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@Abhaysood said:
@GangaRam - These decisions are taken by the management taking into various consideration. Market demand and scenario could be one but it just speculation. We students are not aware of many details.
I agree Abhay , Thanks for reply..But does it mean the whole fuss made about Analytics , Forecasting & Business Intelligence were just a mirage....Or Finance has overshadowed Actuarial in NMIMS..I am writing it as NMIMS was one of the first B-School in india to identify this niche sector..

Hi Seniors ...Could you please answer , why NMIMS closed "Actuarial" as MBA option ?
Can any one tell me why they closed Actuarial Science ?

It seems its better to go for only Flagship Programs.Placement might be poor in the Actuarial...Not sure....(As no one would be willing to end up at 8 Lakh Job after paying Fee) It might had pulled down their avg. package , that's why they closed the program...

I think its a good post & deserve to be alive.Alumni of B-Schools please comment on your experiences after MBA ...


When u say only 33% is placed yet. Do you mean 33% of EPGP students i.e, say 20 students OR is it the placement figures of PGP. With 500 PGP students, a 33% is still a whopping 165 placed students.

as regards the course duration, I think all EPGP or PGPX of all IIMs follow sep to july/aug schedule. It is a good idea to check up the status of EPGP or PGPX students at other insitutes at this point of time.

But I think the EPGP or PGPX students should be able to muster reasonable placements outside the campus network, considering their ample work experience !!!!

Institute like IIM Calcutta & SPJIMR PGPM have already achieved 100% placement .I agree that in bad times Avg. salary may go down, but less than even 70% placement is horrible.
Please seniors clear those pre MBA Monsoon Clouds .It can save us from post MBA Tsunami.

Hi seniors, as the final result is out, please enlighten us on placement scenario & placement status of current batch

I am in too...

Are motorbike allowed inside campus.I guess being a big campus some students might be willing to use bikes.
Seniors please enlighten on the same...

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I have heard that EPGP placement is a student driven process & Institute don't help actively like Two years PGDM. You need to use your own network & past experience to get placed.
Please correct if I am wrong..

Pinto Says
Anybody who has coverted IIT M and IIT K n joining M?

I have converted IIT M , IIT K , IIT R , IMT G , IMI
Rejects - XLRI , IIM R,U,T ..
Waiting for IIM Raipur & Kashipur ..
Most probably joining IIT M.
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