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thanks for the update.


when would the intake for the batch of 2012 start.....and whats the cutoff score of gmat accepted there?



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Hi Guys ,

I have got all the series of Manhattan and OG 12th edition.

since i m not very good in quant can anyone suggest which should be the good book to get the basics right.
i m looking to give the exam in sep '11.


do u plan to sell them ??

msg me the details abt the prices.

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i would think that people from same cities shld make a group for studies....

hi ,

I m Gaurav Agarwal from delhi.

I have been an average student all my life and currently having work ex of 4+ yrs.

I would be giving Gmat at around sep need to start prep now.

As i have not been in touch with books for a long time can anybody suggest me the books that will help me in brushing up the basics.
All the replies will be appreciated.