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hey DG congrats on gettin into IIMC
will read "DesiGuru Bags 2 crore salary" in the newspapers two years later!
best of luck for your classmates though

i am an engineer myself . but the point is the non engineers put equal if not more efforts in CAT , and if they have the aptitude to get a decent score , then i dont think they wont be able to do well in a bschool. the process is retrogressive rather than forward looking. they dont see the potential in you which inherently is difficult. so they go for the best bets. so its the compulsive resume builders that steal the show. bcoz companies want 40% IITians , 20% girls ...., i believe the IIMs takein students in that fashion so as to get the maximum benefit out of the batch.

About getting students who can get placements better... At the end of the day all this analysis about faculty and teaching methods and profiles is crap... What matters is what is someone from outside willing to pay the Bschool grads... So that being the key factor is nothing wrong...

besides IIMs are not for placements. atleast their vision statement says so! they are there to develop managerial ..... etc etc. but this useless race for getting the highest salary is skewing the entire admission procedure. i am sure with ISB claiming 4 crorepatis this year , the applications to ISB will rise atleast 400%

And creativity does get a look in... But you must understand a truly creative person is not going to join a college like IIM A where you have to slog the entire day... Creativity comes from there being time available to think... So A has specific needs for their program and creativity seems to be currently not their hot favourite themes... So dont be overtly critical... A is a business school and not exactly a liberal arts college

the fact that guys like sidin exist , is a fact that the iim process is not infalliable. ofcourse he must not be stupid enough to mention in his iima interview that he wants to be a writer. neither would he even remotely mentioned it in his ATK interview. so only when he got rid of his insecurity did he really have the guts to follow his heart! Intelligence is not earning big bucks or getting into IIMA but intelligence basically means you do what you want to do and are good at it!

we are supposedly the best and brightest in the country. and what do we expect to be? slaves to the system?!?!?! using our intelligence for earning money for some company which has shit loads of it anyways. this is the basic reason why ppl look upto guys like sidin and gaurav. they had the courage to do something they really wanted. ofcourse there may be lots of other such ppl but since they are not from IIMs , they dont get the neccessary publicity.

ppl who have 4th std , 7th std scholarships , ntse , merit ranks , olymipads etc etc have somewhere sacrificed on other facets of their life. they deserved to get paid the way they do , but where does this end? working 18 hours a day + weekends ? ibanking and consulting are the highest paid careers. but then they are also the ones having the highest burnout rates.

so my advice to prospective iim students is that they are looking for a very particular kinda profile. if you dont fit in , no point in taking the CAT over and over again or blaming your badluck and resigning. life moves on.

i am being negative? nah! i am just very happy that i wont be taking CAT next year!

besides , what is this scra? even i dont know


Reading your posts I can say you didnt get IIM A atleast

Anyways thats good stuff but you got the analysis pretty much wrong...
Infact for the same level of quality a non Engineer has an advantage over the engineer... But I hope you know the ground realities... Pretty much every smart dude in their teens either goes to engineering or Medicine in this country...
Check out the female convert ratio... There is almost no girl who has got rejected everywhere... They are trying to build a class... But they cant admit a BSc who is just not upto the mark over the typical engineer who may be smarter in all ways than him...

But overall i still think you are being too negative though it is interesting to read your views on this:)

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i guess the process is pretty predictable . heres what i think on the discussion happening here:

Blame yourself : i guess alot of ppl are blaming the coaching classes for their training on GD/PI. but then nobody has the guts to miss such trainings! Even i had attended the IMS achievers session and i can tell you that there were no spoon fed answers. they were just urging ppl to think about what they want. i dont know about other coaching classes but i can say that you cannot blame them either. it would be majorly stupid of you to listen to someone and say something that you dont really believe in .
Here the major driving factor is not aspirations but insecurity. I have seen ppl so insecure that i could hardly believe it that they ppl have got calls and are supposedly the best and brightest in the country. And when insecurity takes over you are likely to do things you wouldnt have otherwise done. how many of us would have really gone for mgmt as a career option if it wasnt that great paying?

