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Hi All,
Sorry to disrupt the conversation......
I have a small doubt...infact big doubt.....
I need some authentic advice(from any of the seniors).
If at all it is impossible to get rid of the notice period even though i am willing pay back my notice period salary, is it possible to show the joining letter, official work-ex letter till Mar08, salary slips of all the months and resignation mail as proof my work-ex at the time of placements. I think we can get the relieving letter some time later by paying the amount.
Someone please help me out and reply..............please

Yes, it would suffice. Although it is better to have a proper experience certificate and this might cause you some problems at the time of placements, but for joining mdi it will suffice.
I agree, if the number of seats does not increase it will go till 240-250 :(

And isnt it late to still be deciding about whether to increase seats or not....I really hope they do increase :)

Guys, the seats will definitely be increased.. The director would not be making such an important announcement if the final decision had not been taken. So all the waitlisters relax. You will surely be proud Mandevians.

Infact, I have a feeling that to fill the 40 odd seats left, they might have to issue a second waitlist.

All the best to you all.
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hello namma b'luru ppl...
How many of us are there for the MDI alumni meet for tomo??

Guys I suggest that do not miss these meets unless you are reaaly stuck up somewhere at that time. these will be tremendously useful for you in getting to know your batchmates, seniors as well as getting a lot of info about MDI from the alumni.

Plus in cities where these meets are not being held, I suggest you people hold informal get togethers amongst yourselves. It never hurts to know your future batchmates.

Just wanted to know if anyone from our immediate senior batch has cleared CFA level 1/2 ...me planning to take it up either this time in dec or in june and wanted some guidance regarding the same. I heard that some subjects are common between level 1 and first year so shud i wait for the first year to get over or what?
If we are lucky to have any CA or CS in 2009 batch, then pls come fwd and guide me...


Yes most of portion of CFA level 1 is covered in 1st year of MBA. So it makes a lot of sense to give the exam after the end of the first year (June nxt year for u guys). Plus in December u guys would be having ur classes and exams so I doubt if u will get time to effectively prepare for CFA then.

Actually gokarna is a temple town.. And the happening places are a few km away from there by the name of Om Beach and Kudli Beath. You can go there either through a diplated roadway or through the sea in a boat . These beaches are simply amazing and a haven for party animals as anything you desire is freely available

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Yippee!! I have managed to top the charts
par neeche se.. Badi mehnat se yeh position haasil hoti hai.. So guys work hard to catch up with me.. All the best to you in this endeavour

Here is my team:

Name: Chandu ke Chache


One of the best scenes would be the one in which Al Pachino gives the speech at the school in the movie 'Scent of a woman'.

One of the scariest scenes i have seen was in 'The ring' when they show a girl scared dead in a cupboard.. Her white face and expression really freaked me.

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andy4u Says
no he is not.i commited the same mistake.and in hindsight i thot,how he cud have been coz he was there in late 70s n it somehow didn't feel that he had a long international career.

Engineer made his test debut in 1961 and played till 1976. So he definitely was around that time.. But maybe he didnt play the series:satisfie:
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:neutral: feels bad to see this.seems that trivia has gone for a toss.awaken all u cricket-nerds.the fact that your question will inevitably be answered shud not dissuade u from posting questions.
here's a filler who was india's wicketkeeper in the famous 71 tour of West Indies?(taken from the latest wisden quiz book)

Is it Farrukh Engineer??
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