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5 lacs as an initial acceptance amount is Huge..!!
It would be diff to arrange in such a short span of time (2 weeks)

Sudipto Shome
GMP 2013 FB page:

Loan Processing at XL SBI branch doesn't take more than two days, you would be able to get loan very fast here unless you have decided to finance it through some other means.
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Puys, just an fyi.

I called the XLRI admissions office a few minutes ago. I asked when we would get the offer letter, when we need to pay fees etc. He mentioned that we should get the offer letters from April 20th onwards and all details related to fees, accommodation, course start date etc would be mentioned in the letter.

I asked for the exact course start date to plan my resignation period. He did not give a date but said this would most probably be mid June.

Hope this helps.

you will need to pay the 1st installment fees by probably 1st week of may and fees amt would be around Rs. 500000+ (that's what happened with us, when we had the results declared on 30th March, I remember India-Pakistan cricket world cup Semifinal was scheduled that day )

Congrats to all the guys, I would be in Mumbai in last week of may, if any query do reach me out.

Gaurav Agarwal
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I have already checked out placement scenario at both XL & IIM-C-Pgpex-vlm..placement scenario is very much the same..
i think or rather i believe , it is the learning that matters the most in exec MBA & Branding of college..both d colleges r very good in their own ways..
so i feel my deceison is correct as far as me is concerned..i can't waste another year in trying..The delay in results do not help my cause also..

If you have done your homework, then you are good to go, many times ppl are shocked, as things doesn't match upto what they have been hearing/reading in media. Thus, just not IIMB or XLRI, be it any of the top 5 college, you shld talk to the students, specially some close confident to get the exact scenario so that expectation mismatch doesn't happen.

congrats once again:)
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Hi was nice to interact wd u all..i have decided to join IIM-C PGpex-Vlm which starts next month. It seems that XL will declare the result by mid/end april.
The delay in results, in a way, helped me to choose between the two. Wish u all the very best for XL as well as your future of luck

Do talk to some of their existing students of their placement scenario before joining IIMC, you need to get a very close contact to get the exact placement scenario at IIMC. Same applies to IIMA and IIMB.

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I too gt shortlisted, any idea when will be the interviews ? I have opted for Mumbai location.

It think it is "C",
As vs like, As is used to compare two actions while like for two nouns, here we are comparing the thinking so "E" is gone.


A is the answer ???/

I just got a mail saying they have recieved my draft, hard copy of the reciept will be recieved shortly, nothing else it said.

I have recieved the confirmation yesterday.

Hi Rutty,

Can you please tell me where the course of IT Management be starting DUBAI or Singapore.