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hello ppl...

i wrote the above article sometime in jan...somehow missed out on postin here....
i know its about 6 months old...but wut the hell..

happy readin

Sandeep Goyal

Life....at Symbiosis-II
To B or not to B??..was the famous question once asked
Centuries down the line..the one question I ask is :
To B-School or not to B-School?
Its been over 7 months here at SCMHRD and life has definitely changed! A change that few of us appreciatefew of us regret..and few of us..well...few of us like me have no clue!
SCMHRD is nothing like how it used to be b4..as a matter of fact, its nothing like how it used to be in Sem1. The rigorous schedule is no longer rigorous. The 12 hrs of classes each day has come down to 6 to 8 hrs..on certain days its just 4 hrs. The weekly tests (FCQs) are no longer weekly...the compulsory non-acads (gym and kaizen) are no longer compulsory (well..at least thats wut we think)..therez no hostel in-time anymore..and the warden of the girls hostel left a coupla days back..
Things sure have changed huh?
But a coupla things still remain the same..like the struggle to wake up for the 1st class in the morning..the endless fight between you and the snooze of your alarm..the constant maara-maari to get attendance and then sneak outta class..the un-edible mess goodies which is more like fodder than food..the borin lectures and profs who try their best to keep us awake..and oh well..submissions, submissions and more of submissions!
Well..its more like a give n take situation here..although the classes have been cut down, the self-effort or work load has increased. The more u put in, the better it is..but well, thats theory. When it comes to actually sittin down n putting-in, the story changes. We do open our books and sit down with pen n paper, but the possession of an evil piece of technology deviates our minds. This is no ordinary piece of technology friends.without it, we all feel so paralyzed. Its nothing but our laptops! We have let this devil creep into our lives in such a fashion that the 1st thing that we do when we wake up in the mornings or when we come back into our rooms is switch this bad boy on n rock the room wid music. And well...its only but customary to watch a movie on it, umm..almost everyday...or perhaps catch an episode of FRIENDS which is quite popular here. And if that wasnt enough, this sneaky little toy has left behind the paper backs and given away to e-books. The only incentive to attend a boring lecture is that we will get to catch up on those e-books, or read funny articles, or burn CDs..or just BLOG our way through like me. I mean, hell, I am in class this very moment..bloggin away in glory.
Ok..now some serious stuff
We are in sem 2 as of now. And some of the major changes that our dear insti has undergone:
  1. Introduction of the concept of electives and core curriculum.umm, nothin high funda..we are following the pattern of the IIMs where there are a particular set of subjects that are compulsory for every student irrespective of his/ her specialization and then there are a set of subjects (electives) from which one can choose from depending upon his/ her majors/ minors
  2. Cut down the no. of class room hrs. From 12 hrs of class bound sessions..its now come down to 6-8. the point is to have lesser number of classes and more of self-learning. This means nothing but more assignments and crappy submissions.
  3. Students to be seated according to their respective roll nos. Reason? No..its not to stop the couples from sitting next to each other. Students will now be awarded marks for class participation. In other words, the more u faf in front of the prof. the more marks u get! Sleepy heads, its time for all of u to wake up.
  4. Lesser focus on non-acads like kaizen and health care (read yoga, gym, and aerobics). But less focus doesnt mean Balls to non-acads in total. We do get to see a notice been put up once every month stating non-acads is important and a critical factor in a students evaluation. (err..yeah wutever). So how do we take this? Well, theres a major rush at the health institute the next morning. Reluctantly people do get their butts there and pretend workin out n stuffbut we all know its a temp phase..a phase that would last for only a few daysfor few of us, only a week..and for folks like me..only for that morning! And thats how it is..the alarms are no longer set for 6a.m. until the next notice is put up. Motivation at its best ladies & gentlemen.
  5. Did anyone say hostel attendance?? Err..wutever happened to that. Hostel in-time has been relaxed from the earlier 10:30p.m. sharp to 11:45p.m. for girls and..umm, for boys?? I dont think the insti actually cares anymore about this breed.
So thats sem 2 for u! A change very well appreciated by all of us. Like I said before, its more of a give n take situation. We get a lotta free time on us. Some of us (nerds) make the best outta it and some of us (kaam-chors) dont. The nerds are usually found either in their rooms or in the librarymugging up theories that some god forsaken dude wrote centuries ago coz he had nothin better to do..or rather..no one better to do;-)
And the kaam-chors.umm.wut do they do? I cant mention all the acts coz this is a clean mail without any adult content. But some of the typical acts include sleeping, watchin movies, sleeping, hanging out in the cafeteria or some place in the campus, sleeping, hittin the city n droolin over city babes, sleeping, hangin out with their respective boy/girl friends, sleeping (in this case I dunno if its bein done alone or in company), gossiping, sleeping, playing computer games, sleeping..so on n so forth
U all do realize how sleep is important in our lives. A fact we realize after fighting out the competition with over a lac B-school aspirants and eventually landing in a B-school.
On a serious note again
Summer placements are almost coming to a close..some of us have landed up with excellent projects.Urs truly has gotten into SBI. With only a handful of students remaining, the whole batch will get placed in due time. On the other hand, final placements are done. The senior batch is placed. 100%. And the kinda companys, packages n projects these guys have got!!! I wish I could pass out this year. The avg. sal at SCMHRD has shot up from 3.5 lacs to 5.5 lacs. Highest sal. is around 13lacs.
All this, thanks to the booming market and our Director. Hats off to subbu sir for putting up the best placement show in the history of the insti. Friends, this guy is gonna take this insti far ahead and I wouldnt be surprised if we do become a deemed IIM some time in this decade. The guy may be very impulsive but he sure has a vision.
So thats the story so far..well, there r a coupla things more..but I think i will restrict myself.
To B-School or not to B-School?
During the last few days..Ive been asking myself this question.
Is management education all that necessary or important?
Or is it a bunch of crap translated into theories using confusing jargons?
How much of it is gonna help us when we hit the corporate world?
Sure, we r learning a lotta new stuff here..some of it is truly amazing. But wut exactly does a management grad. do?
Been looking for a convincing answer..but all my efforts have been in vain.
I guess..the true value of an MBA is understood only once u pass out n slog it out to be on the top! And SCMHRD will get us there..find us a place where we actually belong and force us to give in our best..and when that best will come out..the above question will be answered!!
SCMHRD Rocks!!
Sandeep Goyal
PGDM-1 (Batch of 2006)
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hey PG/Mods,
i m loggin in 2day after quite a long break...
just noticed that my rank is not bein displayed anymore
kindly update it

