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Hey, do we need to prepare a resume too for the interview? Please reply soon!

no.just take two printouts of the form that you filled online and a copy of the latter that gives details about your interview venue and date.

@anand0310 thanks so much for the direct link:)

can someone pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease provide me an access code for aimcat 1306?

somebody please help!!!while taking the AIMCAT from home ,there was a power cut so had to close the test window.now,when i try resuming the test,there's a diff access code provided and it's not letting me proceed asking for the first access code with which i started the test!!.I can't even remember the first access code:(what do i do?:(

@[504308:MrMicrostrip]congrats:).please give me some tips on how to improve at qa.

@[262321:abhishek_sharma]Sir,thank you so much for sharing your insights on how to go about attempting qa and di questions and the stratgy to be adopted.I'm sure a lot of us will benefit from this valuable post

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no matter how hard I try i am not able to clear the cut off for quant in most of the mocks.I have the TIME material.Any suggestions on how to improve my Quant score?Please help me guys!!!

i just hope they don't make drastic changes in the pattern of the cat paper this year!!!

Can someone please tell me how percentiles are calculated for MHCET for eg if there are 2 students the first one attempts 150 odd questions and gets 140 correct the second one attempts 180 questions and get 140 correct then both of them will get the same score right because there's no negative marking in MHCET but will the first student get a better percentile because of higher accuracy?

Puys any1 on these?

1) 12 , 36 , 150 , 392 , 1452 , ___

A) 2452 B) 2197 C) 2246 D) 2366

the first sequence has nos whch are the product of the square of a prime no and the number immediately following it for eg=12=2^2*3,36=3^2*4 and so on now 1452=11^2*12 therefore the next no in the sequence is 13^2*14=2366 hence option D

2) 1584 , 900 , ____ 180 , 48 , 4

A) 448 B) 576 C) 504 D) 478


observing the pattern the missing no should be 4*7*16=448
hence option A