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Update on Tsunami Relief...Moi Finds...
Following our meeting at Naseoh this sunday, where PG had asked to forward links of NGO's giving updates and the requirements at the grassroot level are posted, I have checked with Aid India, which is working for Tsunami relief in Chennai and the places around it, Nagapattinam and Cudalore, through its chennai ofice. Further information about the activities undertaken by the organisation can be found here.

Yesterday i had talked to Ms. Leena Gangolli, from Aid Mumbai and asked her about donations and the materials which will be needed in the field at this time. The need of the hour is medicines for oral rehydration. Further i talked to mr. Nitin, who was at Nagapattinam a day before. He said that at Nagapattinam alone Aid India was coordinating with 90 relief camps. He said that the top most priority besides medicines would be for utensils, Stoves (of kerosene), Soaps, Detergent, toothpaste, napkins. A more detailed list of items can be found here .
Apart from the ones mentioned in the list, both Leena and Nitin stressed that monetary funds would be necessary when the rehabilitation of the displaced people starts. Further, other donations in the form of construction materials, tents or even designs for low cost housing or temporary shelters would also be of great use.
The website is updated on a daily basis, this update gives the list of all the coordinators working in the field. http://www.aidindia.org/CMS/index.php?option=com_content&task;=view&id;=27&Itemid;=63

I guess we can join hands with them for the noble cause.. what say you.. wayne, Allwyn, others??

Well, this is what i have gathered from my expierence in the past two years. awaiting discussion on my views here...

Do not depend on coaching institutes. The kind of material they offer to students is pretty dumb

Definitely agree with catrepid. The material and sim cats of different institutes cannot match the cat standards. Its sort of a :cat and mouse game" (pun unintended) . These institutes try to reach the standard of the final cat exam through the sim cats. But then the iims are alwaysa step ahead and spring a surprise every year. This was amply demonstrated this year. So the the cat has been always a different expierence to cherish. That gives all the more hope to the poor performers in the sim cats, coz they know teh cat paper will be different. (Always have been in that bracket :oops: :oops: ). But then the material by the institute are a good way to start ur prep and get ur fundamentals right. As of today, i have not known of any material other than those of the institutes.. If u guys have followed some other material please share...

The most important sections in CAT are verbal ability and data interpretation

I second that. The verbal is the most important section in CAT. :shock:

If you are a person with less than 2 years of experience, your task is even tougher. You need to really make it to the overall 98.0 percentile and above (or is that too low?). People with greater than 2 years of experience can do with 96.5 percentile and above.

Well, catrepid. Work ex guys do need a lower percentile to get thru the written exam. But if u see the profiles of the batches selected in iims, around 70% fall under the 2 years guys have to vie for roughly 30% of the seats, which do make things difficult.

I would like to add one more point. More than the fundamentals, coaching institutes, your cat success depends a lot more on Strategy, ur approach to the final exam. Its the most important thing which will determine ur success on the D Day. its one word u cannot miss in the months to come
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Hi guys,

My intro first..

I am Arun, done my Btech in mechanical engg from IITM. currently working in L and T... Thats 6 months of work ex ... Had given my cat in 2003 and 2004. got mauled in both. 97 % and 94 % resp. Posting again i 2005 thread gives me nostalgia about my prep in 2003. This is one great place to discuss about The Finale Exam.

Hoping all the cat gurus to post their strategies, prep methods, experiences, anything under the sun, which helped crack cat.

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Hey guys,

Count me in... Will be there this sunday.. btw.. moi new to mumbhai.. can u tell me the location of Naseoh at chembur, and how to get there.. live in goregaon (east) any special suggestions for the first timers?? :

count me in !!!
for 19th
talking to two other friends of mine....

hope it will be a great ...
doing it for the first time.... :oops: :oops:

hey swordfish... is ur mail id allright... the mail didnt make it to you....

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When is the form out? Around what time is the last date to get the form?

U mean the cat forms???

there a lotta time... u can come back and submit the forms
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The Matrix I
The last samurai

cant think of a source for such essays....
but u can get topics on the net....

another source for topics could be
GD topics on social issues....

ALL the BEST....

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What is the last book that Herge wrote involving Tintin? (Hint : He only partially completed it in 1983 at the time of his death)

tintin and the picaros, this was the last of tintin series dont know if it was continued by his son
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Is this an essay writing along with ur interview or written test ???
Some good sources of essays can be from gre books....
GRE has an essay section and a pool of 250 topics...
they have this analytical type essays....
or essays on gen topic.... will give a fair idea what to write....
definitely worth a try

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