SCMHRD - Batch of 2006

my e-mail id is 2004a28@scmhrd.edu

Sandeep Goyal

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hello ppl...
just finished "The Broker" by John Grisham..
this guy keeps gettin better n better wid every book...
started "The Namesake" by Jhumpa Lahiri yesterday...
quite neat as of now...hope its not a let down

cheers n happy readin

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Hello fellow symbiotics...
this is Sandeep Goyal from SCMHRD, batch of 2006.
i see there r few of my juniors postin on this thread..
i just wanted to drop in n inform u guys that therez another thread on Life @ symbi which was started by one of my seniors...this is the link:

i've posted on this thread as well...

i guess its better we stick to that thread instead of diverting to this new thread...
hope u guyz r findin SCMHRD a fun place to be in...
it sure is...Symbiosis Infotech Campus is a resort!

can't wait 2 get bak 2 campus....we guys will be hittin campus on the 16th-17th-18th july n resumin classes.

c ya

Happpppppppppppy Diwali fellow Pagals!!!

have a blast this diwali

Play Safe!!


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Life.....at Symbiosis!!!

If i were to write this mail 3 months ago....i wud be tellin u guyz abt my
daily routine...which wud look somethin like this:-


3 weeks down the line...lifez still Zzzzzz in classrooms!

I came here with a whole lotta thots n ideas n perceptions abt this
place....some of them still hold true...some,changed!!!

Being at SCMHRD does give u a sense of belonging...i guess bein on campus
24/7 does that to u.The campus provides u wid everythin a student cud ask
for.Being an ISO certified campus,this place does lives up2 it.Facilities
like gym,aerobics,swimmin pool...one doesnt really have to step outta
here.But oh well...we do have cravings to step out n see civilisation, to
watch a new flick, to grab a burger or a pizza....

SCMHRD wakes up at 6am daily....it takes 3 rounds of 'Snooze' on the alarm
clock to finally get us on our feet! the agenda is to reach the
aerobics/gym/yoga room by 6:20...and the motive.....well...quite
after an hr long workout...the sleepyones head bak for a nap...and the rest
r seen either on the basket ball court...the volleyball court...or somewhere
on campus...loiterin around...breathin in fresh air....
as for me...i hit the volleyball court...tryin to regenerate my sportin
talent which i had left behind in school....:)

after sweatin it out till 8 comes the most hectic part....gettin ready for
with 3 ppl in each room...the scene gets quite interactive...
"abe yaar...towel de yaar...."
"abe baahar nikal saale...."
"abe oye...kapde tho pehen leta nikalne se pehle..."

well...the motive is to reach the mess for breakfast...not that food is
utterly delicious...but oh well...its the only resort.....sigh!!

classes kick off at 9am...2 lectures of 90 mins each followed by a 45min.
lunch break.

