded. The essence that was/is GIM was carried from the banks of the Mandovi to the mountains of Sanquelim. Of course OT, Morgue, LH have given way to H1, H2,H3; the old Portugese hospital has given way to state of art facilities and a lot of similar physical changes have happened. But as the sharp edges of the newly constructed buildings wear out, as nature reclaims in part what is hers, the campus gets its GIM feeling back.

The pillars that shape and form GIM have remained the same. Steve with his luxurious mustache and quiet persona, Jenny with her ever sweet voice and patience, Ashlyn and her time tables and Mukesh and his servers. They all remain the same. Even today folks flock Jaggu for an evening cup of tea or run to Kailash for a glass of juice. The evening chatter from the banks of the river has moved to the mountains of Sanquelim. The rides to Fidalgo have grown longer and so have the night time adventures.

So as I sit back here, I am starting to comprehend that GIM is not just a beautiful building by the Mandovi or on top of mountain. There is something more to it. The umbilical cord from the one room college in 93 may have broken on the face of it; but even today the essence that is GIM thrives. As a matter of fact it has grown from 39 to 240. An unspoken bond connects these generations of GIMians. That is saying something about us GIMians and our culture. Prof Chirsto will agree.

Never let your mind become as vella as mine has become now. It will definitely lead to a lot of weird posts on Life @ GIM.:nono:


Before I begin with this post Id like to put a small disclaimer; this post has nothing to do with life inside GIM but its all to do with life outside GIM.

It all began on a hectic Monday morning. It had been a month since my laptop had conked off; life had become, well, sooo un GIMish without one. No IP, no FB, no movies, no life. But now the time had come. A point in my MBA life when I decided that I couldnt be lazy. Today was the D day. I had to go to Panjim and get my laptop repaired.

Sigh... Work is always boring especially on a sunny day. Especially on a day when you are done with an ultra complicated 9:00 AM class on derivatives and another one scheduled at 4:00 PM. Phew... And the world expects me to get my laptop repaired!!

I quickly gobbled down a black forest at Monginis, grabbed my bike keys and just as I was about to kick start my bike a miracle happened. Clouds turned up from over the mountains!! Bless them! Atleast, I wouldnt have to drive in the sun! And these did not seem like the dark rain clouds The Goan Gods seemed to be with me in my quest on that day...

So off I went chugging on though the curvy roads and green fields humming the 3 Idiots song. The traffic was minimal so I was covering a lot of ground; until I took a turn for the bridge. Catastrophe struck. One hawaldar promptly jumped(blocking my way) on the road with stick and asked me to pull over.

Hawldar(Irritated) : No helmet? Tourist? Go and meet madam there in the jeep.
Madam turned out to be Ms Alice, police inspector with a very good handwriting in which she had begun writing down a Rs 100 chalan on me. Ah the irony of it.
Madam: Please give me your license.
Me (Giving her my college ID and acting as if I had mistakenly given it): Oh sorry maam thats my college ID. Here, this is my license.
Madam(Stops writing and looks at me) : You are a student of GIM? You live in the hostels right and where are you headed off to? No lectures today to attend?
Me(ye kya hua!!! Chalan for skipping lectures degi kya?) : No maam. Have lectures in the evening. Am going to Panajim for my college work!
Madam(Staring at me and the ID Card) : Look Gaurav, your parents at home will be so worried! You are driving without a helmet. Do you know how many young students meet with accidents.... Advice... Advice... Advice.. I feel bad... More advice.. I do not like fining students... More advice.. Advice...Phew.. Finally done after 10 long minutes.
Madam : Ok Gaurav, I am letting you off now. (Yippie!!). And take my name and number, in case some one else catches you today, just give me a call(I was ready to hug her, but why take chances with a PI! ). But next time I catch you without helmet I aint letting you off!
Me: Thanks a lot maam. There wont be a next time.

So off onwards I went. The joy of having saved Rs 100 from the jaws of a traffic policeman (woman in this case) is incomparable.

Reached Panajim, deposited my laptop at HP, grabbed a quick bite at Aunty Marias and began my return journey.

I didnt want to run into Ms Alice again, lest she changed her mind. So I decided to take the ferry across the Mandovi. (For those unawares, the ferry/boat lets you and your bike cross the river for free and is an amazing experience especially for a guy from a desert like mine. The best part is when the ferry reaches the other bank when everyone prepares to disembark. Remides you of the beaching at Normandy during WWII. Especially in terms of the enthusiasm with which people disembark)

Across the river I reached the bird sanctuary, a lonely green road and a bunch of tiny school kids hoping for a ride home. It was my turn to return Ms Alices gesture; I decided to give the kids a ride home. After a bit of discussion with the kids who did not know Hindi we began our journey. The small girl promptly sat on the tank(of the bike) and two guys on the rear seat. Off we went. It was awesome, reminded me of a scene from the song School Chale Hum. The road, as is the case in Goa, was awesome and the birds and greenery mind boggling.

The kids took me through all the short cuts possible; some which cut right through farms and others almost through houses!
Dropping them off at their homes (I was offered a cooked fish in return from their mum, which I politely declined) I reached back to good old GIM and well in time for the derivates class at 4:00.

