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me too id not join.......

i was much interested but fees s too high....

same case with me...

hi guys,

I am also in. My profile is:

2009 passout
CAT/XAT score: 92.72%tile
Called for: PGDM FE
Work Experience: nil
Joining: Yes

my slot is 8.30 am in mumbai.. upto what time process will finish.. i have to get reservation accordingly..

sorry if this query is already answered

Va 78.97

Qa 83.52

Di 96.22

OA 92.72

xth 85

xiith 72 91.12(2009 passout)

applied in ifmr & tapmi

any other college left to apply??

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didn't get was expected

thanx 4 ur help:)

is dere any chance of second wait-list??

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Guys have got calls for IIM-shillong at even 89 % (and yeah, GEN) but In Bachelors they want around 85-90 ( + gud 10-12 acads ).In my college, guys have got A & C but not S .While few guys and Gals managed to get the lone S call.

So , dont doubt anyone's credibility.

Take this in right spirit,


leave it dude no need to explain this here... maine bhi reply karna band kar diya.. agar inka money & time waste hua hota tab pata chalta kaun frustrated hai.....
Mods where are you guys...this thread has turned into a spam yard....for the last 3-4 days its nothing but spam and abuse....



mods if u think i spammed... u can bann me...i don't want to answer any Q further
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Areee bhai mere me tere bare me baat nahi kar raha tha pehli line padh I hav written What I hav noticed from previous post and abt u i hav written about groaning look at ur groan count man. Whenever a person try to say something abt his selection and abt WE u groan him WHY????? and I groan only when somebody is saying something bad abt something or someone see my previous posts.

regarding giving ATMA it is not a criteria to give ATMA for applying to WE but does giving ATMA harm u in any way and dont say that Rs850 is more important than getting a WE call. by giving ATMA u would hav increased ur chances.

this thread is abt discussion regarding WE its true but u cant use that type of language which I hav highlightened previously(u means people who r discussing the WE so called stupidity.)

and regarding the group i am not into any group read my previous posts and u ll understand and i am against those who r making negative comments without knowing any thing. see previous page people r directly targetting people who r selected especially through ATMA.


i have no probs with you..:) it is gud that u r supporting college... it is ur the same way opposite is view of mine..

ATB:thumbsup: for ur call.. and i hope u will convert it...

but u shud understand this there is no harm in abusing WE due to their criteria.. it is for the benefit of next year students and bring in the notice of management as PG is comon platform for MBA aspirants.

used the word stpidity is for WE not for students who got selected.. sorry if u feel like this.. scoring in any exam is not easy, i know that..i cant help in, if any other targets the people who got selected through atma..

please regarding atma.. not everybody give it.. and it is not necessary and why shud i waste my money & time in atma?? if it was necessary, they shud have mentioned it.. please groaning case is same for both of us

i will add u as buddy.. it is quite gud discussiong with u.. both will get GD prep.;)
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what i hav noticed from the previous posts that people who r not selected r rightly disappointed but they r treating ATMA people as if they r appliying through back door and dont deserve a WE call. I want to ask them if they knew that ATMA is easy and they can score then why didnt they gave ATMA.
I had given ATMA only for WE so effectively I hav spend 1400+850=2250 only for WE the form cost me Rs 2250.

I know garg04 and like minded people will definetly groan but they should give me the answer. I am not making personal comment to anybody as I dont know anybody personally. Ab to shant ho jao bhai logo. I know u all r hurt and rightly so but discuss ur problem and dont tell that how he/she selected and I am not despite having same profile. I know u all r capable but please dont underestimate who all r selected. dont comment on others capabilities.

what I hav noticed is this discussion is divided into two group one who all r selected and other who r not selected.
please puys end this here.

mods look into the matter.

regarding aab to shaant ho jao.. i didn't wanted to reply in this thread further.. but abhinaysingh & link minded people r using my name again and again.. so i need to answer them.....

regarding why we didn't give atma.. is it a criteria to give atma or cet according to u to get into WE??? if i can apply thru xat & cat, then why shud i give atma... since not a single college is gud in atma..

regarding discouraging others.. if u can find a single post of mine, where i pointed anyone that why he/she got selected or he/she shudn't be selected.. then i will not post further here.. i think it is not spamming to discuss why gud %ile students didn't got selected, so that management shud come to know abt it & it will be better for next year..

regarding groaning.. u also groans in every post where anyone opposes WE criteria

regarding divided into two groups.. same things apply to u as well

this thread is for discussion of selection criteria of WE only, so nothing wrong..

mods please look into the matter abt pointing me as "garg04 & like minded people"..
i don't want to make comments on any individual further, but they r making me to do it..

ATB all call getters...
garg.... or whoever u r!!
stop acting liek a whiner and loser man!! have sum self respect before washin ur dirty liner in public..
the fact abd teh botton line is that ur profile was not good enuf to be shorlisted for WE...
how difficult is that for u to understand??
ur cryin n cribbin is not goin to make any difference to us nor to WE...

n there ir nothin great bout ur acads.. m sure u have gone thru the precious posts...
ppl wid much better profiles than u havent gotten thru... to aap kis khet ki mooli ho??
n just incase u dunt understand... they have given more importance to work ex this time....
listen... ur acads n marks r on par with the rest.. no doubt!! but r u blind not to see that u have lost out on 20 marks as complared to ppl with workex?
ur havin 95 in xat must have given u an added 5 marks as complared to sumone with 90 in cet out of the 100 assigned to written exam.... but u not havin a worex made u lose out on 20 marks.... so they have an over all better score out of 130!!
so all of ya who didnt get thru..... plz understand the concept before decidin to cry foul ..... coz cryin foul is the only option left for ya... come on man... have sum dignity left for urself.... n stop crying..
loads of puys have tried explainin this to u earlier... but u and a few others fail to understand!!
sooo..its sincere request.... stop spammin!!!

mods plz take a note!!
m sure many of us in here wud agree with my views!!
cheers to those who got thru.. n for those who didnt, work hard for another a stronger profile n then apply again... n im sure u guys wud really do well...
best of luck!!

~~the prestidigitator~~

first of all mind ur language...... and i don't want to give remarks on individual...

mods please check his post.....
i just answered that.. it is clear that they have not considered sectionals....

regarding other thing.. why shudn't we discuss this here?? it is related to WE... atleast for next year students students will get idea of stupidity of WE after reading this...
we have invested money in the form after seeing facts from last year result.. in this forum everybody told that u can fill the form without any tension..

regarding work-ex.. same criteria was last year(correct me, if i m wrong).. then why freshers got selected last year on 85-90%ile in cat and xat??

i have no offence against who got selected.. all the best to them...

in all posts, just we were discussing why we were not selected?? not that why they got selected??.... u r taking as wrong

ATB to those who got selected:)