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can someone tell me which is the better institue LIBA/ ICFAI hyd.

i am planning to attend LIBA interview but have already got a call from ICFAI hyd

i called up xime just now. they said for bangalore centre, you can expect to receive calls in the next 2 days. I dont know why are they causing the delay as i need to plan my travel as well.

well thats a myth. i ve got a scholarship call meaning i have ranked amg. first 60-80. they have minimum cut off marks out of 100- 50 for ibsat, 20 for presentation 20 4 intvw and rest 10 for work ex and academics. so dont worry. just prepare well.

dont day that:( i am putting my all hopes on icfai hyd. by the way my ibsat went good.

seems that i m the only one on planet earth who got a call on 17th feb.