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Here's a line up of all the exciting on-campus events at MICANVAS 2005 (Oct 21-23). The three days are packed with action - Simulation Games, Workshops, Discussions, Informals and Live Performances.

Simulation Games
Nash it Out : The Voltas Game Theory Simulation
"Nash It Out" is a game theory, stock price and asset management simulation all in one. Teams will test their skills of decision making and negotiation. The team with the highest stock price at the end of 3 days will emerge the winner.
Prizes: Rs 8,000; Rs 4,000
Marketing Maver-IQs aka Marketricks : The Marketing Simulation
This is a classic software based simulation game which will now be played in its latest online avataar. It tests your abilities as a marketer in an uber-competitive market. Also known in B-School lingo as MarkStrat.
Prizes: Rs 8,000; Rs 4,000
Panel Discussion
The Gripping Point: Exploring Brandscapes, Capturing Minds
Mr. Elkana Ezekiel (VP, Marketing, Johnson &Johnson;)
Mr. Hemant Sachdev (Corporate Director, Marketing, Bharti Enterprises)
Mr.S.K. Palekar (Sr. VP, Marketing and Knowledge Mgmt, Eureka Forbes)
Mr. Karthik Sharma (Head, Media Research, Madison Media)

Cafe Cinema - The Film Studies Workshop by Prof. AF Mathew
Brand Aid - The Brand Communication Workshop by brand associates from Mudra Communications featuring live Indian cases
BizKrieg - The Business Quiz with Samanth Subramaniam
Prizes: Rs 12,000; Rs 8,000
Quizzitch - The General Quiz with J Ramanand
Prizes: Rs 10,000 & Rs 7,5000
The Solitary Lupine - The Lone Wolf Quiz with J Krishnamurthi
Prizes: Rs 10,000 & Rs 5,000

Live Performances
Art - a play by evam
Digital Iris - The HP Photography Contest
Prizes: Rs 1,000 per category
LockJAM - Just-A-Minute
Prizes: Rs 2000, Rs 1000
Clueless - Dumb Charades & Pictionary
Prizes: Rs 2000, 1000
Prizes: Rs 1000, Rs 500
All that Glitz: Fashion Show
Other Announcements
Deadlines of J&J; and Mudra-Peter England Case Contests extended to October 9
The Second Wave of online events: Net.it start on October 10.
Do log on to www.mica-india.net/canvas for more details.
Three days of putting your talents to test
Three of putting your sanity to rest
Need we say more... but
Be there at MICANVAS 2005
October 21-23


Hi all

Do log in to www.mica-india.net/canvas for the first wave of online events starting tomorrow (September 12) at 9 p.m. For the whole week we'll have games, quizzes and contests that challenge creativity.

Registrations for MICANVAS are open. All PGites from the invited colleges are welcome to come over to MICA and pe a part of MICANVAS.

Thanks & Cheers

Hi all...
Mudra Institute of Communications, Ahmedabad brings to you its Annual Brand Management Festival - MICANVAS.
MICANVAS this year is scheduled for October 21, 22 & 23 - 2005.
Its got all the elements of a B-School fest, and a little bit more, which makes it one of a kind. MICA is, of course, India's top communications management school.
Star events include the Communication Plan Competition, a Business Plan Competition, a Film Studies Workshop, a Photography contest and an Ad-making contest.
There are of course the usuals like the Business & General Quiz, Case Studies, Marketing & Negotiation simulations.
We'll also have a Pro-Act by Parikrama, a Fashion Show & a performance by the professional theatre group "Evam".
All PGites from the invited B-Schools, C-School and select undergraduate colleges are welcome. Attached is an Invite with all details.
So now you know where to be from October 21 - 23, 2005. :smile:
Keep watching this thread for updates. Log in to www.mica-india.net/canvas


Class of 2006

To Dynamica

I am sorry if u find many people on this thread to be a less evolved speciesu see our ancestors were baboons , and we havent changed much , not sure about Micans though . About sour grapes, u would know if u have to settle for something (in this case an insti) that is way below where you almost made it. Of course, I on my part hope that neither you or anybody else here gets to taste those grapes. And according to you since its not enough to want something badly and that it takes something more are you referring to the backdoor?

The are some posts which aren't even worth replying to but I still will, because YES, the people who have posted on this thread have taken insti-bashing to new depths. It is slanderous the way you, that NSIT guy and some others have been harping about backdoor entry. You have a right to demand transparency - which wasn't given to you because of admin issues. The admission process should've been a lot smoother than this. But please don't make allegations just to make yourself feel good

It's funny that the ones who've made it have retreated, while the ones who didn't go MICA-bashing at any opportunity they get. That's all it takes doesn't it?


