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Hi all,

Me too got thru IIM Indore. Joining IIM I :-). My waitlist was 6.

Enjoy and gud luck to all other waitlisters..

comingback2life Says
just called iim i...moi waitlisted at #7..the person said that "its a good number"...will be depositing to K as of now and decide seriously in the nxt 10 days

Quite similiarI am waitlisted at 6th position. Converted IIM K. Person said to me too its quite a good no to get a convert. moreover I am from Indore. My 21 yrs of life I spent there. In a big time dilemma

IIM I are out. Chk on the website. I am waitlisted, need to chk after 8 th may to get the exact waitlisted position.

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Links are not working for IIM L website. can anybody open it??

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Hi All,

I just called admissions office at IIM L and IIM I.

Response from IIM L: "We told that we will be out with results on 1st may. And we still have couple of hours more with us."

Response from IIM I: "We will post it by 4 o clock."

So we can expect IIM I to be out by 4 pm and IIM L today anytime ..

All the best to all !!

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IIM L website is changed now. Only three links in the CAT 2007 column. May be they are updating the links and uploading the results. Puys it is a speculation but for today just let it not be welcomed thru groans...we all are desperately waiting for the L and I results.

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rohit.chawla Says
Is there a seperate link for iim-k waitlist...or does it show abt the wl result in the same link

no the same link is giving the waitlist info also.
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Hey all JUNTA,

I too got into IIM K

Waited three years for this day.......I am loving every moment of it.......

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Hey I am thru

but it seems everyone is thru and earloer everyone got rejected. Profootball the link is valid or not??
Cause I am unable to locate it on website

All the best to all puys !!!!

IIM Kozhikode Results accesible here
PGP Admissions 2008 - Selected

I got Thru :-)

Hey I too got thru!!!!!
Can we trust it ???
No updates on main page still
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