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Is Sachin getting out in 90s intentionally to remove the stigma from his head that he plays for himself only? I acknowledge that he is a great batsman but then that itself works towards my point - 'He is too good of a batsman to get nervous in 90s and get out considering batting prowess and he has been there done that so many times for so many years'. Any comments or is my point arbit enough to ignore.

Your point is verrry arbit...
"Getting out intentionally??? The way Sachin has been batting in the last few series, reminds us of the 90's Sachin, so what he is not being able to cross 100... Some of these innings are far better than some of the 100s he has scored.
Sachhinnn.. Sachhinnn !!!!
On another note, it has been more than 3 years since this thread was started.. whether "Sachin is past his prime".... And the fact that the discussion is still going on.. signals only one answer... "NO"

P.S where has DesiGuru disappeared??
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:Dear Eternal Insane,
Are you there? Please help me out, I am confused. I have received admission in SMU, Cox school of business and University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign. Now I am unclear about where I should be heading, first is a school which is in Dallas and there are some good corporate finance companies in and around the area plus some consulting companies come and recruit there - a more dynamic school whereas Illinois has very distinguished faculty, an ultra vibrant and historic campus and a standing which consistenly finds its place in the top 30 US B-schools.

I am a IT guy and am keen to switch over to finance, which among these would be more suitable for a immediate career placement and better long term benefits. I saw the list of companies coming to campus were very few in number. Why is it so? I also want to know as an international student, what are my prospects after completing my MBA . Does the Career Services center take a keen interest in the international students or the onus is completely on the student?
Please give your frank assessment since I don't have any financial aid from any of these schools so far and whichever way it will be very expensive.


Hey dude
I will reply to all your queries in a couple of days... I hope its ok
Hey Congrats on your admits,

I cannot compare the Illinois MBA with the Tippie, because I do not know about the Tippie program.
The final placement scenario is much better than internships. It also depends on what kind of industry you want to get into. It is much for difficult for international students. But, all the Indians from this batch have got internships and the ones in the previous batch have got final jobs as well. The Finance program at UIUC is fairly good and it has excellent faculty, but unfortunately it is not visited by many top investment banking firms. You will have to build your own contacts and try in some of these firms with help from alumni or personal contacts. We do have our own little stock competitions and portfolio mgmt competitions, but not on a big scale. We also participate in many case competitions.
I don't know if you have heard about IBC or not, but that certainly is one of the plus points of IMBA, an opportunity to work on real consulting projects while studying.
It is closer to Chicago, and UIUC is a big brand name amongst recruiters, so we have many career fairs on campus which we can attend, although they wont be there specifically for MBAs. In terms of tution, IMBA tution is approx $27k per year I guess.


Hi Eternal_insane,

Kudos for initiating this Xclusive thread.

Presently I have two I-20 on hand. One from Tippie B-school ( Univ of Iowa) and the other is Illinois MBA:neutral: . Both belong to midwest region ( the LESS happening economic zone)
From your first hand experience at UIUC, could you comment :
1. About the placements at Illinois MBA vs Tippie
2. Finance specialization. As I am looking frwd to go for Finance stream, how good is Illinois MBA over Tippie ( this has simulated stock mkts, real time portfolio mgt etc)
In terms of ranking, both of them are very close to one another. But coming to the total annual expenses, Illinois MBA is about $10k more p.a.
Please give your impartial comments.

Thanx mate.

As a Sachin fan, I am really happy that he was dropped this time.... Now if Sachin still truly loves the game, he will definitely make a strong comeback and we will see a different Sachin altogether......
He will be back to his Smashing Best!!!

Though, I feel bad that this is the only time in his playing career that he is being "rested" on merits of performance.... As far as I remember he has never been dropped in the last 17-18 years for performance.

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Sachin and Saurav rested for the Bangla tour... Where did they play enough cricket to be rested:).
Sachin, Sourav will not play in B'desh ODIs- Indiatimes - Cricket

Does this mark the beginning of the end of Sachin's career in ODIs.....:neutral:

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Though I am a Sachin fan and supporter here is an Interesting article and some stats....

Cricinfo - The real culprits

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Hi Eternal_insane,

Thanks for the information. Can you please send me the contact details of the person who graduated last year and now in Cap Gem? I would like to ask him more info abt this program

-- Karthik

I do not have his contact information. I had only met him once in a job fair here. His name is Kshitij, I will try finding his contact info if I can but am not sure.
After debacle, Pawar-play begins
BCCI Chief Softens Stand, Says Its Just A Game

Pune: The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) chief Sharad Pawar has refused to accept India's dismal World Cup performance as a debacle.
Pawar has instead blamed the disproportionate pre-tournament hype generated by cricket fans and the media, for the deep sense of anguish across the nation following Team India's first-round exit from the tournament.
Yeh debacle nahin, yeh game hai,'' Pawar retorted in response to queries by reporters on the sidelines of a function here on Tuesday. In three days Pawar seems to have softened his stand as he had earlier promised some harsh decisions.''
He maintained that the BCCI was looking at the entire episode as a game where victory and defeat were an integral part. Pawar's discomfiture on explaining India's poor showing was evident when he chose to sidestep the issue at the beginning of his media interaction.
Later, he pointed out that England where the game took birth, has never won the World Cup but, never did people there resort to acts like burning of posters of cricketers.
We should not act in a way that playing the game becomes a deterrent for the younger generation,'' he said.
Pawar conceded something was definitely lacking in Team India's showing. We (people) are not ready to accept that Bangladesh defeated us.''
He said, the BCCI's meet on April 6 and 7 would take a comprehensive look at what needs to be done for the game's improvement in the country. We have sought the team officials and captain's report and have also invited ex-captains like Kapil Dev and Sunil Gavaskar to come forward with their suggestions,'' he said.
Pawar wondered what was wrong in the players endorsing products as a means of safeguarding their future. Once you are past your prime, nobody bothers about you,'' he said, observing the phenomenon was not limited to cricket but, almost every other field.
On coach Greg Chappel's future, Pawar said that the coach's term was due too end in any case. The working committee will take a decision on the issue.'

