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What are the application dates for MPSM course?

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kumudscool Says
Its already 20th of Feb, and the last reply was posted almost 5 days back. Thanks to this useless coordinator who wants everything in sequence and has not posted a single MP topic till now. I suggest everyone starts posting the topics they know or ask for the ones they are not sure about. Ignore this guys warning, as this is not his forum. In the end we want to prepare all the 75 topics. Going by sequence and not finishing a single one doesn't make any sense. Moreover, I guess this guy has cleared the interview twice, unlike the guys preparing all over again.

Why do you have to clear twice? Christ is not worth the time and money trust me it has some serious reservation for south people.
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i donno hw mny times i hv 2 gv ths reply bt still i say ...thr's nthing lk partiality 2wards northindians...let tk my example nly

mat 91%ile nly
btech -61%i
no work ex..
n i hv seen mny north indians on my day f admission even in during ost presentation by the hod...nly 30% are frm thos who are spreading ths rumours plzz dnt put ur anger 2 direct ppl in wrng drctn...!!!!

I am not misguiding and telling people my truth, I dont blame the college for anything but the information regarding southindian people should be out to people for other states like us fair and square.
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abhichimpz Says
please.. dun try to hide ur failure behind the veil of discrimination... m from DELHI n have been selected TWICE!!! n both the times the percentile was BELOW 90!!!

They do prefer south Indians.. There is no doubt about it, just take a a random sample of their classes and you would come to no , Its not a mystery.

You cleared twice ? why didn't you join the first time :P

For me it was a waste of time going there , to all the guys here who are not from south please as a friendly advice dont wate your time and money goingt there, you will not get selected and the probability of you getting selected is very low .

I went for the Gdpi's that was in scheduled in Jan end,

I have MAT -96 %ile
Exp - 3 years in supply chain

I did well in Gd ,extempore and PI. I felt a discriminating attitude in the interview panel.

I didnt get selected , neither any of my friends who have 96+ percentile in MAT cleared Christ. Take your call..

I WILL DEFINITELY NOT RECOMMEND!!!!!!!! unless you are from karnataka ovcourse.:banghead::banghead::banghead::banghead::banghead::banghead::banghead::banghead::banghead::banghead::banghead:
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aasimalam Says
its all depend how u perform in ur GD/PI .. no one can predict.

If you are not from bangalore dont go for it, I went there , My GD and extempore went well, PI was decent I got 97%ile in mAT and have 3 years experience.

There is hard core regionalism there , I dont think you will be able to crack, dont waste your money they call for PI to everyone, but I think they already make up their minds on who to take on some other predetermined criteria.

Save your money and TIME.

Can the first year fees be paid in installments? Also is there any refund if I dont join?

If we get selected how much do we have to deposit immediately, I need help because I am traveling from Ahmadabad, Please inform so that I can make arrangements accordingly .

Hello Seniors.

I have a supply chain experience of 3 years , Please let me know if TAPMI Healthcare should be opted for considering I am not into medical profession.

Also please let me know the the placement scenario's for the other than medical field guys in Healthcare management.

Thanks in Advance.

Thanks for the Info.. quite helpful

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Hi seniors
My details are as follows
1.Xth - 83 %age
2.XIIth - 56 %age
3.Be- 56%
4.MAT- 95.16 %ile
5. Experience 30 months in supply chain at Raymond Textiles

I am thinking to apply for MPSM- Logistics and Transport though my MAT score dec 2011.

Do I have a chance of getting call?

Also MPSM is different course than core MBA , how are the prospects in Logistics considering I have 3 years exp and my package is already 3+


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