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Astha A @astha_a
_(Photo credit: Bansi Mehta, taken outside at a CAT centre in Mumbai)_ On the last day of the Common Admissions Test (CAT) 2011 on November 18, the scene outside the center gates was full of anxious faces. Not only

"He added that today, the priority for every parent was to ensure a good educational background for their young ones." People in their twenties are old enough to have young ones of their own.

I am a graduate from the Mumbai University and belong to the open category. Do I stand a chace of getting into JBIMS with a score of 138/200(99.44 percentile) in Mah CET-2008?

Hi seniors,

I have graduated from the Mumbai University.Do i have a chance of getting into JBIMS with a score of 138(99.44 percentile) in Mah CET-2008?

Hello Gejo,

My scores are as follows:
Eng: -3 :wow:

What percentile can I expect with such a measly score? Also, tell me if I should apply for any college or should I wait and try my luck next year?