Profile Matters : BAs, Bcoms , BScs and other lesser mortals have virutally no chance of making it to the IIMs. when the interviewers read on your profile that you are a non engineer, they expect something spectacular and if they dont get it you are out. IITians , big brand names matter alot. I guess they choose to ignore the fact that ppl join IT companies based on which one gives the maximum bench time to prepare for CAT the GD/PI is just a formality. even if some stud IITians keeps quiet during the GD PI , still hes bound to get in.

its about Acads not management: if you have been a topper all your life , you will do well as a manager , thats the mantra. no wonder that iim a from 1961 till date has only a few "illustrious" alumni , many of which you wont even have heard of .
no wonder is your managerial aptitude tested and all hte business mags read are just useful for GK. which was the first indian company to be listed on nyse? if you say infosys they will give you taht dirty look. if you say icici bank , they will move on to the next q. thats it! so its not about developing managerial skills in ppl who have them , but to teach them by brute force to the so called achievers.

everybody looks the same : unfortunately theres no room for creativity. if sidin the author or gaurav the musician would have chosen their current professions BEFORE joining IIMA , they would have never made it to IIMs!! thats coz everybody should look the same!

Placements matter : during the interview , they also see how difficult it is for them to place you. so if you are an IITian with killer workex , then the choice becomes really easy. if you are a fresh BA , again the choice to kick you out becomes really easy! besides there is unhealthy competition between the top IIMs on who gets the highest salary! so every iim is looking for that loser, that over qualified geek who will get the highest salary and put their names on front page. what happens to these ppl after two years can be anybodys guess! :|

i think slowly but surely we all are caving in to the hypocrisy. if somebody asks you your hobby instead of giving them your real hobby , you will give them then one which has "added value" to your personality , has played a pivotal role in character building and blah blah. but not to worry my friends , in a few years time , we all will be transformed. we wont have any reservations in bluffing or blowing our own trumpets .

the purpose of this post is not to discredit ppl who have got admissions into the IIMs but to let the aspirants know that such things might exist. its always better to have a few good backup options ready!

Best of luck everybody!

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thanks pagals! i am IN

arpitd Says
smashing idea of Orkut community!! me in there..

most ppl are saying XL but i would go for MDI. why?

MDI has been around for a long time! they have trained alot of officials from various companies and in 1992 (i guess) they started with their PGP programme. so even if the programme is new , the intellectual captial is pretty much there as with XLRI.

location. This is a major issue. i bet more than 50% of the ppl wont even know where jharkhand is or , whats its captial is ! you will take two freakin days just to reach there! Gurgaon seems to be a much better option. so you get to have a life outside your bschool! which becomes a lil important considering you are spending time with the same ppl 24X7

placements wise XL does enjoy a slight premium but not good enough to go to XL blindly.

besides MDI chooses candidates on CAT score adn a 99 percentile in CAT is defintely worth more than a 99 in XAT coz lots oof ppl dont take XAT.

so i would say go with MDI!!!!!!

hey guys!
can anybody help me out.
i am confused between MDI-pgpm and XLRI-BM.
i would really like you people to give your opinions and some facts about both the institutes. so that i can weigh the pros(i think there will be no cons) that can help me make my decision.
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why dont the moos i mean mods close this thread?

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why is sri sri ravishankar (of art of living fame ) called sri sri?

is sri his first name ?

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aage kya hua?

orca Says
The gist of it is that some ppl from the June 2004 trainee batch at a top Indian IT company received legal notices in Jan 2006 claiming Rs 1 lakh+ for leaving the company before completing 1 yr i.e the bond period.
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keep a copy of your first and last salary slips ready!

bonded labor sucks!

hats off to thread on almost everything... u just need the patience to find it out.. and now the 60,000 bucks question..
@ seniors "What if I break the bond and join a b-skool without work-ex certificate???"
means i abscond widout coughing up my savings...
1. i m not given admission since i hae not given them certi
2. they give me sm time(6 months) to give the certi...
plz respond..
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i dont think they can implement the reservation from this year bcoz its not stated in the CAT brochure that reservation would be 49.5%

if they do implement it , then that would be illegal as the students had attempted CAT under the impression that the reservation is 22.5%.

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"What do your want your friends and business contacts think of you ?" or "How would you want to be thoughts of by your close ones after your death ?"

This is one of the frequently asked questions whereby an interviewer tries to get a glimse of your personality. So guys please pour your thoughts on what do you think should be a winning answer.

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