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WHo is the quiz master???

My vote goes to

1. Bulandi- Rajnikant, Anil Kapoor starrer(a total disaster)
2. Hello Brother ( No comments@!!!!!)
3. Daud(skin fest goes waste)

WOw max
That was quick... Thanx a lot buddy. din't get so many points in 2 months as in 15 mins.... Thanx again

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Saw Dhoom and Rakht in the span of the past 3 days.

Initially I felt that DHoom would be a copy of the Hollywood flick Torque, but it surprisingly turned out to be different. John Abraham was awesome in the moviie and so was Abhishek. Uday was Ok.

About Rakht, it's a good Hindi spook after a long time. My suggestion catch a night show and take a long ride home. WOrth watching once definitely(If u r game for such movies)

Could somebody be generous enough to lend me some points? Have been around for quite some time without really scoring much.

Thanx in prior positive anticipation

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Well, speaking in strong terms, am a PRO ragging guy, supporting Nikhil and the rest. It is fine until it doesn't get physical. Everyone who has come out of ragging days has grown an excellent rapport with his seniors who help them trhroughout in the future.

Also we can take the cue from the Armed forces...... It does promote camarederie among batchmates too.... ANone wishes to argue??

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