The future managers r seen at their personal best between 1 and 1:30.Scmhrd
follows a concept of Kaizen...wherein every student is required to clean n
chamkofy the area(Gemba) allotted to him/her.The tools provided...a Broom
and a Dusting Cloth.The Gembas include everythin...rite from the directors
room to the class rooms...rite from the administrative office to the
toilets are thankfully exempted!

the journey of "Zzzz..." starts again at 1:45 when the next session of class
4 classes...with a 15 min. break between each lecture.
life at the academic block ends at 8:45pm...
i guess it must be clear to u guyz now wut exactly i meant by sense of
12 hrs in the academic block is no joke ppl....it kills the best of us.

Dinner time is till 9:30....so the mess gets really packed by the time we
get there.

Guys.,..our campus hosts 2 other colleges besides scmhrd...
theres SIIB n SCIT.
with nearly 300 students in each coll...the campus (especially the mess)
gets filled really easily...

Its a tradition for most of us here to take a walk after din din....
we r situated 25 kms away from the city of pune...being in an IT park which
shuts down at 7 or so...the roads r ruled by us....the night walkers!!
The strong wind really relieves us from the stress....but at the bak of our
minds a ticker keeps tickin...remindin us that the campus gates close at
10pm sharp!
so after a short walk....we head bak to our 'home'.

Our batch has a coupla guitarists(3 to be precise) who take centre stage at
and then emerges the singer in all of us...be it hindi....english...or even
we got it all!!!

The ticker in our heads doesnt leave us here either....
the hostel intime is 10:30...therez a roll call b4 we hit our holes.

Socializin in other ppls rooms is a concept truly n hard heartidly followed
by the Symbiotics.Its more like a crime to not socialize here.The hostel
corridors r usually packed wid all the 'Boyz' discussin their day(not that
it varies from guy to guy but its just an usual topic for conversation),
their boredom, their views against the institute and the rules, their

The routine remains the same till we hit friday nite....thats when we
realize that we have tests on monday mornin.The most annoyin' concept of
conductin tests...termed as FCQ's(Fortnightly Conducted Quizzes)...these
tests r held every monday and about 3 or 4 subjects r covered in each quiz.
Preparations take place under a high level of speculation...reason being..No
one knows which subjects r gonna be covered in the quiz. With a huge
umbrella of 14 subjects in Sem 1, the probability of each subject is
assessed and the preparation kick starts.Proscrastination takes its toll on
us though & the real studies happen only on sundays..the only day in the
week when we r actually "Free". Rarely do we have classes on sundays..but
most of the time is spent preparin for the FCQ's.

At 3a.m. Monday mornin we finally call it a 'day' and hit the sack, only to
wake up at 6 and hit the gym..failing which we get barred from takin the
FCQ's. Aaaaaarghhh!!!!!!!!

The FCQ's start at 9a.m...and once we get the question paper...we dunno wut
has hit us....
nail biting...head scratchin...eyes rollin.....
but we all have developed the art of wut the symbiotics call "FAFFIN"!! We
may not have studied the subject as such...but our answer sheets sure look

At the end of it....therez just one question that we all ask each

But then its party time after the tests....people r seen runnin around to
catch the 1st bus to Pune City...some headin to catch a flick...some to grab
some good lunch...some to shop..and some...well..some people have absolutely
no idea where they r headin!! The idea is to get outta campus and leave the
FCQ worries behind.

So thats how life is at SCMHRD....week after week....the same ol'
routine....that gets onto us...that creeps into our minds and distracts our
poor souls...But inspite of all this cribbin...we all know we r here for a
cause....atleast i am!
No matter how many mails i write like this one....and crib n crib abt my
insti...the bottom line is..i respect this place...its gonna be my Alma
Mater and I know that this is wuts gonna take me to the corporate world...

Education in a B-skool never ends on a particular day....if given a
chance...the course can be extended to over 2 yrs..and trust me guyz...every
day here is a learnin experience...an experience i m gonna cherish for the
rest of my life!!!

Education is not a preparation for life; Education is life itself. And yet
education is never completed until a man dies

Symbi Rocks!!!!!!!!

Sandeep Goyal


hey PG
moi needs a rank too

email id: 2004ap28@scmhrd.edu

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wonder wuts there to be so proud of...
u walk into the institute...u go to the gds directly...

congrats either ways!

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hey manpreet..
infosys pune is located in Hinjewadi IT park, very close to SCMHRD campus.
well...aundh will be closer to ur office but fc road is way off!
depends on if u have a bike wid u...even if u do...stayin around deccan or shivajinagar(which is close to fc) is not a viable option...as ull be wastin a lotta fuel shuttlin between ur work place n home...
i wud suggest u look for ur acco somewhere around aundh area...
the avg. rent for a 1 BHK flat in aundh is around 3.5k (say 550-600 sq.ft. area)..

ull find a lotta ppl there who r willin to share accomodation...
the best source to that is the daily TOI...
start lookin in the classifieds as soon as u get here...there r tonnes of ads in them..

cheers n good luck

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