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Well, If someone get's an invite please send me one as well at gauravsurana21@yahoo.com

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Hi kush I am from 2003 batch and I think you are from 2004 batch. There is another Prod guy from my batch who is going to be at NM.

Neerav, we will wait till 5:30. Bye.

See you all folks tomorrow

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Congrats and welcome Kehur

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After a lot of deliberation I have decided to go in for 6610. Jass,after reading your post I have decided to not consider c-100.

Now I am thinking about which prepaid card to buy? Any idea which has the most workable(and cheap) features in Mumbai?

sanda, read the previous posts c-350 is not very recommended since it's very slow in processing.

theking, you are right X-100 is great and has a larger screen and has a huge amount of memory and also MMS but... and it's a huge but - it doesn't have an IrDA port nor is a data cable available for it. SO what will i do with so much of space? I don't think too many people are going to send me MMS messages. And X-100 seems to have few glitches like total talk time not working properly and battery indicator does not work perfectly. Also I have heard that it's ringer is soft.

But please let me know if you use PC synchronisation with IrDA or with a Data Cable(it's cost) and how well i works?

crusoe, thanks. Will try to get hold of an unbranded data cable.

have tried transferring tones n pics to a C-100 thro' IR...but with no luck...was x'ferring from my t610....and from what i know, haven't come across anyone so far that has been able to successfully transfer anything using the IR port of a C-100.....not all operators offer MMS...do enquire....afaik, hutch offers it in all the circles that it operates in .....

uRmad, I guess IrDA inm Samsung Mobiles is pure novelty. Anyway Someone in the start had posted that c-100 has some software glitches. Did you encounter any such problem? And for what price you got the cable?

nothingLessThan6calls, Will look into 3100 as well, but I like only silvery colour and no other colour and I don't think that it is available in that colour. Anyway I have come across many people buying 3XXX series w/o bill and their mobile not working after some time So am a little wary about that.

scorpion_love09, 3315 does not seem to be very reliable. So won't be buying that.

Ok, I went to a mobile shop today and here are some of the latest prices(All with bills).

Samsung C-100 - 6225
Samsung X-100 - 6425
Nokia 6100 - 8400
Nokia 6610 - 8350

C-100 and X-100 look great and they are also of Silver colour - which I love. I will mostly buy a mobile of silvery colour only.

Unfortunately 6100/6610 were not available in silvery colour (atleast not at the store I went) and hence will try to find them of the required colour.

Also wanted to know a store(in Mumbai) which actually allows a test of the mobile, rather than just seeing it from outside?

Also those who have C-100/X-100 please comment on how they really are. Are they really worth the hype?

First of all welcome to all new entrants.

Umm. We are discussing a lot of the meet and coming with newer and newer options. So let's just meet a little early say 4.30/5 p.m. at NMIMS and then decide where to go. We should be able to come to conclusion in 10-15 mins and can go to that place even if it is at Bandra ( It's Sunday so I don't think there will be too much of a rush there). BTW, neerev only 15 min's to Bandstand (from NMIMS I presume)???

iconoclast, the vada-pav wala outside NM is great(the butter one). I used to frequently get a bite there.

kush_212, I was also a student of D.J.Sanghvi C.O.E. :), though in the Production brach and I know of atleast one more student from DJ who is going to be at NM.

dyNMite, many are from outstation and hence will strat coming only on 12th/13th and hence it will not be possible to have a meet on Friday.

Anyway, it seems that 14th and 15th would be only used for familiarising with the college and the students.

so let's meet on 13th

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CAT     Iim I Wl

Congrats pecking

a single exam is ok as long as the format is similar to cat.cat is the best of all exams.
xat is the worst.pointless gk section,time division for each section.some people cheat ie go back to the quants section as gk takes little time.others who feel that it is not morally right to swap sections lose out on valuable time

Just because you don't like something and are weak in a sectin does not meant that it is bad. If there is a SMET it will most probably have a GK section.
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