A GIM can only be possible in a state like Goa!

There is one cardinal rule that holds all over the world: If students are smart, their teachers are ultra smart. Today, Ill just jot down some of the hilarious incidents we have had during college.
Episode 1
The moment you enter an MBA course, you have entered a life filled with power point presentations. Odds are that your group will be preparing at least one PPT every day and presenting one every 2nd day. However, there are some great souls who develop the art of staying hidden and are rarely called to present PPTs. So much so, that at times these greats tend to attend lectures without knowing whats there in the PPT that their group has prepared.
So, begins the story, one early Monday morning just before the marketing lecture. All groups had been asked to prepare a PPT and come to the class prepared. The topic was related the automobile sector. (GS = Great Soul)
GS1 to GS2: This profs calls students from the last bench. Lets sit in the middle.
GS2 to GS1: Yea thats correct, but 3-4 weeks ago he had called someone from the middle too!
GS1 to GS 2: Ok, lets sit in the first row. No one is ever called from the first row (prof walks into the class as GS1 and GS2 are settling down in the first row which is rarely occupied J )
Prof: Please settle down. (Looks at GS2) Since you are closest to the board, would you like to present the first PPT of the morning?
GS2: Sirrrr.. me?!?!? ( Are you kidding me? I am sitting on the darn first bench! No one in the history of mankind sitting on the first bench has even been asked to present! look on his face)
Prof (a smile on his face Caught you didnt I?): Yes you.
GS2 (slowly getting up): well sir mmm.. (Searches for his group members) mmmm.. yea.. I will present Let me get the PPT pendrive from my group members mmmm (looks at GS1 It was your stupid idea of sitting here right?!) (Walks to his group members, everyone quickly tells him the topic and a few points and that the PPT is 30 slides long!)
GS2: (I am sc**wed look begins the presentation): Good morning everyone. So, my group and I have made this presentation on the automobile sector. Automobiles entered India in.. blah blah blah globaaaal globaaal. Blah blah (goes on for 30 mins giving global right from Nano to Chevrolet.. Anything he had every heard about a scooter/car/truck/plane in his life was to be blurted out. It had no relevance or connection to what was there on the PPT)
By the end of it, everyone was almost on the floor laughing. The professor comments, When I asked you to present I thought communication was not your strength, but at the end of the presentation I can guarantee you that communication is your core competency. J

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Today, as I surfed (a luxury currently owing to my internship), I happened to bump into the Facebook group created for the incoming batch. Ah! The questions and apprehensions there caught my imagination. They were amazingly similar to the ones I had. My hunch is, everyone for aeons to come will continue to have similar questions before taking any major decision in life. Now, to me, sitting at the other side of the decision, the answer to those questions seem obvious. But I guess, when the mind is so full of doubt the most obvious may not be the most obvious. So here goes my story..

It all began on that fateful morning when the PGP Office sent be a mail saying that I had converted. Oh the joy of making it! I just couldnt control my grin for days on end. Oh! So happy was I. I was to head back to college. To MBA. Back to school finally. To amazing Goa! J
I began as all begin. Looking out for pictures of the campus, the placement reports, the rankings and everything I thought that mattered. Mum would ask me to consult some random uncle and asking his views about doing an MBA. In the hind sight, I must have talked with 20 such random uncles & aunts who were known to be good in the field of education but I doubt it made an impact on me.
The next step was contacting future batch mates. Girls checked out the guys and guys the girls.J Grand plans were laid out to be executed before the college commenced. A few adventurous amongst us even arranged trips as far as Singapore & Thailand, while others were content on meeting in various Indian cities. I being me met the first person from GIM in the train to college. It was quite an amazing train journey. Meeting your comrades for the first time but feeling that you had known them all your life!
I got down at Karmali station along with all the GIM folks I had met on train. The moment I got down I fell in love with Goa. I still remember that day as if it was yesterday. It was around 9 AM in the morning and cloudy. The grass & trees had just been bathe in drizzle and were sparkling green. As a matter of fact, as far as I could see everything was green! There was a cool breeze just caressing me. Just across the station there was a small lake with a birds flying over it. Ah! The perfect setting. For some reason it reminded me of Lords. (The cricket stadium in England I had seen during matches J)
The ride to Sanquelim was even amazing. Goa is littered with brooks and coconut trees and I was simply amazed by them. The roads were awesome which actually added to the beauty!
Finally we reached. Perched on top of a mountain in the college stood the college. To know the beauty of the place you have to visit it once in monsoon. Greenery as far as the eye could see and away from civilization. An idyllic place to study. Parents who had come along ditched their kids and were out taking pictures of the place! J
Then came the next question; what do we do now that we are there. Well Ill put the facts as they were in our time and hope its the same this time. That way itll help the incoming batch.
1. There are 4 class rooms on the ground floor. Each class can easily hold 60 students.
2. We were assigned to one of the 4 class rooms which were to become our sections for the entire year.
3. On the day of admission each class room had a list pasted outside its door with the name and roll number of students assigned to it.
4. So all we had to do is take our certificates and go and sit there once we were on campus.
5. After a while, a lady from the admin came and collected our certificates and asked us to fill in a few forms. (please take a pen and a few passport size pics along)
6. Once done, we were asked to go to our rooms. It was done.
7. Since I was one of the late comers to campus (a few of the hostels were being given final touches), I was accommodated at the old campus. That way I even got a chance to experience the GIM of Ribandar.
So that is how began my life @ GIM
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The last few weeks have been amazing,hectic and fun even by GIM standards. Today, finally, as I sit by the Cafeteria watching the sun set, the last rays bouncing off my head :), I dwell.

