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hey guys!!

i am done with my gmat and have a lot of stuff to give away - arnd 2 gb of softcopies (almost everything that is available on the internet) etc and tonnes of printouts, books!
just let me know if somebody from Hyd is interested
All free - no charges, just want to clear my PC clutter
common good and Information Sharing -
chk out my other thread for more info abt my gmat and admit here

Hi Neptune,
This is Pawan.
I am s/w engineer. I want to prepare for GMAT by self.
Is it good or shall I go for coaching.
I am ready to collect the soft copies from you.
Please send me ur email or address or mobile to the mail ID:
Edit: Dude, stop posting your e-mail id. Its against forum rules!

Hi all,

I wish i would have found this thread earlier. really helpful thread. I gave my GMAT on 3rd Dec and Scored 740 (AWA 5). Well, I studied from borrowed books so i cannot offer them but i have lot of material in PC incl my notes. If any one need them please PM me. I will be more than happy to clarify any doubt

I need to get into contact with a chartered accountant who is applying or had applied to Indian Schools (ISB, IIM A). I need help in writing my SOPs.

Guys please help me out.

Hi vineet,

This is pavan.
I want to take GMAT this august. I want the soft copies of GMAT material u have.
I nee proper guidance to crack above 700. Which institue is better for GMAT.
I have 41 months exp.
Please do reply me. Here is my mail ID:

please gimme urs.