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nice interview!!!!
the finance part was gr8...u got the chance to put accross ya knowledge
lets hope for a convert:)

CAT Score:
DI 92.8
Quant 99.5
Verbal 95.3
Aggregate 99.05

X 84.2
XII 79.6
Undergrad Major - GPA/%age BE(Chemical) 6.94

no seniors were involved in the process so couldnt interact with them. being the first one to be interviewed, i got free by 3:10.
had tour of the campus and its awesome. i wish i can be a part of it next year.:cheerio:
Verdict: awaited
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I think you have a valid reason.
Ideally the admissions office should consider.

Guys I need your help ASAP
I am residing in rajasthan, and due to the Jat agitation, all trains are being cancelled from my place...
Will the admissions dept. accept this as a reason to postpone my gd-pi dates ?
Since gurgaon and haryana region is the epicenter of this agitation, I suppose many people will be facing the same situation.
Please, suggest what to do..
Even getting a flight ticket at this time is very difficult...

has anyone got their interview rescheduled??? can you tell me what is the procedure coz i sent a mail to admissions office and havent recieved nay reply as yet.

lucky you....
he is the one i referred to as mr. nemesis
u had ya interiew wen? 17th??? which slot

hi vikas...no the quote he was referring to was in the essay that we have to write on the spot.
sop quote won't be a problem coz i guess generally ppl start like that.
i dun have any work ex....but had one guy in my batch with work ex he wasnt grilled that much on it. basically they'l ask bout work ex if u drive them dr in ya y mba ques...
no ques on acads to anyone.

Its all about getting the right panel in IIM Banglore in delhi
if u get the 1st panel then assume that u r doomed for a stress interview n ur case will be taken...

if u have bad grades u'l be told that u wont cope up and if u have decent grades then dont leave ya stream....

anyway my interview was a total disaster much in line with the others who gave before me with loud voices coming outside the room!!

Interview date: Mar 17th
Slot : morining
10th:95.8(CBSE) ,12th-86.8(TN state), Grad-9.82
CAT OA: 99.84

essay: commodity futures goin to increase power in hands of middlemen

(hey!!!where did that topic come from???
had very little idea about derivatives and futures just wrote on those lines..)


prof 1- nemesis, cute prof, sweet ma'am
and moi

nemesis is reading the essay wen i enter
u wrote dis 1st line
from where did u mug it n wrote here

no no no this is all nonsense

then u write about futures
wat are they

derivative..wat is it?
talked about the financial instrument

then asked me y mba
i had jus started...they asked me y engineering??
then y chemical engineering
u have good grades go for research


then picked up lines from my essay...randomly
n asked me to explain them

then discussion went to training at britannia
n about vinita bali
n asked about my role model
quizzed me up and down!!

n then the cute prof intervenes(god bless him)
asks me about my work in theatre
n hw it can help in management

sweet ma'am says u have anythin to ask-

i have absolutely no clue how it went....atleast i didnt cry(:-P) or got blank.

besties to puys who are yet to face mr nemesis!!


Ideal recipe to screw ya interview!!
reach 5 mins late on ya scheduled date...they shift u to next day next slot
den keep giving every1 explanations y u wr late yest
n adding to dat
forget ya file containg ya call letter n originals at home(n call up ur mom to get them)


X %,Board, year 95.8%
XII%, Board, year 86.5%
Undergrad Stream (BA, BE etc), Specialization: Chemical eng.
Percentage, Year, Institute: 9.82, Thapar

CAT (2010): 99.84

Extra acads : somethings here and there.

Any other special thing about you: M stupid enuf to forget my folder!!!:-(

Interview & Essay

Venue: IIM L,noida
Date : 11/3/11 2pm converted to 12/3/11

Essay :
Topic: something bout the foreign education bill
Number of Ppl present:4
4 ppl present..n out of that also 1 didnt speak at all...it was so difficult to keep on generating some new idea to talk about.
Rate your preparation(0-5):2
Rate your performance(0-5):3

Panel Members Intro:Panel 9

and then i enter...
1st question(expected)
y were u late yesterday?????????
finally i replied: sir, wen such mishappenings happen there are various reasons which contribute to it but i would just like to say that it was my fault and i would like to thank iim lucknow for giving me a second chance.

asked bout my other calls

then asked me bout management subjects in college- i said ob, comm skills and tqm

nw he asks me ques from ipr...haha
" wat is diff bet process patents and product patent"
n wat we have in india
n acc some discussion on pharma sector

thats it
i thanked n appologised again

n dats hw i blocked my road to HELL:-(

neva mind only 1 advice for puys: i gave indore n k interviews bt they start their process atleast 15-30 mins late but these guys start their essay right at 2 pm.....so dnt be like me...reach by 1:30 only!!


I have calls from both PGP and PGP-ABM programs. I had just filled the ABM cause didnt want to close my options but will prefer PGP.
Have to fill the additional form for ABM so can anybody guide me about the placements that are offered for ABM and what should one say when asked on y did i opt for it?

Feb 23 @ Hotel Stallions, New Delhi 1:30 pM.

X: 95.8% cbse
XII: 86.80% cbse
Graduation Degree and %age: B. Tech chemical - 9.8%

Work-Ex (months): NIL
CAT Score: 99.84

Consisted of two tasks - 40 minutes
Q1. Paragraph about some singer for summary
Q2. Do you think that even powerful women cannot win arguments...something on these lines.

Panel Members Intro: 2 middle-aged profs(PF1, PF2) , 1 lady prof (LP)
Approx Time period of PI: 10-15 mins

After the good afternoons, asked me to tell me about myself
and suddenly remembered that they had interviewed some guy from ma college in the morning and asked me whether we should take him or not

moi: sir its entirely ur decision

then asked me my fav subject
i said thermo

then i said industrial safety
so asked me about bp oil spill and bhopal gas tragedy

then came to my hobbies
i said paint work n all

then lady prof just picked any subject from ma grade sheet
thankfully I.T.
asked me what i did in that
so i said c/c++
than asked me diff
n similar ques on uses of oops n al

then have u seen iim indore site
n wat u saw
n discussion about their logo

n what other calls
rate them

they are observing things like ya watch n stuff n can ask u the name of brand n al...

besides very jovial group
didnt grill at al on y mba
i gave ma ans n they didnt even ask a single counter ques
(?????????????can be negative also)

then asked me all of a sudden about my mother's birth place
i said bareilly
so asked me "one common thing bet sadhana and bareilly"

i said "jhumka gira re"

even they wr laughin

n i exited...

wierd experience....(ha n somebody told me indore is a stress interview....haha)

all the best puys!!

my verdict: will update it wen it comes out
i hope it comes out in affirmative

2 tips:
1. prepare y iim indore well
2. for chemical guys prepare some subject that they know!!

My iim indore calls and iim rohtak calls are almost clashing

iim rohtak 3:30 pm 18th march noida
iim indore 8:30 am 19th march iim indore.

if the rohtak call takes some time it will be very difficult. also when i checked for flights on 18th they are all by evening, 6 the last one which will be very difficult as the timing can go up and down. what should i do?? call iim rohtak or call iim indore.. seniors plz help

hey if you can exchange the date with me if u want...i have rohtak ranchi on 15th noida...i have a clash on dat day