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just to remind those in the waiting list for PGDM mumbai,
i have canceled my admission for mms. also there are 3 more guys for sure who have canceled their seats,

so those in the wait list for PGDM kinldy approach the office, the college has started for only 2 weeks and only introductions have startd, so its not too late

just wanted to inform ppl waiting in the waiting list for PG.
I will be cancelling my seat of PGDM mumbai for mms.
There are many guys in my class (atleast 2 more for sure) who will also be cancelling seats for mms

so those in the waiting list get in touch wiht the office.

CAP round 1 allotment has been declared

i got into sydenham mms. wil be taking admission for sure.

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engg EXTC DJ Sanghvi 2006 batch
2.5years workex in avaya

I called many times in the office to inquire about the fees. bt then no one knew
Then i decided to just go to the college.
The PA to the director (aftre confirming with the director) told me to get 2 DDs of 16000 and 53000 each
In the name "The Director, SIMSREE"

about the documents. just 10th, 12th degree marksheet and degree certificate original and 2 sets photocopies with attestation

work ex docs , she said not necessary as they have the proforma G with them.

can someone plz lemme kno the exact address where i need to send my work exp certificate...
it is mentioned just sydenham clg...bhom shal i address it to?
like director or technical head or someone else...
and whats the exact physical address of the clg? (i can find this over net though)
plz reply urgently

The Director
B Road Chruchgate
Mumbai 400 020
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first of all many thanks to rafats for starting this useful thread

My story
CET 150
%ile 99.95
Category: open home
WE 1

first thing that we need to sort out is the number of ppl appeared for the CET exams.

I know there are many rumours that 130000 ppl have appeared.. but that is wrong info..
according to info i have gathered dte has received only 120000 applications. so the number of ppl appeared would be definitly less that that.
eg in CET 2008 arnd 95000 forms were sold but only 75000 odd ppl appeared for the test. so the percentiles are calculated based on the later figure..

any who is able to find out the number of ppl appeared for this years cet kindly post asap.

all the best to all

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hello everyone..
my cet score 150, 99.95%ile
i am and open category, home as mumbai university student
does any one know the number of people appeared for the cet this time.. it will help us estimate our position now..

Does anybody know how much was the lowest CET %ile last year for which there was a convert in JBIMS for open category(Maharashtra students)? That may give a rough idea what the scenario will be this year, albeit the no. of applicants is significantly large...Any idea about the number of applicants?

my cet score 150, %ile 99.95

about the query, last i heard was that last guy who got a convert had 99.93 in written test.
but then frankly any one who has 99.9+ surely has a great chance of making it to the top 40 with a good gd/pi..
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i wanted to knw the last xat score that has got a convert so far...

its just that i had 99.2%, good acads, 2.5yrs work exp, and decent PI (ok i didnt get the GK questions right).. still got a huge reject in BM..didnt even get a waitlist number..

is there a way u can get a feedback on ur PI, my XAT id is 588287 and my PI happend in mumbai on 7th march... seniors help..

waise congrats to all who have converted...

it only says sorry your candidature could not be considered for XLRI...
where do you see ur waitlist number..

does it mean that m completely eliminated