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roun Says
hi,what is the last date for end of course in 2014.....if anyone has any idea plz let me know...I want to the know the date in 2014 when we will get our final results and can be free to join the company.

u'll be free by last week of March(as per academic calender of 2011-2013 batch)
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tayal89 Says
How to get a refund ??

Now that's height of ignorance.....
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A few questions to be answered by either this year's aspirants, seniors or NM ofiicials:

1. How many days in advance before (11th June) we can get hostel room(if someone has applied for hostel) as Ticket reservation has to be done accordingly.

2.Is the dress code formal on all days or any specific day?

3. Is the exam system going to be in Trimesters?

4. How many months' experience is considered for Lateral Placements.

Thanks in advance!!

1. not sure abt rules for boys' hostel occupancy,so cant answer it
2. formals only on few days on which formal events r held. all other days,casuals :)
3.yes,trimester system...u'll hv 2 sit for exams 6 times in an academic year
4. 22 months
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Posting on behalf of my friends :
hey, if any of you is still looking for a flat then there is a Vacancy for one guy in a 2BHK flat in Juhu, 5 mins walking distance from college,
its fully furnished and 4 guys from 2nd year are already staying.. 3 are from banking..

rent : 7600 per month
deposit : 20000

for further details contact

eshan singh : 8879489009
ashish arora : 9819981275

Last yr., college started on 20 June around ( Correct me, if I am wrong) & final list came out on May 30..

This time, NM is starting on June 11, so when can we expect another list ( if any)?

i heard that list will be out some time around 30th May (if at all it comes )
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hi there!
can anyone please tell me about the class timings? also, how often are there sessions/classes late into the evening? if someone can provide the info, would be of great help.

no fixed timings
u'll get free anytime by 2pm or even 9.30pm...9.30 is the max till when you'll have your classes...
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Hi guys,

I too have the same query regarding the BM course.
1)the companies that are allowed for placement for BM course guys(if the college discriminate between Core, BM, CM for placements)
2)the various profiles offered
3)what percentage ppl is still unplaced if there is no 100% placement( as top bschools even find it difficult to place all aspirants)
4) Scope for summer internship
5) Is CFA helpful if I undergo BM course

Please reply asap

Thanks in Advance.

guys,all these queries have been discussed in previous pages.pls browse through the thread...
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Hi Gargi/Other Seniors,
Are the results going to be out today? If not today, by any chance will they be coming up tomorrow?

PS: Have to pay fees for IMT G before 4th May.:wow:

PPS: I think I am being over optimistic @ Core 801. :banghead:


guys,i personally dont have an idea about the current status of the admission process.
the college is most probably closed today because of International Labour Day and Maharashtra Divas.
pls be a bit more patient i can completely understand your anxiety as i was in the same situation last year.
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vaish123 Says
I feel there wil be some movement this time..dats y they are taking so much time to update the results..Samething hpnd when the 2nd list came out.:)

guys,please stop speculating and spreading anxiety....
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you yourself said that the hostel is overpriced. if you are willing to shell out 17-18k every month,go forward with the hostel.else,look for flat.

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