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like i said.. the list is absolutely useless... i got lucky n found a place myself.. plus another prob in pune is the security deposit.. they wld expect a min of 3 months rent as security deposit n if u go thru a prob dealer then he'll also charge 2months rent as his comission.. in all b prerpared.. well most of the places i called were willin to give accomm to girls.. but most of them r cot basis.. plus there r 2-3 hostels listed as well.. best of luck man

all those who r bankin on the accomm list from college b prepared for a shock.. the list is simply pathetic..half the addresses dont have any phone nos..arnd 25% r already occupied.. most dont take boys n the ones that do ,do it on cot basis.. no independent rooms.. so b prepared to slog it out once u get here..

sorry guys..was outta town in spiti net nothing at alll.. reaching pune on 30th.. n will look for some place to stay.. heard they take a yrs rent upfront unlike in delhi.. what a pain..any idea bout accomm n all..

well called up the SIMC office in the morn to confirm n the lady said she had recieved my DD...just call them up after 10in the morn n check out..

woods just killed everyone man in the final round..
simply awsome.. hes proved to everyone one that hes still the best..
but hats off to Dimarco..

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anyone who wants invites just pm me arnd 50left....n gmail is not 1gb anymore..
mine says 2054mb...which is over 2gigs..n its going on increasing..

so all those who want it just pm ur email id...

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the results r out..but will take time to b uploaded on the site.. anyone interested can call them n find out by giving the snap id n specialization

called up the office.. will b on the site after 2pm.. hope they stick to what they say this time :grab:

when are they coming out?any idea,as the site says 4th march..