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Siddarth B @siddarth_89
When will ISB start sending out interview invites.. and what is the avg gap we can expect b\w the interview invite and interview date?
Ankush Saha @EnigmaticAnks

 For me it was a whopping 14 days as my location was Kolkata. So the gap varies for ppl.

guys are ppl getting their scores as per their attempts or normalisation playing a role out here??

any idea about the venue at KOLKATA?

@catapult_123 can't do much abt it.... jus wait n watch fr the results!! atb:)


yeah dude i got the same answer 170...was nt there in the options...scratched my head fr a long tym and thereby wasted much of my time.:(

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Oa 211
qs 72 :-(
ls 68
lr 71

D is correct