Congratulations to all those who have finally made it. Those who didn't - tough luck. You've probably realised that wanting something badly isn't enough to get you that. Takes a little bit more than that.

I'm sure the batch that's coming in will be a rocking one... barring a few exceptions... law of averages and all. We've tracked what's been said in these threads and we have a fair idea of the kind of people who are coming in... whether they will "screw life for MICA" ... we will wait and watch.

To put an end to the debates about engineers at MICA... they are neither at an advantage nor at a disadvantage. They are equally clueless about the courses when they come in. We study almost 40 courses in the first year of PGPCM. The BMS/BBA folks find some of them easy. The Eco grads find some others easy. And the engineers are comfy with some other subjects. As for Genetics/Psychology/History/Literature grads... we plod through most of the courses and do well at what we enjoy most.

And please, some courses cannot be dealt with by creativity - you'll find what happens to the supposedly "creative" folks here soon enough. At the same time - numbers may be the foundation for management in practice, but numbers don't give the answers to everything. Only 1/4th of my batch are engineers - a lot less compared to most other Management Schools.

You don't have to be an engineer to become a marketing manager - you just need to be good at it

Yes, there will be the feelings of sour grapes ... it takes a higher degree of evolvement to get over that. Who knows... you'll probably going a place that is more suited to who you are.

Those who've made it - you may love MICA or you may wonder what the hell you're doing there. Just remember - you chose it, just the same way that MICA chose you.

Class of 2006

may I know WHAT the Mica alumni achieved in last 11 yrs? Fact stays u dont know, nor do many, who all did well enough after passing from Mica. And u a Mica student!

Please don't walk into thread just like that and start commenting - not just about an insti, but about its students. You could do your research before you question people who know a lot more about the place than you do. There has been a lot of discussion about MICAns in industry on various other MICA threads on pagalguy. Do find ur way around before, instead of making uniformed comments.
Hoi PPl,

This be my first post. I am sitting for cat05, so visiting threads of some bschools i wanna apply

Been following some chat on this thread - lots of talk on results and the pandey bros. I wanna know 1 thing - is there ANY Mica Alumni who has made it to top in ad world? Like Rama Bijapurkar from IIM-A and Jagdeep Kapur from JBIMS and Prasun Joshi from IMT. I dont know of any and i think anyone wanna take admission at Mica must ponder on this.


Facts for you to ponder over:

>> The first batch of PGPCM from MICA passed out in 1996.
Rama Bijapurkar is Batch of 1977 at IIMA
Jagdeep Kapoor is a 1983 passout and set up Samsika in 1994.

>> The creatives in an agency tend to grab much more limelight than the servicing/planning folks.

>> We have alumni who've been doing extremely well:

@ Arvind Krishnamoorthy (Batch of 2000) who is Regional Sales Producer for Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, and Indonesia with Yahoo. He led his team to win both an Abby and an Emvie for Pepsi Online campaigns

@ Basant Rathore (Batch of 1996) who is GM Brand Development for Dainik Jargran - India's most read newspaper in any language.

@ Kaustuv Ghosh (Batch of 1996) who handles innovation & strategy for NDTV

@ Kartik Kumar & Sunil Vishnu who run Chennai's popular theatre group Evam

For a young insti... you could definitely say MICA is on its way to getting there. Plus it's not an "ad school" ... ... we're into "marketing communications"

Class of 2006

Laptop, i still feel its better if u get your own....and that reminds me somebody talked of having Wi-fi enabled laptops, does MICA have hotspots for that to be of some use???

Yep, the classrooms, the hostels, the canteen, the library - they're all Wi-fi hotspots... you'll definitely need a wi-fi enabled lappy.
Definetely dude Lets meet up. :)

Guys.Im looking for accomodation in east andheri,seepz or any other area close by.Any pgites there who are looking for a temp roomie????

hey prad... cool. u're in bombay too...

will be a hyd reunion of sorts.
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A lot of you have PMed me about laptop info. In a hurry now... so I'll just post basic details.

Negotiations with dealers for your batch are still on. The deal offered to us was:

Toshiba Satellite A 50
Windows XP Professional
Pentium M Processor / Intel Centrino
256 MB RAM
3 years on-site warranty
14" TFT
Free Services camps and service on call
Down Payment of Rs 61000 or 6 installments of Rs 11500.
Insurance at Rs 1000.
At that time the market price was Rs 72000.

Price for the same config in the market is now Rs 58000 I guess.