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Batch of 2014 || FMS Delhi  

An institute of the Fading brand of IIMs...largely represented and lead by the impotent Ranchi...I was frustrated and i wanted to avoid writing this but futile to keep this opinion aside...These bunch of IIMs except trichy are a pathetic bunch of disgusting institutes taking in some of the best students from India...First one IIM (Ranchi) doesn't display results and absolutely zero transparency where the seniors SHAMELESSLY call their insti as one of the fastest progressing(looks like the Jharkhand bug has caught them...) then another gives disclaimer withdrawing the legal validity of it's displayed results (iim Udaipur)..and now...great Raipur's site doesn't just open...wonderful....but somehow...this tag these places share with institutes like Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Calcutta...Lucknow..Indore and K,Shil....It's a shame that the new ones are even called IIM's....first score min. 97%ile...and slog like a dog and the ruthless ADCOM..(if these instis have any) are releasing results as though Trailers of a movie...Way to go brand IIMs...

Batch of 2014 || FMS Delhi  
Shifthappens Says
Your assumption is wrong. The diff between a 85 percentiler and a 95 percentiler is about 35 marks, the diff between a 98.75 and 99.3 is about the same. That is why many with lower percentiles are called in category. FMS unlike MDI does not give out calls for those who dont have a fair chance to convert. Refer to last year's PDF - final result, You will be suprised to see many border converts.

Where Can i get last year's pdf?
Batch of 2014 || FMS Delhi  

What's the weightage like in FMS?...i got to hear 70% on CAT and 30 equally divided between GD PI Extemp...but 70% weight on CAT score or percentile...if it's score...for the category students...a 78%iler will never be able to match a 99%iler or even a 95%iler score...even if the 78 guy gets 30/30 and the 99 guy gets 10/ wanted to know the weightage and the logic behind it...(only if what i heard is right )

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Batch of 2014 || FMS Delhi  

GD TOPIC: Uneducated and Unskilled Population are a Liability to the nation...

There were 3 panelists:
L: for panelist to my left, a very gently ma'm.
C: A stern but extremely polite ma'm.
R: A silent prof. who examined the entire interview

For starters,the GD went about fine but could have been much better....No fishmarket...and everyone was given a ear...thankfully...and some weren't just audible...despite all that..

Extempore topic:
C: so let's have your topic as MGR. (since my college is Dr.MGR University)

Then came the Big thing PI:
C: What do you understand and know of the 1991 Economic Reforms...What were the reforms??
C: WHat do you know of TA Edison?
me: I told blah blah...silent...1 sec..then again blah blah...and just when she was telling something...i interrupted..Ma'm..he's also Dyslexic...sorry...

C again (i was starting to enjoy the process...): Name 5 Indian Organisations with their leading bodies...for eg. IRDA (Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority) for Insurance...this is exactly what my interviewer said...

C again..: Do you know anything of Bt. Brinjal or Bt. COtton?
me: Yes ma'm not very much..but i do know some of it..
C: so tell me...What's to do with the farmer suicides and Bt.Cotton/Brinjal why do the farmers cultivating Bt Brinjal or cotton commit suicide?
me: blah explainations...which reasonably pleased her i hope...

C: Ok...eshan tell me the name 5 Stock exchanges of the world...including India's?

L: So eshan...are you campus placed? and whats the scenario like other than FMS?
Me: Not placed ma'm...missed 3 campus placements owing to my MBA interviews...and am positive that i will convert either of my IIMs or IITs or FMS call...also converted SIBM P but couldn't join due to financial constraints..esp. the fact that i had to cough up 3.75L in less than 14 days mam...

Seemed pretty pleased...( so hoping that..even though looks can deceive..)

C fires: Tell me the name of 5 International Airlines apart from Air INdia.
me: Pakistan International Airlines (:( don't know why that came to my mind first...)
Cathay Pacific, Lufthansa, British Airways...PanAm..interrupted..with a smile..
R: but...thats stopped a long time back....still problems...
Me: ok...sir...Transwest Airlines..TWA..
R: with a light hearted laugh..along with all the panelists...coming to life...fine fine...its may leave..
All the best...Have a good day!!!
Me: Thank you ma'm and Sir...

Experience: Superb...
Place is small but looks very traditional and a lovely place to study...
Verdist: Unsure...for puys to judge...FMS' to give..

Batch of 2014 || FMS Delhi  

Super is one word as far as the experience goes...My friend Sabhari has already elaborately spoken about what the process and it was a xerox procedure for the rest of us...NO QUESTIONS IN PI.

SOme tips for Puys:

Be very very sharp in Case Study analysis...coz thats the only place where we get to prove our mettle and there are no questions asked in PIs and the explanations the really great seniors offered us were that They were checking the consistency and blah blah blah of the inspecting your numbers...your engineering backlogs..etc..

They have all your documents (remember the attested copies we sent them!!!)
so no trying to fool them in case they ask any question...that will only be regarding your scores..

TRUST US...NO QUESTIONS IN PI. I am putting this repeatedly coz most puys like me here...wouldn't trust any word till this happens but the procedure is indeed so...DO CARRY ALL YOUR EXTRA CURRICULAR CERTIS as they are patiently going through them...atleast that's what they did with me...I had around 28 merit certis of all things i did...and they checked it very patiently asking small questions about the events...On the whole a fantastic experience...and if anybody staying at AA24 at New SBRA are in with cigarette packs strewn all over...

Batch of 2014 || FMS Delhi  

anyone starting from Chennai GT Exp on the 14th of March for the 17th march FN slot????

Batch of 2014 || FMS Delhi  

I am having GD/PI on 19th forenoon session. Anyone here from Chennai??

dude me from chennai but the issue is my slot is on 17th morning 8:30...
Batch of 2014 || FMS Delhi  

The first interview of my b school career and a convert it is!!!! But not sure if i can produce the stipulated amount in the stipulated time!!! Need the seniors help here!!! Art!!!

Batch of 2014 || FMS Delhi  

From Chennai: In at 95.03 but poor acads...marks in 70s and early 60s...Not sure what to expect... Anyone from Chennai? 17th MARCH 8:30am.

Batch of 2014 || FMS Delhi  

seniors!!!! sectional cut offs for VGSOM??? or only overall?

Batch of 2014 || FMS Delhi