:wow:What a double faced a**-h*** this Chief of the Cricket debacle in India is. Changing statements in 2-3 days.
Somebody please tell him that the English fans do not worship Cricket like the Indians here.. they have football, tennis etc etc.. to keep themselves involved in... they just won't care. We Indians are deprived of deriving such pleasures from other sports..
Yeah, those ex-cricketers can give you a lott off advice.... who had players lobby in its prime in their times.
So why don't our players just endorse products and leave the game for the fans altogether if there is nothing wrong in it:grab:.

And somebody please tell him, its not the loss but the manner of these losses.. without showing a fight... Nobody blamed Team India for losing the WC Final last WC.. because we know they tried...real hard...

Ohh yeah...and its the fans' responsibility for India's poor showing:) and creating the hype around the team. Why does he accept such huge sums of money in sponsorship if he doesnt want the hype....

So, its decided then... Greg Chappel will be made scapegoat... no changes in the team or captain.. the team will go to Bangladesh in May...thrash them in all the matches and everyone will be silenced
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Hi Guys,

I have been admitted for the mstech(Tech Mgmt) program offered by the UIUC school of business.


Can you give me some info regarding this program and prospects of this program? I heard this program was introduced very recently and since I liked the curriculum i applied for it. How many students are enrolled for this program and some info regarding placement statistics would be of gr8 help.

-- Karthik

Hi Karthik

Sorry for the late reply. Actually, I do not know much about the MS Tech Mgmt Program. From the little bit that I have heard about the program: It is 70% Management and 30% Technology. I have heard that the program is really good and intense and the job opportunities are decent after the program. I know an Indian who graduated from this last year and is currently working with Cap Gemini.
They were going to change the name of the program earlier... (it was called MTech earlier). To get info on the no of students, actual placement statistics you should email the admissions office who can give you that bit). Also ask them for a contact of some current student or alumni who can better answer your queries.


1. Referring to the TOI(crappy) Survey:
Such are the Indian fans....
Incident 1: I remember having attended the last test match in Mumbai when Sachin scored a duck in the first innings and was booed by the Mumbai fans who were "as usual" expecting Sachin to score another century... well even I wanted to see some runs by him... but why boo him.. just because he was unable to score on that occasion... In the second innings Sachin played some lovely shots... scored a quick 30 odd or something... and the crowds gave him a standing ovation ??:... (india lost the match btw)
Incident 2: In the test series Down Under in 2003-04, Sachin failed in the first 2-3 tests and everyone from the fans, the media to the critics were calling to sack him, that he is finished blah blah.. in the last match he scored 241* (only to be denied victory.. thanks to our bowlers and Steve Waugh) at Sydney and the same TOI dedicated an entire page on Sachinn

2. Talk about Luck:
World champions Australia were lucky.. not once but on 2 occasions in the WC....
1. In WC 1996 SF against WI, when they won by(hmm.. I guess 3-4) runs Richardson was batting beautifully and was denied a certain boundary when the ball hit the square leg umpire's head.
2. WC 1999 SF... need i mention at all... 1 run to win for SA, the player gets run out after almost taking it away from the Aussies, the match is tied and Australia go through...

3. Sachin not playing in crunch matches
Agreed, but then he does all the hard work to ensure that we get the opportunity to at least play in those crunch matches.... This WC he failed.. and India lost the opportunity to even play in the Super Eights..forget the SF and Finals (crunch matches)... So the 90's are back.. "sachin fails, India fails"

4. Sachin as a Captain
When he was "thrust" as a captain (1996-1997, 24 years of age) the first time around, he failed... just when he was starting to learn and enjoy it, the selectors ceremoniously took it back. Second time, he was a little successful but gave it up as he thought it would be in the best interests of the team for someone else to lead, who was more aggressive as a "captain" (not a player... he is more aggressive and dedicated than any other Indian cricketer)

The selectors do not have the balls to sack him... and they should not.. nobody has done so much for Indian and world Cricket as much as Sachin.. I know you'll will mention about the sponsorships etc etc.. But Sachin never played cricket to get some stupid sponsorships.. tell me.. who sponsored Indian cricketers earlier...
All said, Sachin will himself retire when he thinks the time has come for him, when he feels that he is no longer enjoying the game. And if he feels the time is now... he will retire now.
He does not need us to tell him what to do, when to play and when not.
We did not tell him to dedicate his life to cricket. (At an age when people have all kind of fun in their life, when you go to college and study) Sachin was an international cricketer, youngest to play at that level.

Sure, Sachin is past his prime.. but when you play for 17 years.. you do not play at your prime all the time.:) Most cricketers play in their prime for 3-4 years... mostly in their mid 30s... Sachin has played in his prime for almost 10-12 years (1993-2004/05)
So does that mean only cricketers who are in their prime should be allowed to play??? In that case more than half the cricketers in the world will be sacked..:satisfie:
I would love to see Sachin to be dropped, if he still loves the game he will come back... and then we will again see a man in his prime... and Sachin in his own.. at his very best...

Sachinnnn Sachinnnn !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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