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Sahil Wadhawan @IIMhunter
Puys, FMS or IIMC-PGDCM? I am a non engg.
Gagan D @gagand03

yes, you will...and if u r so scared, take computer lessons for next 2 months...but never take the decision of leaving C for FMS...moreover, there r only sm courses which you hv to do compulsorily in computers...and chk with sm C alumni if u can do those mainly in 5th and 6th terms when grades dont matter for final placements..

Sahil Wadhawan @IIMhunter
Puys, FMS or IIMC-PGDCM? I am a non engg.
Gagan D @gagand03

obv PGDCM the end u will still be an IIM alumni with the same access to doesnt matter much...dont worry ...

All the Best!
Khalid Kamal Rumi
IIM Indore, 2K12 Batch

Out of the list of topics posted by Rumi, i would trim them into these

* Wikileaks, Investigative journalism, sting operations, cyber hacking
* Internal Security - Naxal, saffron terror, Kashmir Autonomy, North-east, States Reorganisation (Telangana etc.)
* International Terrorism
* Right to Education, Foreign Education Bill, Autonomy - IITs/IIMs,issues with new IITs/IIMs, Ragging, Sex Education, Corporal punishment
* Public Distribution System (PDS)
* Land Acquisition
* Coalition politics
* Scams / Corruption - 2G, CWG, Adarsh, IPL, Karnataka, Jharkhand
* Climate change
* environment ministry vs economic development
* Female foeticide, reservations, Khap panchayats, Honour Killing
* moral policing, censorship, freedom of expression,
* Public-private partnership, SEZ, Microfinance, Basel III, Corporate Social Responsibility, Philanthropy
* Inflation, Unemployment, Poverty,Recession, Outsourcing,
* Social Media impact
* Corporate Governance - Radia Tapes, housing, insurance scams, satyam
* Disaster Management: (BP, Mumbai) Oil spill, Floods, fire, terror attacks, earthquake, stampede, building collapse, air crash
* India's relations with US, China, Pak, UN Security Council, EU-FTA
* West Asia Unrest, North Korea, Iran, Afghanistan and Iraq, Israel-Palestine,
* Financial Crisis - PIIGS
* Judicial Activism, corruption in judiciary
I am lucky to get a call from IIM

but i got a problem

I have filled six months work-ex in the CAT Application form
Now I don't have a work-ex certificate
I was kindna terminated as i abscond from the company
All i got is a warning letter...which shows that i had worked in that company.

Is my call wasted!!!!

Seniors....Please do reply

I haven't fill my IIM A form yet....should i give my work experience as 0 months in the form....or are they going to cross check with my CAT application form.
Seniors....Please do reply

fill the same details as CAT form and try to get a certi from HR...try any contacts or smth so that atleast u get ur workex certi....PM me ur cell no so that i can help u ...
manutdrocks Says
Hey puys...any info on when the interview for IIM B starts and when it ends? And are the final admit results going to come out before April 15th? This information is very important for me. Thanks:)

Interview dates for IIMB are as follows:

Bangalore : 04-05 March, 07-12 March, 28-31 March
Delhi : 14 19 March, 21-22 March
Mumbai : 23-26 Feb, 28 Feb1 March
Kolkata : 23 26 March

good luck to all of you!
hi seniors...I am 2009 passed out Engg graduate...
I am working in a company for last 18 months(since july 2009) in same project...
regarding reco letter,
can i get from (1)my Team Leader, (2)Operations-Manager, and (3)my college professor
(1)my operations manager and TWO college professors...?
(since I almost have same relationship with my TL and Manager...and I think both TL and Manager have to write almost same things about me...?) length the reco can be...I mean...around how many words?

go for (1)my Team Leader, (2)Operations-Manager, and (3)my college professor

one can stress on leadership abilities etc and other on diligence etc...if u can ask them to do that..
I am not sure what a sample sop means. I would personally feel, there is no single template for an sop. Its a test of creativity too. How well you can put forth your argument. Hence, I am not sure how IIFT guys have designed this.
We can clear doubts that may arise but I am not sure how to design a sample sop that would be ruled fit for iimb.

And for essay topics and pi, there is a wealth of data and experiences in pagalguy from previous years which is comprehensive. You should get a clear idea from what was asked last year from those. As for essays, last year was predominantly current affairs essays with topics varying from women's bill, budget decisions, inclusive growth, cwg issues, india china affairs, obama peace nobel, defense contracts, copenhagen climate summit etc to mention a few.

If you are aware of all current happenings and have good ideas/opinions about them, I think you should easily be able to write a good essay and present it well. My tip for you would be to choose a newspaper and read editorials and letters to the editor everyday to get better perspectives on current issues. Hindu is a good newspaper with rich editorials. And as the call date comes nearer, see pagalguy for the essays that are being asked for candidates this year and try to practise by writing impromptu essays. Essays are easily scorable with good preparation.

All the best! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Nicely said iimb archer..

But i would like to disagree on your choice of the newspaper..Hindu is a very leftist, pro-communist and pro-China newspaper..The views you form from it will be very biased..So my advice is to follow either 2 newspapers atleast i.e. ToI +Hindu or choose only ToI.. for an IIMC gd Hindu wud be fine but not for need to clear with the stands you take...Eg: Read Prof. Apte's views on Jalan Panel..he is a pure capitalist...if u a view completely anti to him, it MIGHT not go that well UNLESS u are able to justify your views very well..

good luck to all...
Hi puys.

I have got calls from B, R and FMS till now, and waiting for others. I have some queries regarding the B form:

1. We have to provide the names of 3 reco referees. I am a final year student of iit kgp, and I can get all the 3 reco letters from three different professors. However, I also did my internship in an architectural firm for six months in Delhi. He's a busy architect, but if contacted, can furnish a decent reco letter.

My question is, as anything below 12 months does not get counted in work experience, is it sensible getting a reco from tht architect just for the sake of variety in reco letters? My other options would be the Head of Department, iit kgp, my thesis guide (an associate professor at iit kgp) and an iit kgp dept. assisant professor who knows me really well, and can provide really positive reco.

Seniors, please help!!! :lookround::lookround:

I wud prefer a reco from the firm + 2 frm profs...getting recos from all deptt profs isnt a great idea...good luck..

What i feel is that the screen refreshes and does not even show the Sorry message unless you have checked the result of a successful candidate on your computer. Once you check the result of a successful candidate on your computer,it will not do this refresh thing unless you reboot.

Best of luck to all call getters

Can any1 check this?
DOB - 02-MAY-1985

Sorry, your name does not figure in the current list of GD/PI calls. However, you may check the website regularly for any addition in the list.
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