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Hey !!!!! I am doing MBA from IBS Hyderabad .... Congrats to everyone .... I hv just completed 1st yr ... and currently doing Internship@ NTT Data Corporation, Bangalore as a Business Analyst .... Prior to this I have done Engineering and also hv work ex of 3 years .... I had a few doubts before joining this institute .... but I dint hv any better option that time .... but after joining this Institute .. all I can say is ..IBS rokz ... dont have any idea abt other IBS campuses ... but IBS hyderabad is far better than any other campus in the country when it comes to Infrastructure, Case Methodology, Accommodation, Management, Research work etc.... crowd is awesome .... and now the most important thing ... Placements ... 30-40% students r getting 7+ packages ... many students r getting 10+ packages ... and on average ppl get 5.5-6 L package .... the lowest was 4.5 last yr .... Finance stream is the best ... recently Marketing stream is doin good ... but ya HR and Operation streams suck ... big time ...
+ve points:
1) Infrastructure
2) Case Methodology
3) Gr8 Faculty
4) Best research papers
5) Excellent Placement
6) Awesome Crowd
7) Gr8 opportunity for Networking
Very tough competition
9) Strong Management
10) Sports and Entertainment ... etc ...

-ve points:
1) Huge coourse fee
2) Research scholars are sometimes asked to take regular classes
3) Huge batch strength
4) Internal grading system

My experience so far is really good ... u can ask me if u hv any queries ....
* remember one thing: other campuses r not at par with IBS Hyderabad ... IBS hyderabad is class apart

IBS Hyderabad
MBA(Core Finance)
Batch of 2010-2012

* In case of any queries u can send me e-mail ...
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Direct from the horses mouth!!:cheerio:
Latest Update: IBSHYDERABAD 2011 placements.
The Hindu : Education Plus : Good placements for IBS students

Awsome!!!thanks man!!!

Oh cmon guys!! With IBS hyd and Bimtech there is no debate on which to take....

The only issue is fees(which i have no justification for)
and Batch strength(If you think you are good and you can stand out in a big crowd,IBS provides a much better launch pad...)

Well yeah but the highest placements at ICFAI hyd are far better.
@Bimtech highest so far has been 7 at ICFAI the highest has been around 14.
If u look at this:- BIMTECH having 180 seats and an avg package of 5-6
ICFAI hyd having placed around 800 people and having the same avg package,does it not make icfai hyd better??
Means BIMTECH had fewer ppl to place..faaaaaaar less ppl..Still avg packages are similar.
Plus one more thing I wud Like to say
When I went for the selection process at Bimtech and ICFAI hyd,Comparing...
The quality of applicants and the quality of handling the whole process and the communication skills of the people conducting the process (they way the whole selection process exercise was done,the way the staff was handling the people,the way the teachers talked,everything was far better @ICFAI Hyd.
At that tiem I was sure that If selected,I will definitely join BIMTECH.
But then I analysed all this and asked quite a few friends who had done their MBA from premier business schools like IIFT and NM,My elder cousins who had been working for >6 years after their MBAs...,The fact that BIMTECH is a very old instt compared to icfai,still the growth is not that good..ICFAI has carved a niche for itself in lesser time..
And I think as far as placements go,If smone got thru bimtech that is within top 180 ppl,means if that person works hard,can be in the top 180 at ICFAI too???
The name matters too..And trust me 99% people do not know about BIMTECH.I came to know about it this year itself..
I dunno maybe I will go for ICFAI Hyd only...cuz it has a good image and people perceive it to be a good college too
One more thing which I thought about was that BIMTECH has loads of amazing colleges to compete with when it comes to good placements...In the NCR area we have amazign colleges like MDI and IIFT and LBS and FORE etc etc...
BIMTECH has to compete with them
However the only good college in HYD region apart frm ISB is ICFAI hyd..So well..

plus this year the batch size has been reduced to 650 ..
Nt that 650 is not a huge number.But atleast it is a smaller number compared to 950
The more the people,the more you get to learn ..because you can earn a the years to come..
However,the learning which happens inside the B School is different.
At icfai u have all sorts of people.
Plus I have a junior from college studying there.
The BIMTECH ppl have not even given a fair description of their placement process.
In contrast the Icfai people have sent a booklet which describes very comprehensively, for each campus,how many people were placed,how many people were still not placed,how many got thru in campus how many thru off campus avg packg avg pack for top 10% avg pckg fpr ppl below that etc etc etc .
Ppl in NCR region know BIMTECH.It is not well known all over INDIA.
ICFAI hyd is well known all over..
I think I have chosen ICFAI Hyd..Because 650 is a huge number but then Competition is not a bad thign it is a good thing...It helps later in life...the 4.5 and 6.5 example u gave ws good,however,the next year these ppl can switch and then it will all depend upon their caliber and work.
Anyway I think the lecture has been really long..

Good analysis!! and good choice buddy!!
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rishabhjuneja Says
u mujst go to bimtech it is far better thn ibs hyd

What???? u think BIMtech noida is better???? Oh goodness...god help all those who will take this seriously
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when will the waiting list be declared for ibs,hyderabad?
i m so sick of waiting !!!!! :(

Hi Sakshi...the latest news is that it will come by 1st April...I called them up...
I was about to join but not joining now. so one waiting list move ahead.
ATB who are joining.:cheerio:
I made it to NMIMS.

Congrats yaar!!!
Congrats Pragya,

There is a bus service which takes you to punjagutta.You get share auto facility also.It is compulsory to stay in hostel.I guess you wont be traveling much on weekdays:)

and ya i forgot to itself arranges their buses to go to and fro from city evryday at very cheap rates
Mistymaddy Says
I haven't received one either.. Maybe post the weekend.. I don't expect to get one during the weekend, it being Holi. too had not received the hard copy of letter even after a week.Called them up.The letter had been returned since it failed to deliver.So i asked them to send again ang gave them my adress again.
You guys can check with them.
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Hi, Joining IBS HYD MBA.

I too have ! query. Campus is soo far from the city. How to reach city if required?weekday or weekends?

Congrats Pragya,

There is a bus service which takes you to punjagutta.You get share auto facility also.It is compulsory to stay in hostel.I guess you wont be traveling much on weekdays:)