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yupp not much time left now... All the best to everyone... :D

Hahahahaha.... Yeahh But I think that depends on u.... Where u wanna see yourself...

Hey guys I had my Interview on 28th of August at New Delhi.
I wanna know Hows the work life, Condition of offices.. In Hand pay + Incentives ?? Where will they post us.. And growth after joining NICL ?? Please Reply..

Hi Seniors,

X- 77
XII - 69
Grad - 66
No Work Ex
CET Score - 80 ( 89.25 percentile )
Should I apply ??? Please Reply asap ..


handsomehawk Says
Ya i am joining the may batch on 11 may..I have already deposited Rs.5000 and sent the duely signed letter to the mumbai head office.Now,i am confused about the affidavits we need to make regarding the process.Is there anyone,who can throw some light on it ? Like what is the procedure and how many affidavits we need to make for the respective course ?

Hey Harsh.. What is the Last date to deposit that 5000 ??
aspira Says
guys congrats 4 the selection. is dere anyone who is joining the may batch in IMA banglore on 11 may from chandigarh or any neararound place.

I got selected for the May Batch and Joining is on 11th May.. M from Chandigarh But I think I'll not Join it.. 80% chances are there that I'll not join.. What ABout u ??
handsomehawk Says
yo gags..i am Harsh Parmar...I also got my name in the list...Are you gagan sagar there ? Did u get the mail yet ?

Yup bro I got Selected.. And Yes I am Gagan Saggar... They Misspelled my Name Sagar for Saggar.. Didn't got any Mail... U joining ??
prasoon779 Says
yupyy... me selectd

I got selected too.... U joining ??
Should We Join ?? Whats ur Review ??

ICICI Results out... FINALLYY... Check the Merit list Guys..

jituvidu Says
guys i think dis way they r loosing real desperate candidates for dis po programme but r joining elsewhere thru cat or mat bec no body wana take chances......very strange giving pi results taking so long...........

Seriously .... I got into Bimtech and have paid 30k till now but have to pay the full fees by 25th.. I don't know why are they taking soo long to give the results... Results should come now.. I need some time to make the decision too.. Itz a Life Decision.. .Its sooo very lousy at ICICI's Part.. They should atleast give us a Date when they will Announce the Result so that We can make futher decisions too.. M fed up of checking the ICICI's website now.. Soo Unprofessional behaviour by ICICI... The first Impression of ICICI is like this I am Afraid what will happen in the PO Programme..