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I have been allocated Mumbai circle. I am staying in cuttack right now, I have been asked to report to mumbai worli office for medical examination, but I would like to undergo medical test in bhubaneswar itself. I have been trying 022-26445238 number for last 3-4 days but no response.
Is there anybody who has been asked to report to some other office but has got their center changed for medical test.
Please tell me the process if known.

Also any one who has got Bhabaneswar center for medical test can post the address details.

Thankyou in advance.

can you all suggest me some gook book to brush up all the business Gk stuff. I know the material for current gk and stuff but business gk is not covered that much in it.
could you please share good book on business gk for exams like tiss, snap

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hey guys
can you all suggest me some gook book to brush up all the business Gk stuff. I know the material for current gk and stuff but business gk is not covered that much in it.
could you please share good book on business gk

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please share more questions of GA
and what could be the probable cutoff for this section?

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some questions of PNB mains
1.Noble prize won in.. ......Medicine
2.Best Film ........ kanchivaram
3.Emerging team trophy ...... India
4.Country w/o nuclear submarine......Italy
5.Financial Inclusion committee....None of these(C rangrajan)
6.israel pm was ???
7.chandrayan II ........ USA
8.Deep joshi........ Raman magasaysay award
9.India Asean deal.....??
10.1st state women in panchayats.....karnatka
11. GST introduction ......2010
13.till what year trade agreement last ......2014
14.Kyoto.... climate change
15.which among doesnt qualify SME .. dont remember the options
16.India with us in which area.. new energy .....nuclear
17.Children film society- nandita Das
18.Book straight from the heart--kapil Dev
19.Base year change- 2004-05

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@all the PNB paper was of moderate difficulty specially reasoning, accuracy will matter a lot in this case.
GA- moderate
English-some easy some moderate
Marketing- same as above

so overall this was a doable paper, but accuracy will play a major role. You can not be sure about the answers.(the paper was of this type)
my attempts were decent rest depends on GOD's wish

Please share some GA questions

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@ kanikaz some are correct and some are wrong
so i am posting all the answers again

  1. Christina Fernandez is President of? Argetina
  2. Durand cup is associated with? Football
  3. Winner of Mahatma Gandhi peace and reconcilation recently? AUng sung sui kui

  4. Venue of olympics 2016? Rio De Jenario
  5. Two rivers responsible for floods?Krishna and tungbhardra
  6. Recently flood hit which state? Karnatka
  7. Last summit of G20 held in? Pitts Burg
  8. Author of "A train to pakistan"? Kushwant SIngh
  9. India signed end user agreement with which country?USA
  10. Full form of NCD? Non Convertible Debentures
  11. "Sick man of Europe"?Turkey
  12. Out of BRIC which two countries GDP was in negative zone? Russia and Brazil
  13. Tiger summit venue-? Ranthombore
  14. World habitat day?3rd oct(debatable)
  15. Full form of MSE? Micro and Small Scale
  16. World economic outlook is published by?IMF
  17. Which country has not signed NPT? India
  18. Which aided Rastriya madhyamik siksha yajana?UNESCO
  19. Pankaj advani defeated whom in snooker championship?Sourav
  20. Act named for money laundering? PMLA
  21. Which state want to be an A category state? Rajasthan
  22. State with largest onion production? Nasik (state was not asked)
  23. Book written by Swaminatthan? Towards a Hunger Free State
  24. Largest cotton producer? China
  25. Which nations doesn't fuel NATO ships? Japan(not sure)
  26. Which term is not associated with hockey?-bully,short corner, penalty corner?
  27. Which country's election declared fraud? Afganistan
  28. Which term is not related to money/finance?Ddisinvestment, depth ratio, cap? Depth Ratio
  29. Who won rajiv gandhi sadbhavna award recently?Gautam Bhai
  30. climate summit- geneva
  31. Namibia president-Hifikepunye pohamba
  32. 6 party talks- north korea
  33. common wealth banned- fiji
  34. Palaly Defence airport- Srilanka
  35. 200 B$ export target - 2011
  36. Maithri - Antartica Station
  37. Gurka land- West Bengal
  38. Ultra tech- cement
  39. which is given priority in banks while giving loan.- Loans to farmers
  40. wheat release from reserves- to prevent the prices hike
  41. spend and tax benefit- more spending get tax benefis
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its_me_ishu Says
I hv sail xam.. plz clarify sum more regarding executives.. is it okie for girls.. I mean i hope it doesnt hv to do anything wid sales or mrketing.. nd after how much time do people become ast mgr.. wats the salary pkg of executive??

if you have SAIL on that day I would say appear for SAIL. You will get many chances to attempt for AXIS, you can apply for AXIS bank now also, western zone vacancies are out.
AXIS bank salary will be around 2.5 approx(not sure), and u will not have to do sales and marketing work i guess, and after the training executives are called assistant managers.
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Hello everyone
I received a ltr frm Axis bank today stating an exam for the post of Executive on 19 july.. Can anyone plz tell me wat this post for executive means and is it okie for girls..
When i applied for this vacancy i dint care much but now I hv another exam on 19th so confused which one to give..
plz rep soon ...

executives become assistant manager in axis bank later on. so its good. Just like PO in PSU banks.
you can go ahead, they just want good candidates, so they dont decide vacancies before notification is out. They will look at ur performance and then if they find ur performance satisfactory then they will offer u a job based on ur interview + written.

which other exam u have on that day?
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it is wrong that one who is working and have 2 yrs experience will not get any benefit in bank and these days all banks have become computerized and a s/w engg. with 2 yrs exp know how to work .... how the application work and i m also s/w engg with the same exp and when i go in a psb then sometimes they ask me the problems they stuck with their s/w.

so don't worry ... u have the more chances to convince interview board but u have problem of certificate... ask this with any psb employee like manager etc., he will give u the correct answer.

Bhai sunne me ye acha laga, dont tell me all this what i meant was he wont get any monetary benefit, like in other cases when u switch in a similar job profile. Rest any kind of experience in life is useful.
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