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bharath.aitha Says
Did anybody post a link to this thread in "ISB class of 2011 aspirants thread". I have seen the link in ISB rejects thread. This is just to ensure that people are aware of this thread.

730/6.0, 7.5 yrs exp. in an AMC. All domestic
Gatty07 Says
Amidst the excitement of the Admits ..I would call all the wait lists asking whether anyone has found out the statistics of no. of wait lists and the conversion, etc. I am not keeping my hopes alive but just would like to know if there is any ray of hope or lets say % chance of getting in now .....Any re-applicant could comment of this from prior experience ....

Not too high buddy!!
Overall profile is what they look at paras so poor marks in school n college can be made up by a good gmat score........

I was waitlisted last yr dude...........the process that follows is that ur profile is again evaluated at the end of the R2 cycle with the R2 waitlist and then depending on the available seats(which depends on ppl who dont take up the initial offers) you wld be given an offer......expect a decision somewhere in unfortunately u have a very long wait to look forward to and it sucks but that life dude.....keep ur hopes up and incase u achieve anything of significance in the next few months please communicate the same to ISB so as to improve ur chances......ATB

What in your opinion are the chances buddy? For the waitlist guys
hyd23 Says
Got wat??? D mail?

Waitlisted!!! that's as good or worse than a Ding!!!!
Could it be possible due to difference in MS word version. Beacause my word count from MS Word matched exactly.
But yes, in case you did encounter such a difference, it is best to check from the app itself. But separators are not counted as words. Thats for sure. :)
ATB to all R2 apps

I would agree with that. Last year, I had Lucifer's issue and I felt so bad having to deduct some good adjectives from the Zumba essay. But this year, it worked perfectly well. I use my office lappy, so did not track the last year's version vs. this year.
maverickx Says
aap dhanya hain bhagwan!aapke jaisi punya aatma ko hum manushyon ka shat shat pranaam...

Dude, just ignore him man. He's here for the attention, take that away and its all gone!!! No groans, thanks, replies.
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singhshaman Says
does anybody else also feel that many of the posts by successful R1 applicants on this thread on the result day will look something like this :-Hi Puys, I am also in, this is my first post on PG and I have been a silent viewer so far, but i must say that this forum has helped me alot, thanks and see you at ISB!

It definitely happened last year and I'm sure will happen this year too. Note, you wont have people saying - "I got a ding. This is my first post".

But as I said last time on this topic, chill guys, its a public forum, some people share, some dont.

I just discovered while filling the online application form, that there is no place for uploading extra -curricular/scholarship certificates.

Any clue if these certificates are to be sent my post? Or does ISB not require these certificates at the application stage.


You need not upload those.
sorry dude if i posted the wrong info
But as far as I can remember the mods closed the thread in between as there was no constructive discussion going on
I tried searching that post but had no luck

Sorry for confusion in case I created it


This is the last post. The 2009 ISB is a mistake, its last year's only (Year of admission) -
I have deleted few last posts here. If people on ISB thread are more interested in indulging in personal attacks ( esp forbidden apple ) then we might better close this thread.

Seems like the similar story as last year to me. I have seen such downtrodden quality of posts last year on ISB threads also and it really makes me wonder if what nv2008 has said, might have some semblance of truth about ISB aspirants.

Request people on ISB threads to prove me wrong by participating in discussions which are sensible, objective and make others look upto the ISB aspirants. Ignore the detractors.


Ok, boss!! Makes sense, my aplogies. I'll be the first to agree that -

a) Its a public forum, everyone has a right to air his opinion as long as it is not ludicrous
b) This forum needs to be useful and not a den for wild theories, though, harmless speculation is fun!!