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L rocks !!
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rbsshining Says
Guess you are right....at the end of the day all this speculation aint going to result in anything...but these 20 days we need a forum to vent out our frustrations...thats all...and all this analysis might probably make us better managers...cos all they do is speculate.....thats their job..predict the future and use various tools and information sources they can to make sure their is the nearest possible guesstimeate to reality....so I guess we are on track...

Speculation has always been so damn intriguing and fascinating. Its ok dude!!!
Carry on....!!!! SPECULATE ...ANALYSE...DEBATE!!
Hey people///
For all those in the waitlist..hwere is last year's stats..
First waitlist ..all of it got cleared. there was a second waitlist also. not sure how they have gone about it this time. How many initial calls. if the first waitlist is way upto 240.......chances are still there thta thr might be another waitlist. This is coz most of ther initialk call getters have multiple calls.
All the best to all!
Welcome to L !!
Cheers !!
No thts not the case. The waitlist is in order of merit and you have to wait till the people highr in that list either join or vacate seats and seats are left at the end of it.....
The problem is that, the people up in the list donot opt out as the results of GD/PI of other IIMs comes a little late.
In short, the waitlist clearing is a a long long process. You keep trying to find out if you are in or not. and all you get to know is tht they cant really say.
as far as the point till where the waitlist clears ...ummm i dont really remember. I was in the second waitlist (56)..and the second waitlist cleared upto i guess 100+ last year..........
Rest you can hunt in last year's thread for IIM Lucknow waitlist thread.
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Hi All !

Not to disapponit the waiting junta..But the wait will be longer than the tentative dates for results declaration. Simply because the first list that L comes out with doesnt have many people who actually join L. And L is conservative in terms of coming out with waitlists. They have had a bad experience of over filling their seats last to last year.

So it will happen this way:-

First a list of around 280-300 will be sent out. Without any commitments about a waitlist.

After a deadline set for these 280 odd people to confirm, a waitlist will be generated for another 50 or so. Again no commitments about a second waitlist.

The above procedure gets repeated. Last year there were three waitlists in all.

You will be able to make an estimate of the number of waitlists extensions possible once all the IIMs come out with their results. The number of overlapping final calls will be a strong indicator for plenty of waitlists.

All the very best to all and happy waiting !!!!

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@ Kayoss

IMHO no one really can 'see' himself/herself anywhere 25 years down the line. Hell, I dunno where I'll be 18 months hence. There really isn't any 'right' answer for such questions. While I was prep, I used to circumvent such questions with "I don't plan for that long a timeframe because there are so many variables which decide how my future shapes up. I prefer to have shorter milestones & achieve them one by one". Or something like this.
I guess this is the best way of saying 'I dunno'.
Of course, many would say they'd want to be in a position of great responsibility, head an orgn & be at the forefront of its progress... blah blah. This same crap would've been heard by the panels for like a zillion times. I think it is better to play safe & smart rather than making a fool of oneself.

Std Disclaimers Apply!

I agree with Evan. Most answers to such questions are met with.."Thats really cliched !"
The Proffs know that u are not supposed to know 25 yrs down the line stuff. I still havent been able to figure out 'why' they care to ask that.
From last year's trend, such questions with probable cliched answers were scarce.
And to one such answer the proff smirked at me and asked" Which coaching Institute did you join ?"..........(Thts another thing that my complete PI @L was a stress one so they made every attempt to make me uncomfortable)
azmodeus Says
Hey, me in HLL Marketing too.. but how did you get your location so early.. it need not be mumbai.. some of the interns in marketing were put in blore last year.. working on Knorr if i'm not mistaken...

The initial one week or so is same (mumbai) for all i guess. then we go to our respective locations.
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i was about to answer a query but saw tht its already been taken care of by evan.
not much of activity on this thread....
Sad. it was better last year. What say giri?

No u r not allowed a calci. Its specifically mentioned. try using the edge of the omr sheet in place of ruler for the DI.
All the very best!!!

ooops i meant ruler not calci
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sourav Says
I don't think you will be allowed to do that because that gives you an unfair advantage over the rest of the CAT takers.

No u r not allowed a calci. Its specifically mentioned. try using the edge of the omr sheet in place of ruler for the DI.
All the very best!!!
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