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Hi folks,

A couple of days before my friend came to me with an admit letter given by a b-schools in UK.
He has not written GMAT/toefl ...or nothing.

But just with his acads and his experience he told he has got that admit.
He told me the course fee for (the duration of one year) course is around 8lcs. Also the univ has a one year internship also itseems. So 1 year you can earn.
My doubt is how can the univ give admit without any screening?
As i hve not made any r&d; in regards to MBA @ UK i am bit confused!
Is this the case will all the univ in UK?
Is it really worth doing an mba @ uk?
can any one show more light on this ?

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hi arka,

Got an admit from College of William and Mary, Virginia(Fulltime MBA).
Got both scholarship(1st yr) and GA(2nd yr). Can anybody divulge any detail about the school?

first hand hearty congrats..
m also a novice in this regard.
but think i may trouble u by asking these...

* hve ny idea abt the ranking of that univ?
* how abt ur score yaar?
* when did u apply? means hw abt the deadlines?
think this may be helpful to others tooo

thanks n regards,
enna chennai makkalae,,

what hpped?
y hs this thread become so somber ...
it hs lost its bubbling entu...

stuck up with project works aaa.???

seems many are planning to take up the G by june..
thats nice...

me too plnning for the same...
hvent mastered the startergies completely..

so hw are all ur prep going???
are u able to manage studying after 10 hrs of ardant work?

sw a few posts in PG regardng hw to prepare after a day's work...
but m feeling sick and tired as i reach home...

so wats all ur plans?
how are planning to complete...??? Plz prvide me some tips yaars...

reg shring of materials...ny one hving Princeton , OG ...
if so let us share ...make a copy of the same n will return it back safely...

common junta...

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hi all,

Wanna bring this question to lime light..
thats y i brought this one frm down under to top now...

Experimental Questions/Section in GMAT

Does gmat has experimental question or experimental SECTION (as in GRE)???

But from the explanation that DesiGuru has given think it s exp.questions nly...
cozz in GRE there will be a separate section that will be so easy and ppl will say it s exp one...
So is my understanding in right track???? :wow:

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vanakka chennai vaasigala!!!

nice to see a good number taking up the BIG G frm chennai...
Chennai is getting sema hot machi...so s this thread also...
Good work by claptonfan , sidhu n others...:

quick intro of me...
BE (ece) 04 passed out...
arnd 1.5 yrs exp in s/w indus..
hvent taken any test like cat, mat , xat ...bla bla...
not even gre though my college has a record number in taking that .....

so a cent percent novice to this G area...
hve a passion to mgmt studies...wanna choose between Finance/Mkting...
so thinking of taking the G by this june...
donno whether time is suffc!!!
hve Kaplan , Barrons in hand,,

Took a mock test few weeks back....
It raised itz midddle finger n showed it to me...:wow:
sema rod...

so must pull my socks n must start cracking the basics...
ok chal see u all with good posts here after...


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hi Garfield,

i tried searching ...but could not get the needed result...
thats y wanna start a new one..

can u plz tell any thread that matches all these queries..

greatfully urs.
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Hi all mgmt jargons,:neutral:

This forum is rocking man...
U come in with any query m sure there are ample persons to clarify the same...
so m also entering the process of pinging..

M an Engg graduate with 80% aggre... and 1.5 yrs exp in nagging s/w industry...
wanna enter the mamgement area...which looks so flamboyant to my eyes..
dint hve the guts to take mewing CAT...so entering this era of gmat...
hve a few very basic queries...plz resolve the same junta..

**A) How much time is there intakes for b-schools?
few say they take only in fall.but i saw a few schools taking thrice a year...put bring this aspect to lime light...

**B) Actually when is all these periods in us..
i.e Fall falls during which period of the calendar
give me for all seasons..
fall intake -- Aug

**C) i heard that most intakes in spring and summer dont get any financial assistance..
i donno abt the authenticity of the news..
is that true???

**D) do u hve the list of rankings of all the 500 odd b-schools??
i saw most of the site gives the ranking for the top 50 nly..
suppose i wanna check for the ranking of SIUE, then it becomes void..

Thanks with very warm regards,
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hi gulshan,

thnx for the response yaar...:)

Interesting courses...
Is all I can say ...

but i need a suggestion ...which one to chose frm the four..??
see every domain in this Mgmt field has its own value...
but a few only are a sort of SOUGHT To courses..:wow:
so plz suggest which one to give preference..

thanks and regards,
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hi all techno - crats,
found no place for distant learning ...so was forced to post here..

last evening i saw an ad frm SCDL(Symbiosis institute for distance learning)
It was regarding certificate courses on four management domains...

they were
1.Instructional Design
2.Customer Relationship Management
3.Entrepreneurship Development & Management
4.Supply chain management..

like plz resolve my queries,,
a. has these cources have any value...
b. which one of them to be chosed?
c. how abt the level of difficulty ?

plx do clarify these..
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hi all,

I want a small help from you all.
I hope i am knocking the right doors, as there are fleet of info-knights are at the door step to guide the way through.
I am working in this software industry for past 1.5 years.
Though i am from the non computer stream, i some how managed to cope up with the varying technologies.
But the satisfaction in terms of knowlege and task handling skills i got is not raising from nadir....
So i thought this is the time to take wise decisions. So i have made my mind to take preparations for the MBA.No matter what i have confessed to acquire that classy degree.
So to start my preparations from right now.
I am aiming to other ones from the mewing CAT. Esp from one outside our Bharat matha....Though they are bit purse burning, the experience on the rolls is coolll...
Now point of stagnation is here.
Once i take up into the course, which specialisation should i take?
Finance, ITMgmt, HR , Marketing , or others????
Just resolve the issue in terms of

1. amount of related job is out there in the market...
{{{i.e..i m not ready to make one more switch of field ..frm non comp science to IT field...it has many draw backs i say...}}}

2.Amount of brain to be shed...more the amount much better i feel...
more challages ...exiting oppurtunies and work is required...no matter the work load..

so pour in ur suggestions plz////
thanks and regards,

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