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I got 83 percentile in cat 08.(q-91,di-75,va-61).And xat score is even less.I got shortlisted in the first list

whoa !! your profile shd be rock solid !!

im sure many puys will be interested in knwing the same ....

Statements : All films are clouds. All rats are clouds. Some clouds are chairs.
Conclusions : (I) No film is chair. (II) Some rats are films.
(III) Some clouds are rats. (IV) Some chairs are rats.
(1) Only I and III follow (2) Either II or IV follows (3) None follows
(4) Only IV follows (5) None of these

Have a confusion over the exact approach

AFAIK The approch is that first check whatever conclusions hold true. Then if a negative conclusion holds true , negate the conslusion once more and check if any conclusion other than the ones that were true before , has underwent any change .

In this case
Conclusion I and III holds true but I is a negative conclusion, negating it we have "Some films are chairs"

Now step1 is see if the premise given before is not violated as in "All films are clouds. All rats are clouds. Some clouds are chairs." still holds true , which is the case here.

And after negating , no other conlusion other than III is getting modified .

So I and III hold true ...

Phew ....

Can some veterean throw light on whether this is the right approach ?
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1. MS candidate can get into JBIMS depending upon which RANK cutoffs ( everything boils down to ranks rather then %ile ) he has cleared
2. There are 2 basic separate independent merit lists : AI merit list and MS merit list. Eligible MS candidates can appear in one or both the merit lists.
3. JBIMS has total of 51 MS seats and 18 AI seats.
4a>.If MS candidate has MS rank :40 and AI rank :22 he will get admission through MS merit list
4b> But if MS rank 60 and AI rank is 16 then he will get admission through AI merit list
4c> MS rank 40 and AI rank 12 then Relax you are in JBIMS anyways...
5> So MS candidate may get into JB on basis of AI rank,MS rank or Both :wink:
Last year there was a MS OHU( Maharashtra outside home university) candidate who got into JBIMS through AI seat

A MS Candidate giving just the CET and who has not checked the "Apply through all india seats" will figure in both the merit lists or only the Maharashtra merit list ?

well, i think original friends shud restart n continue or 10 more seasons.

NOW you have hit the bulls eye
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i think remake is a gr8 concept as we can again njoy the friends which we did 4 yrs back..:smile: obviously the remake will be good not as it ws done in india...thr actors and creators are very good in thr respective business ..

i really hope whats in bold happens ... coz that precisely is the area of my concern and i wd like to put it in a "Will we .." rather than a "We will" format .... i hope im wrong .... whoever does the remake keeps the dynamics and fan following in mind

a lil F.R.I.E.N.D.S trivia over here

1. F.R.I.E.N.D.S was originally supposed to be named FRIENDS LIKE US / INSOMNIA CAFE / FRIENDS FOR LIFE till then finally zeroed in on F.R.I.E.N.D.S
2. Ross and Rachel's baby EMMA was actually played by twins :)
3. Courtney Cox was originally approached for the role of RACHEL and jennifer anniston for MONICA, but jennifer insisted on playing RACHEL ....

(hope i get no groans for this )

guess what, a friends remake is being made in india n it will be called dost.
anita hansandani will do monica n shweta salve will do raechel.

hope it is not made by ekta

not a great news for me .... i personally feel that F.R.I.E.N.D.S is a classic and should be left alone as it is .... any kind of makeover / adaptation will be futile (unless done by the original authors themselves) ....

I personally feel that the slapstick humour they generated out of every single situation sad/happy is unbeatable .....

If im not wrong , there was a remake by the same name which used to come on ZEE TV long time back and 6 friends were shown ... it was an indian adaptation to the original concept and it brought me to tears looking at what they had done to the original concept :|

but all said .... i will be more than happy if people who r trying to remake F.R.I.E.N.D.S outlive the expectations of millions of fans .... probability of which is bleak acc to me ... so lets wait and watch
HERE YOU GO- click this link (courtesy -- Vishal Shah)


anybody who need more sample papers....PM me ur email ids.....i can help u out as much as i can ....
ATB :xmas:

i hit this one yesterday ... the CET paper link is disabled ... is that the case ?
if so can we have some alternate link from where you can download last couple of years MH CET papers
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editing: does SP jain consider sectionals before giving out calls for second list?

Some info needed:

Can maharashtra domicile student who has given MAT apply through MAT and CET both ?

Suppose MAT Percentile is higher ... will he be considered an OMS candidate and asked to apply through the All India Seats barring the Cet ones?

In short How does it actually work out for a maharashtra domicile giving MAT and CET both?

Lotsa confusion around ... Any info will be highly appreciated...

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