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Looks like the thread closing ceremony is around the corner!

Dream Team '09,
IIM L (2010 - 2012)

Do we have to fill any interview form for IIM L ??
because for IIM Indore one has to do so before 7th Feb and I got to know of it very late.

So being cautious and asking if the same is to be done for IIM Lucknow.

You'll have to fill a small form (2 pages) which needs to be submitted at the time of the interview.


ATB for the results.

Would want to share something with you people before the results.
In life, it often happens that we feel that things aren't fair. We think that we deserve something, (when we actually also deserve that thing), but things don't go our way. We might have put in the efforts, the hard work, we know we're the best candidate for whatever the thing maybe, but due to some reason things don't work out. And someone else, might be where we want to be without actually having put in that effort.

It happens, it's a part of our life, things aren't always fair. That's because our world isn't perfect. The creator made it imperfect. But remember, in the long run, things always even out. There will be occasions when you will on the other side of the road and you will get lucky. This hard work-reward curve is always in an equilibrium in the long run.
For example, there are numerous occasions when a batsman is given out when he actually isn't (has happened with Sachin on many occasions in the 90s), but there will be plenty of instances when he will get lucky.
My point is, and I have learnt this after coming to IIM L, that things aren't always fair and this is a hard fact of life. But the one who succeeds is the one who's patient and perseverant. The key is not to get frustrated, but to accept this fact and persevere. Keep persevering, keep going. That's probably one of the reasons why God created the world imperfect, to reward those who persevere in the long run.

All the best for the results once again and if after viewing them, you feel that you didn't get what you deserved, come back and read this post again. Although, I sincerely hope that there won't be a need for doing this.

PS:- Sangharsh, the IIM LACB sports meet just concluded here at L and we were the champions. Rohit, we screwed A by 10 wickets in cricket and yours truly was one of the openers from L responsible for it.

Hope to see some of you here this season.


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Hi Junta,

I'm back after a bit of hibernation from PG, had been really busy for the past few months. Congrats to all the call getters.
Now that the calls are there, focus on the preparation. At the end of the day, it's the process that matters. Results are just an outcome of the process. If the process is good, results will be favorable. So just prepare and give it your best shot. Give your 100% and leave the rest up to the Almighty!

May this be the last time you all have to sit for the entrance exams.

PS: You can pm me in case of any queries, guidance etc etc..


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Some hobbies are so powerful and important that they become a complement to the personal ambience and complete the collage with fineness. The messy bits of my life get arrayed when I hold my pencil and brush to cover up the canvas with my unperturbed thoughts. This chain appends my veteran interest interests and skills in percussion (tabla) and guitar rendering years of committed learning. Playing football in zonal level, pacing the race road with under-15 district level athletes and training as cadet from NCC naval wing imbibed an enlightened persona of stimulated discipline and perseverance.

My finger-counted achievements include my certified training as NCC Cadet. Also the part of district athlete team of Under 15 track event and member of the football team participating in CBSE zonal meet as well as Selection as the president of LEO club, a youth wing of LIONS INTERNATIONAL and leading the community service and social service wing of college .
Apart from this, hailing from a village, my selection for one of the finest school of my region ,which imbibed the moral values of life in me, is achievement for me. My oil paintings and charcoal drawings are regular at amateur exhibitions.

Achievement at work place:
As of now I am a consummate graduate civil engineer after four years of ferret out studies in engineering and rejuvenating one and half years of work experience in one of the most esteemed industrial maintenance company. As a vendor company, my skills of client attending ,negotiating and skillfully getting the jobs done ,been noticed by the management and my confirmation was bonused with promotion to industrial marketing division. These side profiles helped in carving out the best architect out of me. These five years of my technical catalogue added a new luster to my long prevailing chain of accolades that always beget me to move further more firmly and with an augmented confidence ahead.

Use bullet points to write. These guys have 20k forms to go through and they spend 1-2 mins on each form and won't go into reading paragraphs as you have written. So write concisely, clearly and use simple language. "These five years of my technical catalogue added a new luster to my long prevailing chain of accolades that always beget me to move further more firmly and with an augmented confidence ahead." Use simple language here.
Start your bullet points with a verb that highlights what you achieved
with promotion on account of ......
with clients ......
district at Under 15....
the community and social service wing of college.....

IIM L - 2012
targetcat_2010 Says
dear i also quoted him saying that i agree with everything but giving the scorecard as a proof wasn't correct.

Point taken. But as per me, although it wasn't the prime reason behind what happened last year, but it could have been the 11th reason in the list, if there were 11 reasons. Lets end this discussion now. You guys concentrate on your CAT and I'll concentrate on my mid terms.

IIM L - 2012
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There's one thing I've noticed on the DT thread, both this year's and last year's.

People wishing ATB don't just wish ATB. There will be posts like apki 99.9x% pakki hai/we're gonna have the first 100% tomorrow when Mr. XXX gives the CAT/ Mr. YYY ko ATB bolna waste hai and stuff like this/ 100 to tum peloge hi.

Don't make them overconfident guys, let them stay modest and humble. Have you ever seen some commentator mentioning that Sachin Tendulkar ki to aaj 200 pakki hai/Sachin ko ATB bola waste hai?

I mean, we all know they're good, right? So just cut the crap. While one is giving the CAT, it doesn't matter whether one was DT captain or a DT member or whether he/she scored 100% in all the mocks or what the others think of him. That doesn't guarantee him an exceptional performance in the exam, right. So just keep it simple guys, for yourself and for the others.

Groan as much as you want to but as a proof, you can take a look at the DT scorecard of last year.

IIM L - 2012

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I Would like to share something that I did one day before the CAT which proved to be very useful. I remembered all those times when life had been unfair to me. I remembered all those occasions when I wanted to do something but wasn't given an opportunity to do so. CAT for me became an opportunity for a revenge against all those times, I went in with a mindset of the wounded tiger.

The exam, its in your hands, you have the opportunity to perform, to show your talent, so fight back against all those tough and bad times that you have gone through. Just fight people, and keep fighting for those 135 minutes like you've never fought before. You know you're the best, go out there and prove it. Just screw those 60 odd questions. Let the game begin!

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A nice article about India's economic growth

The 8% complacency trap - The Economic Times


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