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I have given SEP mat and my score is 84%.. i have written cat..
please can any1 tel me if my preferences are good as i am trying for schools nly in bangalore...
2. Christ
3. Welingkar
4. IBA
6. Ms. Ramaiah
7. st. Joseph's
9. National School of Business (MBA + PGPM )
The last 3 are my back up.. please help me out i want to know if al des colleges are good in terms of placement as it is very important for me.. plzz reply asap...

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please can anybody tel me how is the PGDM program under AIMA. whether industry exposure is good.. pls reply... n which is better PGDM(AIMA) or PGDM(VTU).....

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hi guys,
pls can ne1 tel me wats the difference b/w pgdm (aima) and pgdm (VTU). which is better as i m planning to do PGDM in international business... pls reply.....

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IFIM, Bangalore aspirants:


I have recieved a very negative feedback regarding the institute, having just talked to a current student telephonically.


For those selected, & yet to pay the first installment of fees for IFIM, please PM me before you make that payment. This concerns your careers, & the high amount of fees to be paid there...

i have been called to attend the gd/pi in ifim... please can u tel me what is the negative feedback u have bout the college... n wat bout the placements.. please reply asap..
>>> Eastern Institue for Integrated Learning in Management 6, Waterloo Street, 2nd Floor, Calcutta West Bengall

>>> Indian Institute of Management Joka, Diamond Harmour Road, Calcutta West Bengal

visit dis link..

Management colleges in Kolkata

ne colleges in bangalore...........?????
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Hello all MAT aspirants !

I don't think you need much introduction for this thread. This is a new season thread for our well known Good MAT B Schools thread.
The basic purpose of this thread is to guide you in choosing the right B-School and giving you required knowledge to know the B-Schools which are in your range. The most important thing is that you have to have the back up B-schools ready for you based on your performance on the exam day before the results.
So, go ahead and plan the institutes to apply to this season and a lot of us on PG are there to help you.

Some points to remember:-

  1. Any general queries related to MAT shall be taken in the official MAT thread.
  2. Your posts must be relevant.Try to make each post useful and valuable for others.
  3. The info you post must be precise and genuine.
  4. Strictly, comparison of colleges is not allowed here.
  5. Basic rules:- Rules, Posting Guidelines

Good MAT B-Schools:- Good MAT B schools
Good MAT Institutes :- Good MAT Institutes

Student Profiles:-
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One stop solution for any queries in
'MAT, state-level CET and related discussions' section:- All Important Links In One Place

Special Thanks to shashank3012 for his kind support.

All the Best !

please can u tel me if 514 is a good mat score.. will i be able to get into good b-school in bangalore... please reply asap....
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with globalization all around and economy moving global day by day... international business shall be having good scope in coming days and it even has today to a decent level.

However, go for it if your interest lies in the field but at the same time, be very specific while selecting colleges for international business.


i have a to what specialization to tak... hr or international business.... which is better....??? ne views on ifim-bangalore....!!!

Seeing your interests, i will suggest you to go for operation management so that you can enhance your knowledge in process control, process improvement like things. These will be useful in pharma company as well as when it comes to instruments industry.

Hope this helps

i wanted to know what is the scope of PGDM-international business specialization. please suggest.
Ok, Ok, I'll jus translate this into a few practical pointers:

1. You will be having introductory subjects from all streams in your first year, and probably thus will have some idea of each stream before u need to select a stream. U will know what u can extend and apply practically and what u have a tough time even understanding...

2. Based on your prior workex or grad degree, you may have developed a liking/dislike.

2. Maybe your insti. may have some criteria for specialisation, for the hotly contested its possible that if a particlar stream has more applicants than seats, u r insti. may decide a aware of these criteria if any, ask u r seniors...

3. If u still feel u r indifferent choosing among streams...then U r insti will be known best for a particual stream, have the best profs, or maybe one stream has the best placements among all be on a safe side u may want to major in that stream then...

4. In case you have a Major/Minor spec. concept, u would do well to diversify risk and choose a gud minor spec....enquire with seniors that maybe some gud companies may place a preimum on majors spec. as opposed to minors spec....then take a decision...

5. If 1,2,3,4 above dont' work, use a random number generator function and decide...

i wanted to know what is the scope of PGDM-international business specialization. please suggest.
Hello Junta,

I am Gagan Pareek ,Web Council Secretary of PGDM 09-11 batch.

you can post your questions on this thread and I will try to answer them asap.

hello sir,
does this institute offer a dual specialization in pgdm. how are the placements...??