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but the list says it doesnt have any legal validity....can i just quit job like that?

is anyone waiting for official confirmation from C before resigning?(the courier)

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^scroll up a bit. and then back a few pages.and then again, back a few pages

how far does the waitlist move? and its organized by category right?diff waitlist for general, nc-obc, etc?

87.4%,CBSE, 2004
89.2%, CBSE, 2006
BE ECE, 6.7cg, 2010, college of engineering guindy, anna university

oil and gas, petrofac - 5 months, as of interview

CAT (2010):
DI: 99.8
Quant: 97.6
Verbal: 97.4
Aggregate: 99.83

Extra acads : had certificate for organizing department symposiums in college, but forgot to carry the original, so while verification, he wrote "no evidence" and the panelists didnt touch the topic.

Any other special thing abt u:
got trinity coll certifications in theory of music, and keyboard (level 3).amateur guitarist.

Interview & GD

Venue: monarch luxor
Date : 3rd march 2011
Course(PGDM/PGDCM): pgdm

GD :
Topic: silence is golden, but i speak, therefore i am.
Number of Ppl present: 6
Time: 15 min
Brief Snapshot of the discussion: was probably the last to enter, but wasnt really bothered by that. made a few good points, although i stuttered at one point.luckily i was able to finish the sentence, and, as always, theres bound to be someone waiting to save you the trouble by butting in.6 ppl made for a very calm GD.
Rate your preparation(0-5):1.5 (just read newspapers in anticipation of current affairs related GD)
Rate your performance(0-5): 3.5

PI: the definition of stress interview. the hyphen in my statement indicates i was interrupted( as you all probably know).

Panel Members Intro: HR prof(young guy), quants dude( was trying to film-style stare me into submission), alumni( really old, guy, 8th batch of iimc)

alum: so youre from bangalore?
me:no native place is chennai, its where i did my college t-
quant: delhi private school?this is not DPS, is it?
me: it is, its located in sharjah, and govt rules didnt allow them to name it public school..
quant: 10th 87, 12th 89.college 67. is that good?
me: well grading Is relative, so that is not an absolute indicator, but no its not very g-
quant: so what rank will you be?
me: two classes, and out of my class of 80, id be in the late 50s early 60s
HR: really?that bad?
me: it is a highly competitive course+college
quant: what is fourier series?
me: it expresses a func-
quant: what is the difference between that and fourier trans?
me: told him trans was var transforming, from time to frequency domain(in signal process)
but series was expressing a periodic function as sum of sines and cosines

quant: which is general?

me: im sorry sir i didnt follow

quant: which is better? in your opinion?

me: sir both have their uses, but in my field, signal processing, we use transforms to convert to freq domain.which allows us to analyse signals.so from my perspective transform is better, more general

quant: yes. and series is a specific case of transform

can you prove that?

me:i know series is specific, it only exists for functions satisfying certain conditions

quant: but you cant prove it? ok whats the periodicity of an aperiodic signal?
me: 0, sir (didnt sound confident)
quant: 0? are you sure?
me: (dont ask what went through my head) sir i think its infinity, sir.
HR: just now you said 0? how can you possibly get confused between the two?
me: sir its a peridic, so no perio is there, its either 0 or not defined ie infinity. im not sure exactly which, but in this case they convey the same idea.

HR: u said your dad was a chemical engineer? from bits and iit? where does he work/ same company?

me yes sir. the companys recruitment policy for ppl at my level is to call only interns-

HR: your dad is in your line of command?

me: no sir, he's a project manager, and spends most of his time on site, i work in the instrumentation department

HR: (totally bored, not even looking at me) your job profile?

me: said as prepared

quant: so you did your best in college?

me: no sir, honestly, i was not very focused, i could have done more.

quant: why no focus?

me: it was a little bit of a cultural shock, sir, i had grown up abroad, and wasnt very good at speaking tamil-

HR: its your mothertongue!

me: yes sir, and i understood it, in fact im much better with the language now

quant: so how is that affecting academics?

me: the college life, the concept was hard to grasp, plus the teaching even though its supposed to be in english, went to tamil on quite a few occasions, and there were a lot of -

alum: so how do you expect to focus at iim cal?youre gonna say two years i took to adjust to calcutta culture

quant: although i have to say the teaching will be in english

HR: yeah lol we dont teach in bengali

me: sir im more matured now, ive been working and clearing CAT at same time, and-

alum: you are earning so much right now, (shows others payslip)

HR: Rs.xxx, did you say?

quant: but when you graduate you wont be earning that much

me: sir its a change of field, im interested in consulting, and i gain education, knowledge an-

quant: when you graduate, you will earn 6-7 lakhs

me: sir i dont think thats relevant because-

alum: maybe even less, if hes going into consulting at a starting level

HR: but youre earning so much there, why would you want to come here?

me: sir first off, the gap in income is not as much as it seems, as things are more expensive there, compared to here, plus more importantly, im changing my field, and i get into consulting.thats what i want, i dont feel salary comparisons are relevant

HR: but you cant go back there to your family, we dont have companies coming from sharjah

me: sir i dont have to go back, im perfectly fine working in india or anywhere

HR: you plan to work and live alone?

me: sir i do that now. also. sir the loss of earnings for 2 years, i believe will be an added incentive to perform, especially if, as u say, i will have to work my way up to my pay.

alum:tell me about this music trinity coll certification?

HR: theory of music? whats that?

me: explained...

HR: so you picked up the guitar, and ur college acads failed?

me; sir no when i picked up guitar it was end of college i already had a CTS job, and then this job came along

alum: so you didnt think of considering it a career?

me: no sir i love listening to, and playing music, but im not into composing, this is strictly a hobby
my interest is academics.

alum: you say you want to go to a prestigious institution here(in the form). but then, why did you go to college of engineering guindy??

me: sir it is a prestigious univ, it was ranked top ten among engineering colls in india
it still is

quant: see, you shouldnt liw in an interview...

me: sir im serious. it is not THE top, but def in top ten

HR:after iits you mean

me: yes sir bits and nit surathkal are there too

HR: its an old college right? how old?

me: it was started in 1869

HR: 1869?

me: yes the colonial building is still used as the main building
quant: (still trying to stare me to death; he asks the other two) any questions?

alum: no

HR: no

quant: that will be all.

me: thank you sir, thnk uo.

no shaking hands, i left

Rate your preparation(0-5): 4
Rate your performance(0-5):
i really dont know.the immediate feeling i got was bad, their body language and expressions really messed with my head. but i didnt really mess up
any question in particular.

any thoughts?

VERDICT: converted


well iim c is i guess the only iim that gives chances to ppl with low college scores..
i got 87.4 in tenth
89.2 in twelfth(both CBSE)
and got 6.7 cgpa in college(CEG, anna university)
and my CAT 2009 went a lot like your 2008 btw...

does working in different fields give you different weightage for work ex?
for example im in final year of BE(electronics) and i can either work in IT or control systems...which is better?