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It is said in the offer "attested copies"

What kind of attestation is required here ?

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i don't think it will be such a problem...There are many ppl in MBA colleges with 4-5 yrs work-ex...You can check the batch & student profiles of different colleges...

did any of the wait-listed puys get any communication from DMS ??

Is there any last date before which i should take GMAT to be eligible to apply for ISB 2012-13 R1 cycle ?

Hello puys...

when will DMS declare the first waitlist movement ?

Krishna Sheshadri @thegreatkrishna
_(Photo Credit: *Varun Saxena*)_ National Institute of Industrial Engineering (NITIE), Mumbai completed its combined placement process for 328 students across four post-graduate programs. Three-quarters of the batc

@BossDK: I completely agree with the point made here... Not including other courses would have made the avg. to surpass those of IITs whose reports came a few days back...

Can seniors / adcom talk about when the placement report will be out ?

iitd results out

chk out...... the result link

Final Result for Admissions to IITD MBA Programme

legendary post!!
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dev.samal Says
what is meant by 2nd round of placements? is it meant that all the students are placed and then everyone is allowed to participate in the forthcoming cos?

Dear Seniors...

please elaborate on this...

Hi Puys!!

I just called up IIFT office...

The person over there told me that all the candidates waitlisted have been sent letters & e-mails...

But as I have read in the past posts, none of the puys who received letters received any e-mail...

Can any fellow puy confirm this ?

I don't understand why these ppl can't tell waitlist status over phone!!