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I had interned at the Data Centre of Ministry of Stats & Prog Implementation, Govt of India during BTech. Which category do I put it under?
Also I have a Computer Sc certification from Red Hat Inc, and have on football, including as shitty as it is). Where do these go, versatility? And should I mention football writing and playing football(U17/College) under different activities or the same?


  • replied already. What else is pending ? :neutral_face:. 18 Nov '13.
  • Yes in versatility section. For Data centre you can menti.... 18 Nov '13.
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replied already. What else is pending ?
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Yes in versatility section. For Data centre you can mention as academics or something in those lines. For football mention one heading and put a brief in description

I got all the documents and details about joining by Infy and the DOJ is Aug 13 as a Systems Engineer in Mysore DC. Now I'm not sure comparing companies/profiles is allowed but I would like to know if in the current climate what should one do, if my other offers are HCL software engineer with DOJ July 30 in Noida with the same package. And the last one is with S&P; Capital IQ which is a testing profile 'Tech Quality Analyst' in NCR with a higher package.

Is a testing profile deemed rather unfulfilling in comparison to an SE profile? And also is HCL worth preferring over Infy as of this moment?

PS- I'm based in Delhi currently.

Oh yeah League Cup victory just went out of the mind :biggrin::biggrin: Seems like years since they won anything . Chalo Europe next year . But really bad show till now and if it continues , next season will bring more woes to them . A club with such vast history has to do better . It was cuz if this team only that i started watching club football . To thoda respect to hai hi :):)

U a United fan or Everton ?? Tough to guess ki kaun greatest rival hai

United but wouldn't mind doubling up as an Evertonian just to get one up on Liverpudlians right now.

Even Everton are above Liverpool in the table now.
And very sad days at Anfield as Liverpool seem to get into one problem after another . After all the racism drama taking its toll over the club's performance , its a series of losses that will make difficult for them to achieve a European place this season . Currently at 8th , with Sunderland and Fulham just behind , Liverpool must put in all they have got .

They looked clueless against Newcastle . Reina lost temper and was sent off . If they keep finishing like this every season , it will be difficult for them to attract good players and even keeping the current squad as they might want to leave as well . Hope that they get their form back . :):)

Liverpool have already qualified for the Europa League due to their League Cup win, so even if they get relegated they'll play in Europe next season.

That said, they're in shambles with just 8 pts from 12games now. I'm ecstatic though at this state of our greatest rivals.
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Here we are, nearing the end of an MBA admission season hanging right in the middle of the second economic recession in five years. The crisis of 2009 assailed at the viability of the mass-produced MBAs of the country to
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Specialization based rankings are an absolute non starter IMO. There are some schools that are awesome in the niche, but this would incredibly unfair to B schools that don't proclaim any particular course/specialization as their flagship thingy.

I also need a bit of help regarding the recommendations, once I click on 'Ask for recommendation' a mail would be sent out to my referrers. How do they have to reply back to GLIM, through a mail to Great lakes recommending me? And is there a standard format to be followed for the same?


I am a fresher with no work ex, but I have written on football for, Inside Man Utd and Sportskeeda, would a recommendation from the editors work or does it only have to from my engineering teachers?

Also, is it worthwhile putting text in about my sports writing in the extra-curriculars section for which I do have a few certificates?


Is Welingkar's PG courses still open? Have a rank 955 in Cmat but their website seems unresponsive to online payment despite them sending needless and endless mails about their college and courses?

Also how good is Welingkar?

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My rank for Cmat is 955, total score- 236.
QA- 55
Lang- 70

Already applied to GIM and CET-MMS , would apply to Great Lakes. Is there any other PGDM course worth applying that could fetch a call at my rank?


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mud1234 Says
My roll no is 1502000166 plz do check and tell me plz

Rank 13341, marks 137
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