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she is right they got AICTE approval for another 60 seatsof PGDM Business deasign of bangalore Campus. I got the mail 2-3 days back.
u have apply it freshly.

yes dude.. m also refering to the same. Results declared yesterde for the same...
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ambalika_6 Says
nope nt d ILS seats . D PGDM seats hav increased in welingkar.

If u mean the PGDM business design baglore seats... then the results have also been declared...
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hw cm u with 178 got a cal n i hv 180 n i dnt gt a cal for ILS frm SOmaiya

r the puys whu gt seat of OPEN or gujarati category? thatl clear thngs...
akhilawesome Says
hey guys ....i have a doubt regarding the cet admission cap round 4 where every eligible candidate has to report at the center to get on spot admission on vacant seats that all seats are considered as general seats or reservation is there ?? and if reservation is there marks wise then they give reservation in fees like they give in cap -1 ...need urgent reply....

no reservation. All at par. onlymerit wise admisions.
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PJ12 Says
the collg is good... i hv gone there a few times..(coz it's centre for many entrance xmz)... infra is decent.. donno abt faculties & placements.. but d collg is known !!!!

my frnd took admision 2de @ tilak. Cant say about plcments stats now coz its juts the 2nd year. But they had 100% summers dis year. Daz good i feel. Low batch helps as well. I see this college as going on par wid agnels thakur francis in nxt few yrs for sure.Even surpass them mayb.
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dark_horizon Says
What would be the cancellation charges if admission is canceled before the commencement of the course ? If it is different for each college, does any1 know the same for MET ?

yes dude... same for all colleges thru CET.
before commencement of course :entire fees refund -1000
after commencement: pro rata basis (if seat cn b filled by institute)
after commencement: no refund (if seat cannot be filled)
hope dis helps.
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link is up puys... 4 cut offs...nw jz hv 2 wait more 4 the internal stuff...

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sagarkhatri Says
dude MMS is of no value if its done from a lesser known college, it will not provide you good placements if that is what you r looking for. Pgdm from a better ranked college is preferable than mms from a lower ranked coll. Its also a known fact that pgdm ppl get first preference and bettr avg pay packages as compared to mms people in case of mid ranked colleges like sies,chetana,MET,dalmiya etc.chetana is of a different league altogethr there is no point in comparing it with alkesh.

dude.. where did dalmia MET PGDM cum here? the puy askd bout chetna PG . nwz.. the puy whu inquired can check CHETNA threads for the same. ALKESH MMS 4 me. opinions may vary.
P.S.- apologies for cumparing colleges.
could u explain why?
is p.g from chetana not that good?

well... read in many threads students out der nt dat happy wid how tings r. And alkesh is a upcoming college wich is a university college like JB and SYD. Obv its nt in the same league at all, but its a booming college.+its MMS , ul gt a university degree.