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  • rj j
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Where r my keys??
@krazykunal1410 : good chances of u making it

Where r my keys??
@euphilic : u received the mail from NIIT n sent the docs?
Where r my keys??

so many times submission of 10k in quick succesion.

main gareeb ho jaunga :(

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Where r my keys??

@euphilic : I use facebook sporadically only,

yes m there on the community

Where r my keys??
@euphilic : I received 2 mails; 1 stating my medicals r all right n i can proceed wid resigning on monday n today i got mail thta all the docs have reached ............
Where r my keys??

Hi All,

Just received a mail from numba....... stating all my docs have been delivered.

Did anyone else too get a similar mail?

Where r my keys??
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rj j @f150

uploading the wrong map of india on an indian forum is akin to perdition; in this age of censorship this might create difficulties. good that the map was modified asap..

@NP777pg : what about the campus life, do we get internet in our rooms or we have to manage on our own?

Also what about the usual 'study' at the campus..

Any pointers?

Where r my keys??

just submitted the cash in a branch near my office, the talk I had with the cashier there wasnt too inspiring to say the least

Where r my keys??

@[565663:NP777pg] : Thanks so much for your reply, though it seems the persons associated with the program are kept too busy as there is little representation/ guide on PG

One for Q;

Do we have to bring laptops etc for the course?

also do people get leaves during the first 6 months? or the next ( internship period). M asking this coz i have some money transactions pending in kolkata which would require my presence...

Where r my keys??