It is that time of the year when the PGP 2s leave and an era in GIM history that is Ribandar will draw to a close. A time that makes you dwell. A time when every moment is to savour. A time when every walk, every glance could be the last. The time for a last visit to Casa, the last ride on the ferry to Deewar, the last time table or the last lecture. A time when the drive down the cause way (which all must have done a zillion times) becomes a drive in paradise, a time when Maggie at Jaggu becomes manna from heaven. The time when a person stands at the intersection of joy, sadness and expectation of the adventure ahead. It is that time of the year. Indefinable yet so defined

The lead up to this week had been amazing. It all began with Inception followed by Sangamam a few weeks back. Sangamam - The South Indian festival. Trust me, it is an amazing feeling - Sitting there in the cafeteria, eating on banana leaves, serving your batch mates and getting served by them! If there is any way a bond can be strengthened then this is the way to do it. It was simple, traditional, tasty and above all a dinner to remember. Not to mention the fabulous performances that were displayed. We even had our very own Mahabali attending the function.

The austerity of Sangamam was preceded by a night of some serious head banging. Inception was incepted . I am not a big fan of music, but when you hear Gino Banks and Sheldon play even a guy like me stands mesmerized. It was a night when some amazing talent from our batch teamed up with Gino and Sheldon and created magic. A time for revelry and fun along with a nice crispy chicken.

I should have known that the two days were too good to last. If there is one thing that can take the life out of you it is the mid terms. It strikes you like a bolt from PGP office and all you can do is grumble. At GIM time flies except during the exams. Its like you can actually see Einsteins relativity at work. A time when 2 AM is just the beginning of the evening. A time when you realize for the nth time, MBA is TOUGH!!!

But the good thing is, all things must pass. So must the mid terms. Post the mid terms it was the time of the Razzies. These guys know how to throw a party along with Prayas. First time in my life have I gone neck deep in the sea and seen the sun set over the horizon. Saw fishes jumping out and played football on the beach. This is when you really come to appreciate the fact of doing your MBA from one of the best colleges in India, which luckily happens to be in GOA

So, with the Wizbiz tommorrow, a Razzie party and the convocation lined up and the sun now set it is time to bid adieu to the PGP 2s and plan for the incoming PGP 1s. Best of luck folks! Best of Luck Ribandar....

It has taken some time it coming, my post on GIM Sanquelim, something I have been aching to do for long... Here it is finally. J

No story can begin without a bit of history, and the old campus provides just that. When I joined GIM, I was one of the few who got a chance to stay at the old campus(for a brief period). The old campus is seeped in history and has that typical old world charm. A beautiful old Victorian building by the side of the river Mandovi, mysterious passages that seem to connect the whole campus and an amazing stillness & calm that is ever pervasive. Once in a while an occasional chatter or laughter drifts your way, but is soon engulfed by the tranquillity the campus offers. The Mandovi silently flows by and an occasional trawler glides through it. In one word; it's amazing

The first thought that came to my mind when I saw the new campus was ; mind blowing! All you need are a few turrets, a Hogwarts express and it might as well be Hogwarts from Harry Potter. We also have our own dark forest where you can go on a hike whenever you feel adventurous. Instead of werewolves you will find flamboyantly coloured moths and descendants of Aragog. Nestled on top of a mountain, surrounded by the western ghats, this is as close to nature as you can get. During monsoon you are literally above the clouds and at times the clouds are right in your room! A short distance from the town of Sanquelim, this place is famous. The best thing, the folks in Sanquelim admire and help you a lot; my hunch & experience is that Goa admires & respects anyone from GIM a lot! J

Ah, sadly life is not so easy in MBA. The only day you get to admire this beauty is the first day. After that its work.. Cracking XAT is one thing, MBA a completely different ball game. You need to be ready 24 x 7. And when you are with the top minds of the country, the level of ingenuity & work done is tremendous. You run from submissions to canteen, to lectures, to a quick coke and back again. The TT tables are ever occupied (even at 4 AM !) and the washing machines & dryers ever humming. Occasionally you see a brave soul issuing a library book at 3 AM in the morning and an even braver soul roaming around at 4 AM. The best part about roaming around in the night; you are bound to see a shooting star. Somehow, the campus never never sleeps aided and abetted by the cafeteria that remains open till 2 AM.

I can go on this vein for a long time but that is for next post. Till then am possibly going to practise my cricketing skills for the upcoming Basanti cup. Ah yes, and it goes without saying that studying is an occupational hazard here which one must endure J