If anyone has an ebook of "It happened in India - Kishor Biyani" , please msg me....I need it....
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Is the fees declared for First year students for NMIMS?
@svadityak said:
@MasterOfTheTigeSo, we have to carry only originals and no need of photocopies.Do we need to take cv or resume with us? Thanks for your time.

Just carry a set of photocopies in case there is a need. No need to attest them as such since u wud be having the original documents

@sam8690 said:
@ganeshpdh I HAVE A TOTAL 219
219 is a pretty good score....
U will get thru to the GD PI round ....
In case u feel doubtful abt ur LR marks....u can always go for a retake to be on a safer side....:)
@sam8690 said:
@ganeshpdh wat about score 66 IN LR??

66 in LR is ok ....u will clear the sectional cut off for LR most probably.......:)
@gs4890 said:
what is QS ? should be LS na

yeah LS.....not QS....
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@cgupta91 said:
Hey friends...My score in first attempt is 225.QA/QS/LR - 94/57/74Now what would you people suggest?Should I go for another attempt or sit back and wait for cutoff.Though Last year the cut off was 208 but I read online that the cutoff before that year was 233.Please help me out!!

I think ur QS score is a bit lesser.... a score of 60 in QS is safe to get through the sectionals.....
I advise you to go for a retake...
@aditi2110 said:
@ganeshpdhregistrations closed now retake not possible!gosh what do i do

U will most probably make it to the GD PI round...
Just do well in ur GD and PI still have chances ....
@rad20ram said:
@ganeshpdhHas the cut-off for this yr's NMAT announced? How do you say 210?? Jus wanted to have some clarity on this. Thanks@ganeshpdh
Normally, it is around 210 every may be plus-minus 2-3 marks .....

@aditi2110 said:
hey puys..My score goes as 72/67/72 overall 211Any chances??

If u have good acads and work exp, ur final score will be competitive enough. But if it is not so, then you should go ahead for a retake.